How To Appear Offline In Discord? – Perfect Guide

How To Appear Offline In Discord in 2022

How To Appear Offline In Discord? – Perfect Guide

Wanna know How To Appear Offline In Discord? You are at the right place. Read further to know more.

Are you one of those people who wants to be online but do not want others to know that? The reason can be anything like you can be a private person like an introvert, or maybe you are on a social media detox, or you can even be frustrated from your work and just want to enjoy watching videos and not reply to anyone who is texting you.

Trust me I can totally feel you. Sometimes even I feel that I should just enjoy and have ‘ME’ time on social media, just watch videos and relax. 

We usually do hide our last seen on WhatsApp but it still always shows whenever we are online. We also hide our last active on Instagram and the good thing about Instagram is that when we hide our last active, our “online now” automatically gets hidden. 

If you use other social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, or discord then also you might be wondering that how to appear offline. So in this article, I will tell how to appear offline on discord. To get the full details please do not leave the article in the middle, stay with me till the end. 

You Can Do Offline On Your Discord App By Going “Invisible’, Let Us See How

On your laptop:

  • So the very basic and first step that you have to follow is that you have to open your discord app 
  • Now you will be able to see your profile picture i.e, your avatar, simply click on that. Your profile will be present on the left side and that too at the bottom of your screen 
  • Now select the option “invisible” 
  • This option will help you go offline 

On your mobile phone:

  • A hamburger menu will appear which will have three lines and those will be horizontal. You can find these lines at the top left of your screen
  • Tap and click on your profile picture or you can say it as your avatar which will be at the bottom right side of your pop up screen 
  • Click on the option “set status”
  • There will be an option present that says “invisible”, tap and select that option

And you are done! See, it is this simple to go offline on your discord app if you want to enjoy some alone time which is important too. And you can change that status from invisible to online whenever you feel like you are ready to go back again. Now you can enjoy and do your tasks without people knowing that you are on the app. 

Reasons That Someone Would Want To Offline Without People Knowing

If you work regularly and you want a bit of peace from your regular life, like you wish to take a break from your work life then you can choose to do this. Or you can say if you want to concentrate on one special task that is assigned to you and you want to do that without any sort of disturbance then also you can do this because you will be online completing your task or work but people will think that you are busy somewhere else as your status will show them “offline”. 

You might miss some important messages too but then that is totally up to your preferences because being “invisible” will not allow to you reply back to anyone. It also will not allow you to play games or work on anything else. Yes, you will stay in the loop of all conversations but you will obviously not be a part of it. 

So you can choose your status as “invisible” if you want that your friends should not get notified that you are on an “idle” or “do not disturb”. 

What Are The Other Status Types That Discord Has

Okay, so Discord has four different types of status: Online, Idle, Do not disturb, and Invisible. 

Online is the default one i.e, this status is ib-built in the discord app. This status automatically shows itself whenever you open the app even for five minutes. Being online always shows a green dot next to your profile picture that is also known as an avatar. This status shows other people that you are using the app currently and are available to chat. 

Idle status means that you have opened the app but away from your keyboard for a short period of time. As I told you above that online shows a green dot next to your profile picture, so when your status is idle it shows a yellow dot next to your profile picture or avatar.

Your status automatically shifts from online to idle if you do not use your keyboard for a while the same way your laptop screen turns black if you do not use the mouse’s cursor or your keyboard for some time.

You can also set that idle status manually but in case you did not do it, you need not worry the app will do that itself. And it will disappear as soon as you are back on the app using the keyboard and all. Also, remember that idle status can be set for an indefinite period manually.

Do not disturb status shows that you are busy, you are not available for any sort of chat and no one should disturb you. A red circle will appear around your profile picture i.e, avatar when you select this status type. By clicking on this status type all your messages that are related to discord, of course, will be muted automatically. 

Invisible as I told you above means that you are online but not just for the members on your discord. You are using the app, you are online but no one can see you online yes, you will be able to access all the features like a normal discord user like you will be able to see messages and all but your fellow mates will not know that you are active. 

One more important thing that you should know is that online and idle features of the server are server-controlled features whereas do not disturb and invisible are user-activated features. Although it is already mentioned above that idle can be set manually also if you want. 

Custom status

Discord provides permission to its users to create custom messages for each status type that will be for a particular period of time and which are based on certain conditions as well. So let now learn the steps to form a custom message on discord:

  • As we have discussed earlier, you need to click on your profile picture i.e, your avatar 
  • Now select the option that says “select a custom status”
  • A pop-up dialog box will appear, nowhere they need you to enter your custom message and then click on the desired “clear after” parameter so that discord knows when it has to stop with the message being displayed 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I miss if I set invisible status?

Ans: You will not miss out on anything as I mentioned above, you will receive all the messages. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to reply to any message at that time. But in other ways you will not miss anything, you will be able to access all the features of discord as you used to do when your status was set on online mode. 

  • How can we tell when someone is online but invisible on discord?

Ans: You will never know this. Even the people who are the admin of servers can not figure this out.

Basic Features About The Discord App

Discord is a free app for voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and other things too. It is a great app for people who want to stay in touch with each other.

People who play games or those who want to be gamers can stream their gaming on this app. You can even do screen sharing with the people or members you want and they can know what you are doing on your device at the moment. 

You can also create servers and channels and spread awareness through them. You can name the channel ‘Announcements” so that people can know what kind of information you provide to the general public. People can also be a part of your server too.

They are also called members of your server. You can tell them about the event or the raid news, just keep them up to date and they will come to your channel and love it. 

People talk about art, mental health, emotional support, some projects that they have been working on with each other to stay in touch obviously and also to help someone if they need it.

It is a sort of home to many people where they can talk freely, people from any background or size can come and talk here and stay in touch with whomever they feel like. This is basically an app for the ones who stay active and talk to each other regularly. 

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