How can I hide my private number?

Are you getting phone calls that are tagged as ‘private’, ‘blocked’ and not the number or name of the caller? It can be frustrating to not know the identity of the caller who has called you multiple times. You would normally expect someone calling you from an unknown number to answer the phone and introduce themselves. But sometimes you will not receive this courtesy.

You will not always be able see the phone number of someone calling, whether it is a scam call or something else. This can make the situation seem alarming and daunting. It is best to determine the identity of the person calling you as quickly as possible using all available methods. We will discuss how to reveal private numbers.

What is a Hidden Call?

How Does A Hidden Call Work

If legalities are taken into consideration, it is possible to make a phone call using a hidden number. This feature is not prohibited, in fact. It exists to allow everyone to freely reveal their identities to others. First, you need to know how to hide your private number.

A few codes are used to launch a masked phone call. These include #67 or #30#. Just type in the code, and then add the number for the person you want to call. Finally, click on the option to dial and you’re done! This will make sure that your recipient doesn’t see your caller ID. Your call recipient will not see your caller ID if it is ‘private’, ‘limit’,’mask’, ‘unknown number’, ‘blockd’, or ’no caller identification’

Find a Private Number

Let’s move on to the next section: How do you see private numbers that are calling you? We have provided a list of ways that you can do it without any hassle.

1. Use *69 or Third Party Apps

Using Nuwber

It is the phone number that you can dial to reach someone who has called the United States. You should double-check that the number is available for dialing within your area. Some telecom companies have different USSD codes. If you receive the call and the receiver accepts it, please explain that they have received the call without calling an ID number. It is important to clarify if the caller is genuine. This will not work for scammers on the other end.

You can copy the number of the recipient from your call log to use Nuwber’s phone search tool. Nuwber’s telephone search tool allows you to identify and locate the caller. You can identify whether the caller has a fake number or if they are genuine by using the registered name as well as the location.

Making a Hidden Call?

There are several ways you can hide your caller ID to make private calls to people. Below are the easiest and most convenient ways to hide your caller ID.

1. Turn Off Caller ID Via Number

Turn Off Caller ID Via Number

To place a private phone call, dial *67 after your contact number. This is the easiest and most common way to do so. This method has been described in detail above. Here’s the way it works.

This applies only to landlines and cell phones in the United States. To verify its authenticity and to check for possible malpractices, you may try to dial *67 to call a friend and see if the caller ID can be viewed.

You won’t usually be charged to use *67 prior to placing a call. However, it’s always worth checking with your sim provider to make sure the feature is available.

2. Use Smartphone features to turn off caller ID

Turn Off Caller ID Via Smartphone Features 

You can place private calls through the settings of your iPhone if this method fails to work for you. You can turn off the Show my Caller ID option if you’re an iPhone user. As long as you have WIFI calling or iPhone 13 service, it should be possible to place a secret call.

For Android users, open the Phone app by clicking on the Menu button at the top. Select Settings and select Call Settings, if there is a separate option. Click on or ‘Additional and More’, then click on strong>’Call Settings’/strong>. To place a private phone call, choose Hide Number. This feature is not available on all carriers. It’s best to try it out by placing a test call to a friend.

3. Turn Off Caller ID Via Sim Carrier

There’s another way to do it if none of these options seem to work for you. Ask your sim provider to disable outgoing caller IDs on your phone and any calls made from it. You can be sure your privacy is protected even if your calls are rejected multiple times or received by a surprise recipient. To disable this feature press *82 prior to any call. You will then be able display the caller information. Similar to the other options, you should try this before placing an important call.


You might get rejected or ignored if your call is placed without calling information. There are very few chances that they will listen to your voicemails coming from an unknown number.

Your call with the telephone company will be retained. You cannot also block toll-free phone numbers. They have access to all your records as they pay the bills. However, you can still try the different methods to see if it works. You’re welcome!

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