How To Block Someone On Discord? [Expert Guide 2021]

How To Block Someone On Discord in 2022

How To Block Someone On Discord? [Expert Guide 2021]

You’ve been on Discord for a while now. You’ve seen people you want to block but don’t know-how. I have the answer. Here are some steps to follow if you want to know how to block someone on discord? So just keep on reading.

Discord is a great way to connect with your online gaming community, but if you block someone on Discord they won’t be able to send messages or see what servers that you are using.

This means that even though the blocked person may have been somewhat annoying at times during gameplay- all of their messages will disappear without any warning,

The Internet has opened up a whole new world for us, but it’s also given access to an entire population that can be jerks.

Having an open chat is always a gamble. You never know what people are going to say and do, which can make the experience less fun for everybody in your group or even just one person at a time.

To block a person, you simply click on the menu option when they are viewing your profile and select ‘Block’. Now any messages sent by that individual will show up as blocked in their inbox.

Select and hold on to the persons’ name. Blocking a user is quite simple, all it takes is a few clicks. After reading this article, it should take no longer than 5-10 minutes for someone with a little bit of computer knowledge. Keep in mind that after blocking a user on Discord, there is no way to unblock them unless their account gets deleted. This means if you have blocked your friend/family member.

Know Your Options

Discord is a great way to communicate with others, but sometimes you will need help from the community. There are several options available when dealing with toxic individuals including blocking them or reporting for abuse of service through emailing 

[email protected] com/help

Muting is similar to muting your voice, but for the chat channel. You cannot speak on this type of muted group conversation; however, you can still hear what others are saying around you in their conversations with one another.

Deafen also works on the voice channel and prevents a user from hearing what’s being said. It does this by blocking sound waves that are coming into your ear.

Kicking a user off the channel or server means they are completely booted from participation. However, if you’re invited back after being kicked then there is still hope for your social life.

Banning a user is the ultimate punishment for being disruptive. In many cases, this means they will never be able to play on your server again and every message in their chat history gets deleted!

If that does not deter them from trouble then you can choose to wipe out all of these messages after 24 hours or 7 days have passed since their last instance of interruption towards others playing nicely together in one community-building experience.

If you want to block, mute, or kick a gamer from your server then it’s important that the decision is well thought out. The following are instructions on how best to do this.

No matter what type of user behavior occurs in these three types – blocking someone who has been abusive towards others; muting their chat temporarily when they’re being frustratingly loud about something without merit (or not speaking); kicking them off entirely if there have been multiple violations against policy within a short time period one question remains: How exactly should I go about doing so.

How to Block Someone in Discord – Step by Step Process:

If you need to block someone in Discord, here’s how to do it:

Select the user’s profile name in the Direct Message app.

Click the “Block” icon in the menu options bar.

Confirm that you want to block this person, then they will be kicked off your server.

If you ever need to unblock them, go back to their profile and click on the “+” icon in the top-right corner of the profile page. From here you should see a list of options. Click on the “Unblock” option, then confirm that you want to unblock this person and they will be allowed back into your server.

How to Mute Someone in Discord – Step by Step Process:

If someone is being annoying or repetitive with their messages, you have other options available before having them blocked from your server. Simply mute them so that they cannot speak during voice chat sessions! In order to do this:

Select the user’s profile name in the Direct Message app.

Click the “Mute” icon in the menu options bar. Their messages will not show up in voice channel conversations anymore! If you ever want to unmute,

There are many ways you can block unwanted people on social media platforms like Discord. You might think this will keep them out of your life completely, but it’s not foolproof because they’ll still be able to see all of your messages and statuses (even though they won’t reply or contact) – which is useful if someone just isn’t bothering anyone with constant chatting spamming,

What Happens if You Block Someone in a Discord Server??

If you block a user in a Discord server, several things happen.

They cannot view messages from any voice or video chats. They can still see text-based messages sent before they were blocked. If someone else is messaging that person behind your back then you only stand to lose as blocking them doesn’t stop them from contacting other users on the server as long as those people are comfortable with having this contact continue – which means their messages will now have full access to everyone. This isn’t just true for direct messages, but group and channel conversations too.

Discord is a great way to communicate with friends, but it can be difficult if you want someone who’s on the same server as your kiddo or significant other. You may block them individually and still receive messages from that person even though they’re blocked on Discord.

The only way to not see their messages anymore is if they are kicked or banned from the server. If you don’t have administrative approval, ask for it

Otherwise, your options are either leaving so that person can’t listen in on what goes on with us (and potentially find out something embarrassing) OR blocking them by deletion of any contact information like emails and phone numbers; but make sure before doing this last one – especially because there could be siblings who will also want access as well.

What Does the Other Person see When You Block them on Discord??

Ok, this one is a little weird…people can still see your messages and statuses even if you block them on Discord. Even though they won’t be able to reply or contact you further – which can make it difficult to implement since people like trolls don’t stop coming at us over the internet; but I’ve found that blocking someone else doesn’t eliminate seeing their messages as long as those other people are fine with having this continued access (which means their messages will now have full access to everyone).

This isn’t just true for direct messages, but group and channel conversations too.

There are limitations to how messages can be sent when you block someone. All of your blocked friend’s DMs will show them the “You cannot send messages in this conversation” message, but they still see all previous conversations with that person and receive incoming ones as well.

This is a great way to keep in contact with someone who has blocked you, as they will still be able to see your messages even if this person does not want any more communication. The best option would then have been one of these:

How do you Block Messages from Non-friends on Discord?

On the desktop:

Right-click on the persons’ name.

  1. Select Profile.
  2. On their profile, click the 3 dots on the right side of the window.
  3. Click Block.

On mobile:

Select and hold on to the persons’ name.

On their profile, click the 3 dots on the right side of the window.

Clicking the block will allow you to stop all distractions.

The best way to block a person on social media is by using the mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. To do so, tap their profile picture in your feed or notifications then select “Block” when it appears under options at the top right corner of the screen

Adblocker detected.

If you’re using the desktop app for Mac or PC, just right-click someone’s name and select “Block” from the menu that appears. You’ll be asked to confirm your decision of blocking them–and once it’s gone through successfully, their messages will disappear forever.

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