The Best Way To Change Fob Battery

How To Change Battery In Key Fob in 2022 – Complete Guide

The Best Way To Change Fob Battery

Looking for the ways on How To Change Battery In Key Fob? Read further to know more.

You woke up in the morning, you drink your coffee and then you realize that the weather is just perfect to go out for a long drive so you freshen up and get ready and pick up your car key to go for a drive but guess what the buttons on your car key does not work the battery dies.

Don’t worry at all no need to spoil your mood, you can still go out and have fun, also you need not go out to a shop to get your car key battery changed and waste your time and energy there instead you can change your key fob battery all by yourself, it is not a huge task just a piece of cake. You just need 15 to 20 minutes for changing the battery.

Let Us Learn About Car Key Fob

It is a key but with electronic features in it. It has buttons in it which is used in unlocking or locking car doors or opening the car trunk. The main purpose of a fob is to make people more advanced with their keys and it looks more trendy. It is to promote a keyless entry system.

You Need To Change The Battery Of Your Car Key Fob

Changing the battery of your key fob is easier than you think, you need a flat-tipped small screwdriver or butterknife or any flat object which you may have laying around just for this purpose and a new battery of course. The batteries are usually coin-shaped and small like CR2025 or CR2032. You can easily find batteries at any general store, or at any auto-part store.

Simple Steps You Need To Follow To Change The Key Fob

  • Find the notch from where to open the fob, in some keys you can see it clearly but in some, you need to find the emergency key and take it out with the help of the button present at the behind of the key. If your key has a sliding key then you will see a button at the top hold it downwards until you take that key out by pulling it.
  • With a springing key just press, the spring button, and the key will come out itself, or press the spring button and pull the key outwards.
  • As soon as you find it you need to take that flat object, it can be anything a knife, a screwdriver, or any flat object as I mentioned above. Now with the help of that object open the key, you need to apply a little bit of force to the part you see an opening.
  • If you have screws there the take the screwdriver and unscrew it. Try to do it calmly and slowly so that you don’t lose the screw as the screws are really small. You can take a small plate or a cup and keep the screws in it to avoid losing it.
  • You need to pop open it into two parts from the middle, like the whole key need to be divided into two parts after wedge opening the key with help of the screwdriver. After its opening, you will see a round-shaped battery. 
  • Some fobs even have batteries with clips over them. To take the battery out or you can say to free the battery to need to take a screwdriver and lift the clips. Please do all this process very gently and calmly do not rush because the parts of a key fob are really very sensitive so you don’t want to break them because then it will increase your work. So try not to break them.
  • Take that round-shaped small battery out and below that the model of the battery will be written, read that. If you have that model’s battery then well and good but if not buy a brand new battery of the same kind and model because obviously if you will put some other mode battery in the fob then it will not work. So make sure that the new battery which you buy should be of the same model.
  • The old battery will pop out with your finger easily no need to struggle with it. The new battery will fit in perfectly where the old one was. Just make sure that the positive side of the battery is faced up because mostly all the batteries fit in this way. 
  • Now that you are all set with replacing the old dead battery with the new one, time to close the fob now. Don’t worry about closing it you don’t need anything new now, your hands will be enough, hehe.
  • Just take the other part of the fob and place it above the first part as it was before opening, it will make a sound and you will know that your car key fob is closed and ready to work with a brand new battery in it.

Now just try and use it to check if the key fob works, if it still does not work then maybe you have not fitted the battery perfectly, open it and put it again carefully. it should work instantly. but if even after trying and replacing it again it does not work then maybe the fob is broken and you need to take it to a repair shop and get it fixed there.

How Long Does The Battery Of A Key Fob Last

First of all, the life of a fob battery depends on the quality of the battery the person has purchased, if the quality is good then it will last for 3 to 4 years. It also depends on how often you drive your car and use it, but that does not make a huge effect on the life of the battery unless your kids or you yourself start playing with the buttons.

This was all about changing the fob battery, hope it helps!

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