How Do You View Old Messages On Discord? [ Guide 2021 ]

How Do You View Old Messages On Discord? [ Guide 2022 ]

How Do You View Old Messages On Discord? [ Guide 2021 ]

Wanna know How Do You View Old Messages On Discord? Read further to know more.

Feeling nostalgic and missing the old days of your life? Well, this happens with everyone. A person who is in college misses his or her old school days, a person who is doing a job misses his college life and the fun they had when they were young.

A person who is married and has a kid misses his bachelor life, and a person who is of old age misses the time when he used to be young and experienced new things daily in his life.

So we all know that no one can go back to the time that they miss, we can not time travel whenever we feel like so we try to enjoy and remember each and every moment of our life.

We take pictures and make videos, some people write their day-to-day experiences in their dairy which they call their journal. We try to capture the moment so that it can be with us forever. 

Whenever we feel nostalgic about a time we look at the pictures and relive old memories and days, if we miss a friend then we see their pictures with us and re-read their old messages.

If you are a social media influencer and you miss the time you used to receive messages from your fans when you began this journey so you go have a look at your profile and see your old pictures and comments on them.

It can be anything that you started and then you became successful or you can say you achieved what you wanted. The people that you remember are those who were in those times with you and who supported you from the very beginning and then suddenly one day you miss them and want to see their old messages so you open their profile and read your chats with them. 

Finding old messages or chats with a person is not always because you miss them and want to relive those old memories and the bond you shared or something like that, what I mean to say is that, it is not always about the nostalgic part that you want to open an old message, it can be for something important too. 

Seeing old messages on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Snapchat is very simple, you just have to scroll down, and there you will see tons of old messages. But what if you want to see your old messages on the Discord app. Well, it is a bit of a technical process but not that tough. 

So in this article, you will very well explain how to view your old messages on the Discord app. So let us begin. 

How Do You View Old Messages On Discord? 

Tired of scrolling again and again in order to find an old message that is very important for you to find? You are very lucky that you found the right place wherein very simple words you will be able to find the old message that you are searching for without getting bored and scrolling up continuously and also without wasting your time. 

So first of all, let me tell you that all these messages are on the server, so any message that is sent or received, is stored on the server. Well, there are four methods that can be used to search old messages on Discord, and then you can view them. The methods are:

  1. In channel

2. By specific date

3. Specific channel or user

4. Embed or file 

We will learn about all of them one by one, so let us begin:

In: channel 

  • The first step that you have to follow is pretty easy, you just have to open your Discord dashboard on your laptop or PC 
  • Now you have to open the channel, server, or any Discord user chat panel where you would like to see your first message 
  • In the Discord app at the very right corner on the top, there will be a search box present. When you see it click on it from the drop-down and choose the option “in: channel” 
  • From the next drop-down choose your channel. Now all the messages will be displayed, you have to look for the oldest and then just simply click on it, it is present just below the search box 
  • Now after clicking on that it will take you to the chat where you will be able to see your very first message 

A jump will appear at the right side of the text when you will float over there, you can click on that. By clicking on that Discord will jump at the start of the chats and show you your first message.  

By specific date

In this method, you will get three options – before, during, and after. According to the date that you want to find your message, you can search for your messages. The meaning of the before and after part is that you can select the option before and then select a particular date. So, it will show like “before: that date that you entered.” And for after, it will show like “after the date, you entered for viewing messages.”

Specific channel or user

Here, you have to click on the search box and choose the option that says “from user”, it will be in the drop-down and then you have to add the name of that user whose message you have to find, so type that. If you want to find the oldest messages of you with that person then you can click on the oldest later option. 

Embed or file

This option makes it easy for you to find any link, file, embed, sound, images, video within the whole channel. You can click on the oldest one if you want to see that. 

Click on the search tab and choose “has: link, embed, or file”, as usual, it will be present in the drop-down. And then from another drop-down, you can choose the kind of file you want to search. 

These methods were for those who want to find the old messages on their laptop or PC. Now let us see that if you want to search for your new messages on your mobile then what you have to do. 

Searching for your new messages on your mobile phone 

The process of finding new messages is the same as the method of finding old messages on Discord on your mobile phone. 

  • First of all, you have to open your Discord app on your mobile phone and then hover up to the chat box whereby scrolling up you want to find the first message. 
  • Now you have to tap and click on the search box and choose the option “in: channel”
  • In this next step do select the channel’s name with whom you want to find your first message 
  • Now just simply tap on the enter button 

This is how you can find new messages on your mobile phone. I hope all the steps were clear enough. 

Now if you are an old user of the Discord app then you would obviously know all the features of Discord but if you are new to Discord then there are some super cool features that you must know about Discord. So let us have a look at them. 

Things about Discord That Every User Should Know 

  • You can keep scrolling on Discord as much as you want, there is no limit or any sort of algorithm present for the user that they have to follow. You are free to use and scroll however and whenever you like
  • You can do text messaging, voice calls, and video chats with your loved ones and can stay in touch 
  • Discord even provides streaming of games and screens sharing with your members 
  • Screen sharing and streaming helps in making bonds with other players and members 
  • You can create your own server and channel on Discord and create awareness about any topic to the general public
  • By creating a channel you can give the latest and knowledgeable news t0o your viewers i.e, the people who visit your channel and look up to you for providing the news about roads that happen or any sort of event 
  • You can add a crown in front of your name 
  • You can even change the color of your name in the Discord app to make it look more attractive 
  • There are various developer tools present in Discord 
  • You can send direct messages to anyone you feel like 
  • Very fine security is provided by the developers to its user 
  • Discord even offers free VoIP
  • If you want to use Discord then you do not have to spend even a single penny because it is absolutely free of cost 
  • You can give a nickname to whoever you would like 
  • Large communities can add on Discord and stay in touch with each other 
  • People talk about mental health, emotional support and the issues that they are facing freely 


This was all about Discord’s features and learning to view old messages. I hope all your doubts were cleared and I really wish that this article helped you. Feel free to ask anything if you have a doubt.

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