HasanAbi Teams Up With Ethan Klein

A Popular Twitch star Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker, has teamed up with H3H3’s Ethan Klein for a new political podcast called “Leftovers.” After revealing the YoungTurks streamer as his co-host, the YouTuber astonished viewers.

Ethan Klein’s new podcast, Leftovers, premiered in June 2021, following the conclusion of Frenemies. After revealing Twitch streamer Hasan Piker as his co-host for the show, the H3H3 founder stunned spectators.

The YouTuber confirmed the show’s focus on politics and current social concerns in the first episode, which aired on September 26th. The duo promised viewers that they would not shy away from controversial topics.

Ethan Klein launches new political show with Hasan Piker

Ethan Klein of H3H3 stunned fans by announcing a new show he co-created with Twitch sensation Hasan Piker. “The reason it’s called Leftovers is because we’re lefties and nobody likes politics, so it’s like the leftover content,” the YouTuber revealed to viewers.

The well-known comedian also explained why he chose Piker for the assignment. “Politics fascinates me. What I admire most about Hasan, and why I’m so excited to collaborate with him on a show, is that he made [politics] popular and cool. And I admire and admire so much of what he’s accomplished. “I consider myself really fortunate.”

Hasan joked about H3 losing listeners to fellow podcaster Joe Rogan over their political viewpoints, saying, “Hopefully the fans feel the same way.” “Everyone in the hospital is watching Joe Rogan.”

Few were spared in the podcast’s explosive inaugural episode, which targeted luminaries like Tucker Carlson, Bill Gates, and even former President Donald Trump. The first upload was used by Piker and Klein to call out “grifters” who were spreading vaccination disinformation.

The creator of the H3 podcast admitted that some listeners would despise the new politically charged live stream. Ethan Klein and Hasan Piker aren’t working together for the first time. After arguing streamers Adin Ross and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel about gambling streams on Twitch in July, the content makers became viral. The two had “vibed” about it, according to the former YoungTurks host, and knew they would do a show together later.

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