How To Add Discord Server Widget? [Guide 2021]

How To Add Discord Server Widget? [2022]

How To Add Discord Server Widget? [Guide 2021]

Wanna know How To Add Discord Server Widget? Read further to know more about it.

Discord servers are spaces on Discord. They make groups and communities for the general people to engage. You can create your own server and you will get many privileges like you can add color to your name and much more because you are the admin of a server.

Creating a server does not cost even a single penny, it is absolutely free of cost. You can even invite your friends to your server and share the stuff that you do there with them.

Discord channels provide voice and text channels both, which have different rules and are also devoted to some specific topics. So in this article, you will learn about the server widget which is also a bit related to visitors when they

come through the link provided to them. 

What is a Discord Server Widget?

Before learning about the Discord server widget, let us learn what Widget is, and then we will learn about it, like how to embed it into the website, its features, and all.

What is a Widget?

A tiny application hosted on a webpage for an invitation is called a Widget. A widget can be easily created according to your requirement. News and a lot of information can be shared from one region to another with the help of a Widget. 

Content can be updated automatically as Widget allows it to be. You can get 80% of the playlist automatically for the widget if you have a great data connection. This is the same process that is used by the Discord Server Widget

Discord Server Widget

If you are creating some really cool and amazing content on your Discord server and want to show it to other people and want others to join your server then you can do it very easily. All you have to do is create a link through which you can invite people.

Just like we do for our WhatsApp groups, we create a link and send it to the people, and then whosoever is interested in joining your group, they do. The only difference in creating a link at the Discord server is that here you do not have to send the link to people personally, you just have to make it for your website and people can through that. 

They can be created for various reasons, welcoming your web visitors could be one of them. You can also keep a check on the people who are online and who are not on Discord and game through the website.

You do not need to log in to your Discord or the game to check that. So the Discord Server Widget is basically an element of a web page that provides some users and some information. 

The Discord server widget is just a piece of cake, it is not at all hard to use. One of the advantages of the Discord server widget is that it makes the server stronger and the connection easier to make.

By using the device you can welcome visitors to your website. You can not only check whether the member is online but also you will be able to check whether they are offline or playing any game. 

One excellent site of this Discord Widget is that you can also use it for the recruitment process. You do not need to log in to discord to do this

s. The people who visit your website can check the activity of your Discord group very fast on your website. They can join your server or channel or group even without any invitation. 

Enabling the Discord Server Widget

If you want to use the Discord Server Widget then you need to enable it first. The process for enabling it is:

  • Open your desktop and start the Discord app 
  • Go to your server from the left
  • A channel list will appear, on the top of it click on your server name or you can say the title of your server
  • Now select the drop-down menu
  • You will see a server settings option there, click on that 
  • An option will be there of “Turn on Ember Widget in Discord 1” 
  • From the sidebar find the server settings option and then click on the Widget option  
  • Now will find this written “Turn on Ember Widget in Discord 2” 
  • Again an option will pop up on your screen “Turn on Ember Widget in Discord 3” tap on that and it will enable the server widget 

Learning to embed Discord Server Widget in website 

Well, the Discord Server Widget can be embedded into any platform or website like PHP, WIX, or word press, etc. once it gets connected to the website, anyone can send a request to connect or also can see how many people are online or offline or are playing games. 

For embedding the Discord Server Widget code you may need a web developer if your website has been built by a developer through coding. So let us take a simple example of just a few steps of the Word Press site to explain the embedding process of Discord into the website. So there are the steps:

Enabling The Discord Server Widget:

  • So the very first and basic step is to enable the Discord Server Widget and get the code, so here you need to enable the Discord server Widget and then copy the code embed code which will be pasted into word press Widget box. 
  • I have explained the process of enabling the Discord Widget in the above section but in case you missed it or you are too lazy to go back and read that again do not worry, I got your back! I will write the steps here again
  • To enable the Discord Server Widget to open your dashboard and navigate your mouse to the name of the server that you would like to link to the website 
  • You have to choose server settings by clicking on the Server name 
  • Look for Widget from the left-hand panel of the server settings, and then click on it
  • The first option in the Server Widget box will be “Enable Server Widget”, it will be like a toggle click on that and the Discord Server Widget will be enabled 
  • Click the drop-down from below the “Invite Channel” to choose the Discord channel that you want to connect 
  • Now you have to scroll down to the bottom for “Premade Widget” and then you have to copy the code, you can save this code in your notes sections or in the notepad 
  • Now that we have got the code we have to simple now paste the code into the word press Widget 

Embedding Discord Code Into Website:

  • Now that we have the Discord Widget code we now have to paste it, so first of all, we have to log in to the word press admin panel and we have to add wp-admin in from the site name 
  • There will be a word press dashboard, from there move your cursor to the option that says appearance and then choose the option Widgets
  • There will be some available Widgets, from all that find the one that says Custom HTML and you have to drag it to the sidebar where you would like to show the Discord Widget 
  • There will be an empty box in which you have to type the title, it can be anything you that you like, for example, Welcome to my Discord and then paste the code in the content box
  • Now just save the changes and you are done, you have to refresh your website or open it again and you will be able to see the changes 

What if the Discord Widget is not loading?

Sometimes the Discord Widget does not load and there can be a few reasons, let us see what are those:

  • The first one is Discord outrage and that means that Discord is down at the moment. You can wait for a while or refresh it and then it will probably work. If discord is going through problems then you won’t be able to connect to the discord screen. 
  • The second one is that you need to make sure that the Discord Server Widget is enabled. I have explained all the steps of enabling twice in the above sections so make sure you read that. Sometimes even if you have enabled it earlier it can still get disabled due to some updates in discord so you can re-enable it 
  • The third one is that maybe you have pasted the code wrong on the website, you can remove the code and re 00 write it correctly, and then it will work 
  • The fourth one is that you need to keep a check on the windows date and time like if they are not properly configured then you may face a problem while using the server widget  
  • The fifth one is that access to windows caches and caches may create a problem, so please do try to clear the discord cache 


In this article, you have learned about a lot of stuff related to the Discord Server Widget like enabling it, pasting code, and linking it to the website, why discord does not work sometimes. I really hope that it helped you. All you need to do is read carefully and then do it so you will not face any issue. You can share this article if you like it with your fellow server owners. 

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