How the Doctor-Yaz Romance on Doctor Who Came About

During the last doctor who specially, “Eve of the Daleks,” Yaz (Mandip Gill) made a huge Confession: She’s finally admitted she’s in love with the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker)! And according to producer Matt Strevens, it was Gill and Whittaker who were the driving force behind the making of this storyline.

During the Doctor Who con, Gallifrey One, Strevens shared that Whittaker very specifically asked for the show to explore a Yaz-Doctor romance. When pre-production for Season 11 began, the writers had no plans for a romantic relationship. However, after Gill told Whittaker (who is not on social media) that fans wanted such a relationship, Whittaker took it upon himself to request more scenes between their characters.

Jodie Whittaker urged more Thasmin scenes

“Jodie brought it” [‘Thasmin’ social media content] to start after the first season and said ‘there’s speculation’ and we hadn’t really thought about it,” Strevens said. “But it turned out to be quite a big thing, and if you think about the history of… doctor who since Russell brought it back, every accompanying story with the Doctor has been a love story.

I think the way Mandip did it and the way Jodie’s Doctor reacts is brilliant. Yaz is not sure what these feelings are that she has, but they are fundamental feelings. And I think it’s a testament to John Bishop’s performance that he’s trying to squeeze it out a bit – which I think was done brilliantly.

If you’re hoping for more Thasmin content, you’re in luck! Strevens said “there’s more to come” in the upcoming “Legend of the Sea Devils” special, which will likely air around or on Easter Sunday. Then later this year we’ll have one last special to mark the end of Whittaker’s tenure as the Doctor.

I can’t wait to see more Thasmin storylines, although I’m sad it’s happening because both characters are on the verge of leaving the series. But hey, we’ll take what we can get!

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