Halo Developer Twitch Drop For HCH Kansas City 2022

With a host of international teams competing in the HCS Major tournament, it is fast approaching. It will take place in Kansas City on April 29th. There’s no better time than now to enjoy esports at Halo Infinite.

Entertainment is not enough. 343 Industries, a Halo developer has announced that there will be a variety of Twitch drops available all weekend. Each reward is different and can be accessed through different channels.

A vehicle coating will be given to viewers who view the tournament action for three hours on the Halo streaming channel. It will apply on all Warthog models. A sleek, black finish is applied to the Warthog with a gold trim and some crimson. This gives the Warthog a richer aesthetic than other cosmetics, so it is worth spending a little time to get it done. A front-end attachment can be purchased for the Warthog. It includes a bumper with unique headlights and a set of lights to match the paintjob.

A new weapon charm will be given to you if your watch the Grand Finals on the last day of HCS Kansas City. This charm, called “Clean Sweep,” is inspired by the famous Extermination Medal from Halo. It was awarded to players who killed all enemy teams before they respawned. This charm is a small piece of nostalgia that you can take to battle.

Similar to previous HCS Major tournaments A number of unnamed partners will stream and watch the games all weekend.

Viewers who watch two of the co-streams from April 29th to May 1st, will be given a brand new HCS-inspired Backdrop. This backdrop can be used for their Spartan profile.

HCS has a Grassroots Program, where it works with community members to promote and partner in Halo-related activities. Viewers who view one of the streamers during the weekend will be able to receive another Backdrop in the form a trophy encased. This trophy can then be displayed behind your banner and profile.

You can connect your Twitch account with Halo Infinite to start earning drops for Spartan. Simply go to the Halo Waypoint website and link your Twitch Account. Once you have linked your Twitch account, rewards will start flowing when HCS Kansas City launches on April 29th through May 1st. HCS will announce the start times and co-streamers via Twitter.



343 industries announced that they were giving out drops on the twitch channel while they were streaming the Halo tournament in Kansas City. It will be rewarding viewers who watch the tournaments for a certain number of hours. Viewers can also connect their twitch account with Halo Infinite to earn more drops.

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