Has ‘The Queen’ on Mzansi Magic been cancelled?

A dispute between actress Brenda Ngxoli and entertainment blogger Phil Mphela has led the latter to claim that the popular Mzansi Magic telenovela The Queen is cancelled.

The dispute between the pair started when Mphela claimed that Ngxoli had left the popular show after playing the beloved character Noma for nearly three years. He attributed her decision to a “salary problem that could not be solved.”

Ngxoli immediately shut down Mphela’s claims, calling what Phil had said “wack gossip.”

She reminded the blogger how she has repeatedly emphasized that she believes Ferguson Films (owned by Connie Ferguson and her late husband Shona) had not only paid her well, but had treated her well.

‘What is this Phil. Uxokela Ntonic† [why are you lying] she asked, to which he replied, “It’s been a month since you stopped.”

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“So now you tell me what I did a month ago Mphela and yet mna I do not know anything ngalento uyithethayo [about what you’re saying] #HandsOffFergusonFilms,” Ngoxli tweeted before adding “jiza nazo! [out with it] What else have I done that I have no idea about. Check your sources. I love @Connie_Ferguson @FegusonFilms for the opportunity and love.”

Angered by Ngxoli’s refutations of his claims, Mphela then threatened to ‘drop another bomb’.

“I wasn’t going to do the next post today because the cast hasn’t been” [informed] and I wanted to respect the production enough to give them time. But Brenda is trying to discredit me, so drop me another bomb!’ he tweeted.

He then followed up this “threat” with a claim that: The Queen was cancelled.

“After almost 7 years on the air, the Mzansi Magic telenovela will not be renewed for another season. Barring any changes to package the storylines, the show will likely end this year,” he said.

The throwdowntv has reached out to both M-Net and Ferguson Movies for comment on Mphela’s claims about: The Queen

While Ferguson Films hasn’t responded yet, M-Net has simply said they’ll release a statement later this week.


Ferguson Films casting director and daughter of Connie Ferguson, Neo Matsunyane and the late Shona Ferguson, Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson has responded to Phil Mphela’s numerous claims about what goes on behind the scenes of The Queen Mzansi

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