Gross Gore Returning To League Of Legends

Ali Larsen, formerly known as Gross Gore and now known as Woken Wolf, has returned to League of Legends for the second time.

In the early hours of the morning after Valentine’s Day, he streamed the match on his Gross Gore LoL account as his usual champion Twisted Fate in the mid-lane – and went 8/5/5.

Ali and his partner Safi started streaming again about a week ago, with cooking and just chatting streams on their Woken Wolf YouTube channel.

He added that he wants to reach Challenger rank on the North American servers and that he has reached Master tier in flex queue off-stream. Ali previously stated in 2020 that he would be the most popular LoL streamer in North America, surpassing Tyler1.

Following a series of allegations, Gross Gore was banned from Twitch indefinitely in March 2021 for ‘adult sexual exploitation.’ The accusations, according to Ali, are false.

He switched to YouTube streaming, but after a few months, he stopped in favor of IRL vlog content, and then took a break.

Gross Gore changed his name to Woken Wolf in November after being the first streamer to be banned by Streamlabs, Streamelements, and Twitch.

Ali’s viewers have also accused him of failing to properly address a situation in which he was accused of driving under the influence and injuring his former friend Ryan.

Gross Gore was first banned from Twitch in 2016 after making derogatory remarks about former League of Legends caster Krepo. Gross Gore was unbanned by Twitch in 2017, but was later banned for a month after allegations of harassment at RuneFest, and he was also barred from attending any future RuneFest events.

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