Guilty Gear Strive’s Team Showdown

Guilty Apparel Strive’s outstanding netplay allows the community to create tournaments that span continents like never before, and a major tournament is taking place tonight.

Hotashi, Mike Ross, BC|Apologyman, PG|Kizzie Kay, Octopimp, Reynald, Honzo Gonzo, Cloud805, BNBBN, ClearLampO, Daru, Nage, Roi, RF, PurePure, and Churara are among the 16 finest competitors from North America and Japan competing in the Guilty Gear Strive Team Showdown, which has a $20,000 prize pool.

This unique event will use a round robin structure, allowing us to witness all eight players from each area compete against the complete squad from across the ocean.

Each win will be worth not just a tournament point but also a portion of the prize pool, thus there will be stakes in the first three sets.

After the main matches are completed, the best performers in both regions will compete in a final Wild Card set, with the winner receiving additional prizes and determining a tiebreak if necessary.

Twitch Rivals Japan is in charge of streaming. Although there is no official English stream for this tournament, each participant is streaming their own runs on their own Twitch accounts.


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