GTA RP Players Role Playing Themselves!

With vast improvements to the servers and their mechanics, more roleplayers, and even a public server added, GTA RP on NoPixel is still going strong. Its roleplayers are in the same boat.

People roleplay as other characters in GTA RP, which is, in a sense, the very essence of roleplay — you get to be whoever you want to be. That’s where the NoPixel server comes in handy.

It tends to have some of the best characters because it is the most well-known GTA RP server on the market. From newcomers like xQc and Sykkuno to big names like xQc and Sykkuno, to people who just want to play without a stream, there’s something for everyone. As a result, these diverse personalities generate a wealth of content, whether it’s a criminal roleplay, a cop, or just a regular person, the entertainment is plentiful.

A new type of roleplay character has resurfaced, thanks in part to Twitch streamer Moonmoon — roleplaying as yourself, or the self-insert.

Self-inserts are roleplayers who insert themselves into the NoPixel, as the name implies. That means they get to play as themselves, reacting to events and situations in the same way they would in real life, and so on. However, there’s a catch: these are blown-up versions of themselves!

The content is entertaining, whether it’s Moonmoon roleplaying as himself in Los Santos with his friends, streamers Surefour and Garek, before returning to his wife, or regular GTA RP streamer Penta is roleplaying as himself as a drug dealer while making sure people stay in line when it comes to roleplay.

At the end of the day, NoPixel’s role play continues to evolve, and GTA RP fans appear to have plenty of material to choose from.

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