HasanAbi Gives Sykkuno Hug

Twitch streamers Sykkuno, HasanAbi and TinaKitten have recently met causing the whole internet to go crazy. The most heartwarming portion of the reunion, though, was HasanAbi and Tina giving Sykkuno a hearty hug and Hasan couldn’t resist applauding the Among Us phenomenon, saying: “You smell incredible holy s**t. You smell like f****ng Nivea baby butter.”

Sykkuno may be a ruthless machine on the streets of Los Santos GTA RP server, but he is a shy individual in real life, so he didn’t know what to say in response to the compliment and acted as if it wasn’t a big issue.

The cause for their reunion is unknown at the time of writing. HasanAbi, on the other hand, said on several occasions that his head was spinning from hunger.

The video went viral on Twitter, as expected, and fans couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on the unusual reunion.

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