GreekGodx announces streaming hiatus

Twitch streamer Dimitri Antonatos recently announced via Twitter post that he will be having a short break from streaming.

Greekgodx recently found himself involved in the recent restaurant drama which also involves streamers such as Alinity, Mizkif, and HAchubby. It started when these streamers called one of the restaurant servers “racist” after having a hard time understanding HAchubby.

So, Greek went on to share some of his thoughts about the drama stating that these streamers seem to be “desperate for content”. Because of this, he received some criticism from the fans of these streamers over his comments.

Now, it seems like the situation has led to convincing Greek to take a break from streaming. On July 27th, Greek posted a tweet urging fans to stop watching streamers and live their lives. He said that he will be taking a one or two months break from streaming because it was summer and he doesn’t want to waste his life streaming inside of his house.

Here’s what he wrote; “Just to let you know I’m done with streaming for a while because it’s summer I’m not going to sit inside and waste my life streaming. I’ll be back in a month or 2. But I’ll keep everyone updated here. I encourage people to live their lives and stop watching streamers live them 4U”.

Some fans described his comments as well-intentioned but insisted it shows that he too is disconnected from reality. It is a bit rich that he called out other streamers for failing to understand that people have real jobs and stressful lives, but now he’s telling them how to live their lives. Also, Twitch streamer Mizkif reacted to Greek’s comments on stream stating; “He took the exact narrative that LiveStreamFails made about me… and tweeted it and tried to get everyone to hate me more.. and it completely backfired.”

For now, Greek has not responded to the criticism over his comments but he posted an unrelated tweet which is a sign that he’s unwilling to get roped back in.


But in an interesting turn of events, Mizkif was talking about the situation with Mia, and she revealed that Greek filmed her without permission when they first met at Twitchcon. Mizkif called him out for it, claiming he’s a ‘hypocrite. ‘ YouTube: Nmplol Mizkif and Greek used to make content together before their feud.23-Aug-2021

Tyler1 and Greekgodx have both been friends for years on Twitch, with the latter initially gaining notoriety by moderating Tyler1’s streams in the past and featuring in some of his content.25-Feb-2020

Greek was handed his first Twitch ban last year on Sept. 19 for inappropriate comments toward gender. He joked about multiple gender options on the music streaming service SoundCloud and was banned for two weeks.30-Nov-2020


Dimitri Raymondo “Greekgodx” Antonatos, commonly referred to as Greek, made his return to Twitch streaming earlier this week after a two-month break.24-Dec-2021

After a couple of years abroad in the States, Greekgodx is back home in the UK.24-Dec-2021

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