How to automatically change the background of a new tab in Chrome

How to automatically change the background of a new tab in Chrome

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One of the most handy additions to Chrome can be done automatically using a Chrome extension. Autofill is a Chrome extension that allows you to automatically enter form fields without you having to type any text on them. For example, if you are filling out a form on the Google Docs website and you don’t know what to write next, you can quickly click Autofill and it will automatically fill in the form for you.

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to automatically change the background of a new tab to a random color, but first we have to know what exactly a new tab is. Chrome has two main windows: the web browser and the chrome-tabs-window. The web browser window is the primary window that your Chrome tabs are displayed in, and new tabs are created using this window. The chrome-tabs-window is the window that you use to manage and access your Chrome tabs.

Chrome’s new tab page is a cool concept, letting you add bookmarks, link to a specific web page, or even use a photo as the background image. The only issue is that it doesn’t do much on first load – you can only have one background image and one bookmark, and even those options are limited.. Read more about how to fix new tab in google chrome and let us know what you think.

Given how many websites we visit on a regular basis, it’s simple to get bored when we want to open a new one. This is why we’ll teach you how to alter the Context of a new tab in Chromium automatically. As a result, each time you open a new one, you’ll be treated to a fresh backdrop.

This is a simple task that shouldn’t take long to complete. After you’ve set it up, fresh money will be added to the new tabs every day without you having to do anything!

In Chrome, change the background of a new tab automatically.


The first step is to open the browser on our machine, which may be Windows, Linux, or Mac. We start a new tab and go to the bottom right corner of the screen to the personalize button.

We’ll need to make sure we’re in the “Background” area of the left sidebar in a new pop-up window.

How to automatically change the background of a new tab in Chrome

This section contains a list of pre-selected funds provided by the browser. They are separated into several categories.

So, let’s say we want Chrome to show us a new backdrop from the “Earth” collection, so we’ll start by clicking on the collection thumbnail in the grid.

We activate the automatic update.

Chrome will show us all of the available money from this collection on the following page. All we have to do now is turn on the “Update daily” option, which is located in the bottom right corner of the window.

We confirm the changes.

We just need to click the “Done” button in the bottom right corner of the screen to store our choices.

After that, we will be able to see a new fund in the category that we previously chose in a new tab of our browser. Every day, change the backdrop.

In this simple way, we have managed to change the background of a new tab in Chrome.

The name of the current background’s creator, as well as a link to the source, may be found in the bottom left corner.

We now know how to alter the automatic background of a new tab in Chrome; this is something that will happen on a daily basis. Without doing anything more, we will have a fresh fund in this area every day.

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Want to change the background of a new tab? There are a few ways to do this, and one of the easiest—and most essential—is to set a custom image. That means you can use a picture of your own, or even one of the default backgrounds available in Chrome (like a spinning globe or a sunrise). But sometimes you need even more control.. Read more about chrome open new tab background and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my Google chrome background change automatically?

You can set a timer on your computer to change the background every day, week, month, or year.

How do I change my new tab background?

To change your new tab background, go to the settings page and click on change background.

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