Hoodyhooo Gets Rocket League Tattoo

Caleb Garrett aka Hoodyhoo, a Rocket League coach and content creator, learnt an important lesson in late 2021 and that is to never bet against Twitter as he shared the infamous “rokt leeg” Octane drawing on September 7th, along with the caption “2k likes and I’ll get this tattoo.”

Hoodyhoo has a large following of more than 85,000 followers across his social media profiles. After only six hours since initially posting the tweet, Hoodyhoo’s goal of 2,000 likes was crushed and because of this, he had to do what he said.

For those who didn’t know, the rokt leeg was the drawing that Hoodyhooo has to parade until the end of time was created by Reddit user Geobald and was posted to the official Rocket League subreddit, back in 2018. The drawing is a depiction of the game’s most popular battle car, the Octane, which was made in what appears to be Microsoft’s Paint. It was posted with the caption “I Drew an Octane”, to which Redditors rejoiced and would later go viral. Now, this historic Reddit entry currently has over 200 comments and nearly 6,000 upvotes. The origin of the name rokt leeg is thought to have come from the top comment on the post as the now-deleted user commented, “I felt that this should be a t-shirt with ‘Rokt Leeg’ at the top.”

In a recent twitter post, Hoodyhooo later revealed that he actually tattooed the rokt leeg, fulfilling his promise.

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