Hackers Ruin Beta Matches

Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta has been released. This beta allows players to play the game before launch and test out different features. The beta was intended for developers, but players seem to be dissatisfied with the game’s features. Hackers have already arrived, and the experience has been ruined.

With so many maps, weapons, and modes to choose from, there are many options for early access. Vanguard will add an anti-cheat feature to Warzone. However, this may not be enough for Vanguard’s multiplayer. Sledgehammer Games has received a lot feedback from users about what they need to fix before the launch of the Beta, which is currently only available for two weekends.

Hackers are a problem that is now commonplace. Hackers can come in many shapes and sizes. This Reddit video shared by “ukjoel333” shows someone already attempting to destroy everyone using walls.

Hackers have been spotted in the game, and players are upset. They fear that they could cause chaos. This is annoying for some, but it can ruin the game experience for others. However, there are some individuals who use their skills in unique ways. A Damascus camouflage was worn by one individual. Although it is possible this bug could be a problem, it seems unlikely that hackers are using it.

Even though stats will be reset before the launch of the game, many players feel frustrated at the inability to relax and enjoy it without cheaters.

Sledgehammer Games is doing its best to resolve concerns quickly and make the experience better for players, so it’s reasonable to expect that this problem won’t recur.

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