Here are the causes and solutions to “Your account has been temporarily locked on Instagram”

Over a million people use Instagram. It can frustrate if your account is temporarily blocked. Instagram doesn’t exactly know how to explain why an account is temporarily locked Instagram or why it can’t log in. It is possible to get temporarily blocked from Instagram. This is not a problem that is serious. However, it can be annoying to get locked out of Instagram, particularly if your business is on the page.

Although they will give you an explanation, this isn’t enough. You will learn how to restore an Instagram account that has been temporarily locked and how to avoid it happening again.

What is “Your account has been temporarily locked on Instagram”?

Instagram requires that everyone follow certain policies before they can publish any content. You can be warned or suspended if you don’t follow any policies.

instagram temporarily locked for suspicious activity

Your account was temporarily suspended by this message. This is often due to security concerns, although there may be a possibility that your account has violated Instagram policies. This is more likely due to security issues than any policy violation.

We will explore the main causes of this condition and what you can do to prevent it from happening again in the coming sections.

Four Reasons to Have Your Instagram Account Temporarily Locked

Instagram doesn’t always provide specific reasons for account lockouts, but these are some of the most common reasons. You can also appeal to Instagram for the reason your account was locked.

1. It is necessary that you have violated some policies or broken certain guidelines.

Your account could be locked out for violating their guidelines or policies. All content posted to Instagram must adhere to the community guidelines. If any of your Instagram content is no longer allowed, it could indicate that you need to bring it back.

You can repost copyrighted content without credit or permission, graphic violence, or any other bots that drive engagement such as purchasing likes and followers. These are all common guidelines that have been accidentally broken. You are likely to have followed the guidelines, so scroll through your feed carefully and make sure that nothing in your content is misinterpreted.

2. Logging in with Too Many IP/MAC addresses

Instagram detects both your IP address and your MAC address when you log in to the platform. This is used to determine the device type you are currently using.

These details are related to the lockdown. Imagine your social media staff is spread across the country. Instagram might consider multiple login attempts from the same location suspicious. As a precaution, Instagram may temporarily block your access.

3. Spam: If you are involved in spamming

It is fast and effective at identifying spam accounts on Instagram. While this is great, it can lead to legitimate accounts being caught in the middle. You may get flagged for spam if your account appears to be quick to act or perform certain actions.

These include:

  • Too many Likes
  • Too many comments left in too little time.
  • Bulk unfollow or follow accounts

Instagram might temporarily ban you from engaging in this behavior. Your account may be temporarily blocked. It is crucial to build your audience organically without using shortcuts. Do you not remember how you were “liked” so much? Double-check all apps that you have linked to Instagram. This behavior can sometimes be performed by third-party applications without you being aware.

Talk to your colleagues if you are unsure. Check if there is a duplicate of your Instagram activity. You can determine if your Instagram activity is spammed if a few team members are interacting with customers and commenting simultaneously. In such cases, it is advisable to set a time when group members can log in to Instagram. You can limit how many actions you can perform simultaneously.

4. Third-Party Apps

There is a possibility that third-party apps are flagging your Instagram account if they are connected. As mentioned above, if any apps connected to your Instagram account are doing anything at an inhuman rate – like mass following/unfollowing, leaving spam comments, etc.- this will alert Instagram to bot-like behavior. Instagram may temporarily lock your account if third-party apps are found to have stolen your personal data.

How do you fix an Instagram account that is temporarily locked?

Now that you are aware of the possible reasons behind your Instagram account being locked, it is time to learn how you can “unlock” it. These steps will show you how to unlock your Instagram account temporarily.

You must complete the “My Instagram account has been deactivated” form if your account is locked. To access the form, you must log into your connected Facebook account. You can also search Google for the link. These steps will help you recover your account after accessing the link.

Step 1. Fill out the Form

Fill in the forms with all information, including your name and email. Fill in your Instagram email address. The phone number will be required. You can use your Instagram phone number if it is associated with an Instagram account. Finally, tell the user that you were “deactivated accidentally” and have not violated any rules. After all information has been filled in, submit the form.

your account has been temporarily locked instagram

Step 2: Attach a photo with your code

After submitting the form, an email will be sent from Instagram with instructions for how to send your image with the code. To submit the code, you will need to take a photo of yourself and include it in one frame. You will need to write the code on a piece paper. Then, click a photo of you face.

You must ensure that your code and face are clearly visible before you submit the file as a.jpeg. Instagram may reject submissions with blurry photos. If the picture is unclear, please send it as an email reply.

Step 3: Wait for reactivation

Once you’ve sent the picture, wait to receive a confirmation email. This will allow you to reactivate your Instagram account. After a few days, you will get an email similar to this. The average time it takes to receive the email is 1-3 days, although some situations may take longer.

Sending too many emails can result in your account being marked spam and not getting your account activated. You can resend your photo and the code if you don’t receive any emails after several weeks. You will likely be allowed to get your account back if you don’t break any of the serious guidelines.

How to Avoid Being Temporarily Locked out From Instagram

It can be frustrating to get locked out your Instagram account, particularly if you have a lot of followers or run a company. This can be avoided if you remember certain points and improve your security.

1. Add two-Factor authorization

To log in to your account successfully with two-factor authentication, you must complete two steps. You will need to input your username/email address and password. A One-Time Password (OTP), which is sent by email or phone, will be required. Other more secure methods, such as Backup Codes, are also available. Security settings can be found in Settings> Security.

your account has been temporarily locked instagram

temporarily locked out of instagram

2. Limit logins and remove extra users

It is possible that you have tried to log into your account using multiple devices. This could pose a security threat. You might have logged in from multiple devices, which could pose a security risk. To verify this, go to Security > Login Activity.

A list of devices that you have logged in to will be displayed. Remotely log out of these devices. Limit the number of logins for your social media teams. You shouldn’t ask your team members to log in on multiple devices. Instead, encourage them to use one device.

how to unlock my instagram account

how to fix a temporarily locked instagram account

3. Eliminate Third-Party Risky Apps

Check if your account has been connected to third-party apps. You can locate the apps that are linked to Instagram by going into your settings. Navigate to Security > Settings > Apps and websites.

instagram account temporarily locked

All the apps you do not need can be disconnected from this page.


If you are a social media influencer or do business online, then social media plays a major role in our daily lives. It is annoying and not pleasant to have your account closed. You can avoid such unfortunate situations by taking care of security precautions. Avoiding them is always better than having to deal with the consequences. You know exactly what to do even if you account has been temporarily locked.

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