HeyBbibbi Does Bikini Meta

A Twitch streamer named HeyBbibbi shows an animated bikini-clad model of herself. Viewers claimed the “bikini meta”, as the meta’s birth was called, to show that it had been born.

The platform has been dominated by two highly suggestive metas in the last months. They are the hot tub meta (and ASMR meta). Twitch has not directly infringed any rules, so the metas were able to survive scrutiny. Twitch allows streamers in bathing suits, while ASMR streams are not subject to scrutiny. This was until Amouranth or Indiefoxx started posting sexually explicit content.

A viral video suggests that another meta could be next, suggesting the possibility of another bikini meta. HeyBbibbi used an optical illusion to create an animated representation of herself during a stream on twitch. A cartoon of HeyBbibbi wearing a bikini was used by the streamer. Reddit has seen the clip, which received a lot more attention from netizens. Many viewers were impressed by the streamer’s creativity.

Many fans welcomed the change and suggested that HeyBbibbi, a twitch streamer, might be responsible for launching a new trend on Twitch. Some speculated on how Heybbibbi managed to pull off this illusion, and suggested that she simply used a green screen. As the bikini-meta created by optical illusions does not mean that the victim will be penalized, the creation isn’t even wearing the item. Reddit comments suggest that people love the meta and believe it could lead to hilarious content.


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