Harvest Moon: One World Beginners Guide

March 2021 is a good month for farmers, with a harvest moon : The first issue of One World and Story of Seasons: Olive City Pioneers at the end of the month. Harvest Moon : One World has already been reviewed by LadiesGamers (you can find the review here), and now it’s time for our beginner’s guide. Finally, farming in Harvest Moon: One world is a little different!

Let’s start the game

When you start the game, you can choose whether you are a boy or a girl and what color skin, hair and eyes you have. There are no other customization options, but you can call your alter ego the farmer himself.


This would be the farmer who still lives with his mother and dreams of the mythical time when there was more food than just potatoes in the wild. The world is struggling to grow food because the goddess of crops has disappeared.

You go to your mother’s house to dig potatoes, and the neighbor goes with you: Doc Jr. It’s nice to see Doc’s descendants from Lost Valley and Skytree Village back in this game. He must have even inherited his father’s lab coat, because the sleeves are too long! But like his father, he is an inventor, so it must be useful.

Your hometown, if you can call it that….

The game’s tutorial is packed with a little backstory to make the game work: While shooting potatoes, YvoCaro sees a blue light. Then she finds the bastard of the harvest, who gives her the seed. It’s something she’s never seen… the idea of growing something of her own! Anyway, this leads to an encounter with Vitae, the master of the harvest, who gives you the medallion of life. She explains that there are only 6 people in the world and we need to look for them. If you can do this, rich soil will return in abundance, making farming much easier.

Meeting the first leprechaun, Vitae.

It’s time to stand up and save the world. Of course…

Farmhouse in motion

As he travels the world, Dr. Jr. uses a very useful device: Expando farm to make a farm wherever you are. Very practical! The robot that takes care of it is called Sparky, and you can power up this energy source by giving it food. The counter on the left shows how much energy you gave Sparky. Remember, you can only save your farm when Sparky’s energy is at its highest.

Things Sparky Must Pay For

Before you leave, Mom gives you a bag and Doc Jr. gives you a DocPad: a tool to set up the farm, but also a way to communicate with Doc. You open it with a single button – on the joy icon on the left. You’ll find:

  • Schedule: Shows special dates, birthdays and even the weather for the coming week.
  • Pocket: one tab for your seeds, plants, etc. and one tab with essential items like the hoe and brush.
  • Friendship: show the people and harvesters you have met, describe the character, his likes, dislikes and birthday.
  • To do/Application: To do is marked with !, To request with ?
  • The world map: this shows you where you are, where the storage portals are, and you can search for specific crop bugs (more on that later).
  • Backup/upload : Save at any time during the game, or switch to another storage file.
  • Options: has several subtitles under
    * Records: shows your character, level, livestock and pets, total number of expeditions and money earned. Separate tabs also show the amount of animal products and crops you have obtained, as well as the results of the last race.
    * Tips : See all instructions received in set
    * Options : Music volume and sound effects
    * Back to screen title
    * Credit display

Sparky can’t wait!

So, on to the world…., although the first village you encounter is not as far as you think. IvoCaro is building his expansion farm in Callison.

Blue lights for seeds and tools

You will soon find the Sparky icon and you can make your farm by pressing A in front of the icon. The new farm has a barn and several rooms where sowing can take place. Creating new squares by editing doesn’t work, so your options are solved for now. I usually make neat squares of 9 blocks and sow the same seeds in them, but that’s not how it works in this game.

First place Expando Farms.

You can’t buy seeds in Callison’s store. Instead, you should find blue lights scattered everywhere. Small flakes of the crop that give seeds, of various kinds. There’s an abundance of cereal flakes, and that’s where your DocPad comes in. Navigate to the world map, press Y, and scroll to the crops you want in the search bar. You can see that a goiter has appeared on the chart.

Seed Search

Your farm is well supplied. There is a refrigerator and a chest of drawers where you can store your belongings, as well as an encyclopedia with everything you need to know.

The first person you meet is Samantha, who empties your drawer at 6am. After you leave the farm to look around, you’ll meet Braden, who will teach you everything you need to know about animal care. He gives you a brush, a milkmaid and scissors, as well as the pitchfork you need to clean the barn. This is also beneficial because the compost can be used as fertilizer. And just like farming, the game knows what to do: stroke the animal first, then clean it, then use a milking machine if it’s a cow (or a shearing machine if it’s a sheep). You don’t have to choose or rest.

Bachelor Braden. It can be a bit abrupt.

They discover that Callison has a store and a pet shop. Since you get your seeds from the little scraps, the store has the tools for sale, but of course no seeds. You can buy an axe and a hammer.

Conquest of the first city

At this point you get your first quests, and have one main goal to advance in the game: Braden’s cow, Emily , is sick. You need to talk to Gabrielle’s vet. Even if she resists, she will eventually tell you which food makes her feel better. It’s in a clearing with apple trees, but you don’t have to check to see if you brought food for Emily. Just follow the course of the story and Emily will be better soon.

Callison returns to glory

If you solve this problem, the Cullison Memorial Pillar will be restored to its former glory and you will receive a second medallion from the EarthCulture Elf. From there, the game is open. Dr. Junior introduces you to his new invention, the first Maker, which makes animal food. And the next morning, Vitae gives you the first Strawberry Goddess, which gives you 1 extra heart.

Every time you get a new locket, don’t forget to visit your mom, because she’s giving an addition to your bag.And while you’re at it, Doc Jr. has a nice addition too: Doc’s Craft and Inventory Shop . A machine that turns the ores you find in the mines into metal, and also contains other interesting things.

Back in Callison you will see that the bridge right has been repaired, leading to new fruit trees and a mine. In the mine you will find the first ores you need to progress. Dr. Junior will ask 5 bronze, so take 5 bronze ores and turn them into bronze in DCI. Give it to Doc Junior, and in return, when you get back to the farm, the fertilizer manufacturer will be there.

World, with the first parts unlocked.

From there, you know what to expect in Harvest Moon: One world. Each part of the world is different, from the summer landscape to the lava rocks, and in each part you will find new seeds, fruits and more. There are five different areas: the vast grasslands of Calisson, the beautiful beaches of Halo Halo, the scorching heat of the Pastilla Desert, the cozy hills of Gingerbread and the snowy mountains of Salmiaki.

Therefore, I end this beginner’s guide with some tips on how to make the game more fun.

Agriculture and stockbreeding

  • The farming mechanisms are excellent: You don’t have to search for the right tool. The game will only do this for you if you press A. A patch of unworked soil lifts the hoe, then you can pick your seed. Do you want to add fertilizer? This is the next one, after which you pay automatically. This is also how he works when dealing with animals.

My first chicken is still called Josefin!

  • If you look at the crop in the bag, you can see which season it responds best to. But they grow everywhere and it takes more fertilizer and patience to grow them.
  • There are so many different plants in the game that there is also the possibility to mutate plants! If you go home and click on the action button in the encyclopedia (blue booklet) – and then select one of the crops or colors – you can see how many potential mutations exist for a particular crop.

Many species of plants from all over the world

  • I decided to leave 2 or 3 crops in the fridge or trunk as a backup, because some wishes can easily come true that way!
  • Sparky uses the energy of plants and food. Acorns and mushrooms you find on the ground are perfect for this.

Take your farm and go!

  • When you pack up your garden to move, it takes everything with it, but not your property that already has a crop. So you either have to get in the water every day, or accept that they will fade.
  • Any animal you meet in the wild can be eaten, even a tiger! Connect with them (you can see your progress on a completed music bar), and the little ones will act like pets, while the big ones will want to live in your barn. This leads to animals that can be ridden, such as camels and reindeer.

Truly International!

And a few other tips.

  • You can save the game to DocPad, or you can choose to save and sleep when you turn on the game.
  • Visit your mom after each locket to get a bigger bag.
  • Your home calendar not only shows birthdays and events, but also the weather for the week!

Calendar and Weather Forecast

  • If you don’t go back to bed before your stamina (indicated by hearts on the screen) runs out, your character will faint. You will not lose any possessions and you will return to your farm, but your condition will worsen. You can see your condition by the smiley face next to the hearts. If it’s bad (flat or blue cross face), your stamina will run out much faster! So early to bed the next day!
  • Braden will give you 10 mils in thanks. Keep it, don’t sell it like I did. Because in Lebkudhen, you need 10 milk products to get ahead! And it’s expensive to buy your own cow!
  • You can buy a fishing rod in Lebkudhen, but remember: You need bait to catch fish.
  • The bridge on the road from Gabrielle’s house can be repaired with Ginko Lambert. You get them from Doc Jr. after he requests 3 regular forests.

Sample request

  • Requests can come not only by mail, but also directly when you speak to someone.
  • Doc Junior’s wishes are important, although not much seems to come of it at first. This leads to having producers, improving your shelter, etc. Even though it’s annoying that he’s always so insistent, in the end it pays off.
  • Want to pick one of the bachelors or bachelorettes? Make your requests!
    Bachelors: Braden (Callison), Tristan (Gingerbread), Jamil (Pastilla), Kanoa (Halo Halo), Sami (Salmiakki)
    Bachelorette: Gabrielle (Callison), Laura (Gingerbread), Malika (Pastilla), Ahina (Halo Halo), Kirsi (Salmiakki)
    DLC adds another bachelor and bachelorette, Shogen and Sana from the Far East.


How do you load…

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