HasanAbi’s Angry Response

HasanAbi, a Twitch streamer who is aggressive and irritable was shown to respond to Reddit posts in which one commenter used a racial slur. He became furious in the video and mocked the Redditor as well as questioning his assertion.

Recently, HasanAbi stepped in to defend/debunk this argument. He claims it is outlandish and unfounded. HasanAbi insults the Redditor as he continues to do so in real-time later in the video.

A commenter below Hasan Abi’s Normal Slur Defense video claimed that the “N word” is just the Spanish word for black. The streamer tried to get the steam going with him, but he then turned around and told the entire world how wrong he was.

HasanAbi has attracted the attention of many people, including his supporters. Although he is well-known for his politics streaming that highlights divisive issues and makes it seem like he doesn’t mind escalating the situation with a vicious retort.

HasanAbi sometimes uses his political power to gain support or criticism from others who read his statements and content. This behavior is frowned upon and could be infringing the code of conduct on Twitch and other platforms.

HasanAbi responds by criticizing Redditor’s argument, and showing how it is absurd. According to HasanAbi, the statement used against streamer’s clip has no connection to what he is talking about.

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