Guide to Solo-Flawless Prophecy Using Quite Possibly the Worst Loadout Known to Man

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Hello! In this guide, I will explain how I was able to achieve a flawless Prophecy run with easily accessible and effective equipment.

(Proof of a flawless solo dungeon:

Ground rules:

– No exotics (weapons and armor) were used.

– No ritual/vertical/sneaky weapons were used (Mountaintop, Wendigo, Edgewise, Adored, etc.).

– No weapons from non-match lists were used (i.e. raids, dungeons, GM nightfalls, events).

– The cells were not charged with light or heat

– No artifact mods were used (i.e. passive guardian).

These rules were put in place to ensure that the gear I used was easy to recreate for anyone playing this season, and to keep this guide up to date for future seasons.

The only exception I’ve made for myself is the use of high-status armor, which I know is not available to everyone. This test was conducted on a battle magician

General changes to shielding :

– Changes in statistics (mainly recovery)

– DEMPFENER CONCURRENT (it will save your life, believe me).

– Scavenger. Findings and caveats (caveats can be replaced by resistance modes)

– Double cast to spam the abilities when fighting the two bosses.

Phalanx Echo

(Note: The tunnel encounter can be skipped if you use a wizard with a sword from the high twilight tree).


The fountain of brilliance (Sunshine Tree)

Extraordinary Rendition (Source: Battlegrounds)

Truth seekers (preferably with flashbangs) (Source: World Drop Pool)

Falling guillotine (preferably with continuous blows and a rotating blade) (Source: World Drop Pool)


I prefer to start between where the knight and psions appear. By blinding the knight first, you have some time to deal with the psions to your left. Eliminate all psions in the 1st. Place, because they can easily overpower you and end your flight. When they are all dead, kill the knights with GL and smg (sword ammo is better saved for the final boss). Don’t be afraid to run to the middle to get ammo or moths, as the Phalanx has no high damage attacks and its shield bounce can be parried with a single sword strike. Try to throw only when there are two horses left, or preferably only one. This will prevent you from dying while trying to clean the plate. If you can do a double clean, it will help significantly because you can then halve the time you have to spend on this stroke. This technique is performed by jumping high above the two plates, staying roughly in the middle. However, the success of this trick depends more on the height than on the horizontal distance. So if you have to maneuver a bit to gain height, it’s not a problem. When all four tiles are empty, drop the well and go to town to see the sword boss. This fight is often very tight on bosses, so if you run out of resources and aren’t sure you can take him down in a few seconds, retreat to cover and wait for the fight to resume. If this happens, make sure you remove the captured goblins, as they can make the knights immune, which is incredibly bad.

Waste ground


Nova Devour. (Empty lower tree)

Burning Winds (Source: Searches and Events in Europe)


The saw of the seventh seraph (Source: World Drop Pool)


Honestly, there’s not much to say about this encounter, other than to take your time and kill the Hobgoblins on the poles first. Don’t destroy the fixtures until all the devils are dead, and be sure to regenerate your health before facing the next fixture. If your Fade has captains or centurions, the Fade is incredibly useful because it stops the annoying spamming of abilities and teleporters for a few seconds.



Nova Devour. (Empty lower tree)

Exceptional transfer


Wrath of Korsar (Source: Ranks of Wrath and Packs of Ravens)


In this encounter, I prefer to go directly under one of the Hobgoblins and kill the others, which means that if all the Acolytes are dead, I only have one Acolyte left to hurt. Try to avoid killing two knights or two goblins in short order, as this can result in two goblins or knights having new shooting angles, respectively. If you need ammo, a good way to get it is to hunt down the seemingly endless number of sidekicks, who appear in small groups and can easily be killed with a grenade launcher or two. I would recommend saving the heavy ammo for long range targets like knights or hobgoblins, as GL is unpredictable at that distance. When you have gone through the six wall panels, you will be teleported to a room where two Centurions are kept prisoner by the boss. Melt one of them immediately with Nova and find a safe place to attack the other. Thrall appear after the death of either boss, but they are easy to kill and are very useful because they have a devour timer. When they are both dead, go through the LSD tunnel to the Wasteland.

Wasteland (Part 2)

Just get on your sparrow and follow the boss, lmao.

Dead Sea


Solar tree fixing

Long Shadow (Source: World Drop Pool)

Imperial Pin (Source: Battlegrounds)

The fall of the guillotine


If you are not sure you can handle the sparrow, do not use a sparrow. Follow the road and eliminate vandals for maximum safety. When you reach the pyramid where the captured knight appears on the right and above, go to where he appears and enter the room above it. From there, go down the platforms to the swamp at the end of the road, shooting vandals and phalanxes along the way.

Kell Echo


Devourer (Lower Tree Gap)

Extraordinary Pursuit (replaceable by Sizzling Wind in the DPS phase)


Needle and thread (Source: Battlefields)

I’m not going to lie to you, this is the hardest part of the dungeon, even with the meta weapons. Four phases of this pattern with the above download took me about 25 minutes. I start the meeting and retreat to the back, activating the goat. Blind the psions that appear near you and kill them. Then begin to destroy the other creatures in the room, most of which climb the small hill in the middle of the room, making it an easier target. When all the psions are dead, kill the knights. Make sure the color of the snot matches one of the two dipping points closest to the entrance, as you will not be protected if you dip at the farthest column. Once submerged, go to the right support of the released plate and open it. Take out the ogre that appears with your GL, then use the safe zone to take out all the extras and knights. Repeat this process for the other two plates. When the 3 plates are cleared and the 3 ogres are killed, switch to the bow and go to the middle. I like to run directly to the platform right front and drop my nova bomb, then start dpsing with line merge and GL. When the snipers appear, kill them as soon as possible and go back to damage the boss. Try to follow him until he brings snipers on the platform near the exit – these are the last two snipers to appear. Kill those two and run to the exit platform and stand by the rear posts. This provides a safe space for the DSS. If you do it right, you’ll have 20-25 seconds of unobstructed DPS. When the boss leaves, wait for all your skills (and super powers if you want) and jump back into the portal. Always try to kill the psions in a room first, as they kill on the run if you don’t keep an eye on them. This battle is a head-scratcher, so be prepared to stick around for a while and don’t be discouraged by setbacks. Keep practicing and you will eventually succeed.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate that. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

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