Heinz Maps Out The Hidden Spots

Without ‘Hidden Spots,’ taking your eyes off the game can be very dangerous, as Call of Duty players know.

The new “Heinz Hidden Spots” campaign from Gut S. Paulo maps out the best-hidden spots in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific to help players get away from their opponents and take a well-deserved snack break.

Heinz brand director Ashleigh Gibson said in a statement that in multiplayer games like Call of Duty, an ill-timed break can cost player the match, 80 percent of gamers eat and drink while playing

The campaign began with a 30-second video depicting a gamer eating a burger while playing, only to be killed in the process. It continues by revealing the best-kept secrets on the new Caldera map, which was released on December 9th.

Heinz collaborated with top streamers to find and reveal the best places to “snack safely,” and it encourages fans to “stay tuned to discover the Hidden Spots” by checking TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram for more information.

The launch was also aided by sponsored live streams on Twitch and YouTube, where players were treated to burgers and fries, as well as a custom bottle of Heinz while exploring the new map’s hidden spots.

Vikram Singh Barn (Vikkstar123), a British YouTuber with 7.45 million subscribers, Brazilian esports player Rafael “Rakin” Knittel, and Chilean player ‘bstrdd’ who has 94,300 Twitch followers, were among the sponsored streamers.

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