How deep were the ANC leaders in Bosasa’s pocket?

From providing warroom facilities to showering its leaders with gifts and money, how deep the ANC and its leaders were in the pockets of facilities management firm Bosasa during Jacob Zuma’s presidency, the state capture report has revealed.

The ANC traditionally uses war rooms for its leaders to hold strategy sessions in the run-up to elections, with the head of organization and campaigns presiding over proceedings.

In the third report by acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, which reflects on evidence from former Bosasa boss Angelo Agrizzi, it appears that providing the ANC with war space facilities at the cost of millions to the company and at no cost to the party amounted to ” profit of any kind”.

Agrizzi, the report said, “may have exaggerated the expenditure, but it is evident in the sophistication of the equipment, facilities and the period in which they were delivered – three months related to the 2014 elections and two months related to the Mangaung conference – that the value was considerable”.

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The report explains why Nomvula Mokonyane, a member of the ANC’s national executive committee, did not contest such assistance to Bosasa’s party during her testimony before the coup inquiry commission.

“President [Cyril] Ramaphosa testified that while he was visiting the facility, it never occurred to him that Bosasa was financing the war room facilities.

“Bosasa was a business organization that invested in winning tenders from government departments and state bodies.

“Given all the evidence the committee has received regarding Bosasa and the extent to which its business model was based on its ability to influence public office holders, one need only consider the potentially catastrophic consequences for Bosasa, if the ANC was to be voted out of power – to understand the importance of providing the ANC with warspaces so that Bosasa could achieve its business objectives,” the report said.

In assessing the evidence provided by Agrizzi on Mokonyane:

  • In 2008 and 2009 – when she was Prime Minister of Gauteng – Mokonyane approached Bosasa and asked for a safety analysis in provincial hospitals, with Agrizzi preparing the report at the cost of R2 million to Bosasa.

The idea was that, if Bosasa produced “a good report”, a tender would be launched for the provision of security services in such hospitals, seeking the company’s services.

  • Extensive benefits and money was given to Mokonyane by the late Bosasa chief executive Gavin Watson, due to her political clout and influence. Zondo found that the relationship between Bosasa and Mokonyane amounted to a violation of her oath under the Constitution, the Executive Members Ethics Act and the Executive Ethics Code.

The report also criticized the deputy defense minister and military veterans Thabang Makwetla accepting Bosasa’s security upgrades at his home – finding it in violation of his constitutional, legislative and ethical obligations.

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The report also revealed that ANC MP Cedric Frolick regularly received payments of R40,000 from Valance Watson, Gavin Watson’s brother, for facilitating government affairs.

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