Hasan Avoids IRL Twitch Streams

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan Piker has admitted that he avoids IRL Twitch streams whenever possible, choosing instead to stick to his PC setup, and it’s all because, streamers who broadcasting IRL “don’t get subscribers,” and can’t put as many ads on stream during live broadcasts.

xQc, Ludwig, Myth, Adept, and Hasan are among the Twitch stars gathered in Los Angeles for a major crossover meet-up right now. The event, called “Sh*tcamp,” is a follow-up to this year’s popular streamer-filled retreat “Sh*tcon.” During the four-day extravaganza, celebrities recorded themselves playing stream games, scavenger hunts, camping, a massive kickball tournament, and much more.

Everyone, including streamers and fans, has gushed about the previous “Sh*t” events, with broadcast numbers increasing for the top names present like Ludwig, xQc, and organizer and host QTCinderella.

Hasan revealed at the Twitch get-together, all of which was recorded in real life: he’s not a big fan of IRL streams.

Hasan, streaming on his own account again, rolled many Twitch ads, and the group was waiting for the end of the third day, which was jam-packed with events including Grand Slam Breakfast, PJ Party, and the main event Kickball tournament. He remarked; “I’m running an ad chat, you know the deal”.

The agreement, as it turned out, was that Hasan wanted to take advantage of the increased viewership he was receiving as a result of the Sh*tcamp buzz. However, before running the advertisements, he stated that he’s never been a big fan of IRL streams, noting that he doesn’t do them very often because the chances of turning viewers into subscribers are minimal. 

Hasan didn’t just mention his declining revenue during Sh*tcamp because of the IRL streaming admission. Hasan asked Ludwig at one stage if they would be “reimbursed” for the activities they’d done across the popular Twitch get-together.

Ludwig, who partially hosted with QTCinderella, confirmed they would.

QTCinderella later verified on Reddit that all Twitch streamers that participated in the event, including Hasan, will be repaid their money.

Despite Hasan’s confession that he isn’t a big fan of IRL streams, it appears that the entire Sh*tcamp crew, including Piker, will be back for another round of the Twitch event later this year.


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