How To Change Discord Background [Expert Guide 2021]

How To Change Discord Background [Expert Guide 2021]

How To Change Discord Background [Expert Guide 2021]

Looking For The Ways On How To Change Discord Background? Read further to know more.

Do you want to spice up your Discord experience with a new background? If so, then this article will teach how. In it, we’ll also show people who might not know where they can find BetterDiscord or what settings need changing on their own server!

The following info has been compiled from our research and personal testing: -Changing your chat’s theme (or colors) is as simple as clicking certain buttons in Settings- Once there navigate down until see ” backgrounds” which lists all available options for both Male/Female avatars; choose one that matches your best preference then click continue like normal.

Discord offers a sleek interface along with basic themes. However, many people are bored of the default background and prefer to customize it in some way that suits them more personally or professionally.

Changing your Discord theme can be difficult as it requires multiple steps.

Discord’s built-in themes are okay, but for those who want more customization options, there is a third-party app called BetterDiscord available on Discord. This allows users to change the background of their profile with various patterns or images which can be used as wallpapers too.

The BetterDiscord extension is a must-have for any Discord user. It lets you create your own customized theme and plugins so that the game will never be boring again.

Furthermore, BetterDiscord has a ton of other rich features such as emotes and custom themes.

Getting a new background on Discord is easy with BetterDiscord. Here we take an in-depth look at how it works and some of the features that make things easier for you.

What is BetterDiscord?

Discord is an amazing platform for chatting, but sometimes you want to make it more like your favorite game. BetterDiscord is a third-party app that extends the functionality of Discord by enhancing its features with new ones! It’s based on the original client with some fan-made changes.

What are the features of BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is the preferable discord client for many users. It offers features that are not available in its original form, making it a preference of many gamers and coders alike! Here’s some cool stuff about this program:

  1. With CSS injections, you can download and customize themes to suit your own unique taste.
  2. With plugins, add-ons and customized them too.
  3. Offers a wider range of emotes to choose from such as Emojis from Twitch, FFZ, and BBTV.
  4. Offers an in-client web browser that can be used for professional purposes.

How to install BetterDiscord?

  1. If you are looking to download the latest version of this software, visit our Github page.
  2. Downloading BetterDiscord is easy! You can choose from a range of different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  3. Now, run the installer after downloading it on your computer and click next. Make sure that you have already installed Discord in order for this process to work properly.
  4. Finally, select the option to ‘Install BetterDiscord’ and follow through with the installation process.
  5. The message is that the installation has been successfully completed.
  6. You should see a pop-up window for the BetterDiscord patch notes when you install Discord.

How to install custom themes with BetterDiscord?

Now that you have BetterDiscord, follow these steps to install your custom theme. To add a new one in Discord simply head over the Theme section and choose ” Install Custom Themed Server.”

You can even customize it by downloading fonts from our library of licensed designs!

BetterDiscord Themes is a website that contains CSS themes made for the Betterdiscord app. These allow you to customize your experience with colors and fonts, making it easier than ever before.

  1. First, get to the Discord application on your desktop and click settings next to where you see “Avatar.”
  2. Next, on the left side under ‘BetterDiscord’ select Themes and click Open Theme Folder.
  3. This will open up a folder in Windows Explorer where you can find the .css theme file that has been downloaded.
  4. After that, you will copy the Discord theme file which was made or downloaded earlier and paste it over here.
  5. After that, copy the Discord theme file which you’ve created or downloaded earlier and paste it into this folder.
  6. After you have enabled the new theme, Discord will immediately apply it. If restarting doesn’t work for some reason try doing so on an app or phone reboot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BetterDiscord legal?

Firstly, it should be noted that BetterDiscord is not an official tool released by Discord. Moreover, this software goes against the terms of service for their own product which users may find rather unfortunate as many people are unaware they exist or how to use them. It’s not uncommon to see people on the Discord platform getting banned for installing BetterDiscord.

BetterDiscord has a huge community of people who love it and use it every day. There are even servers for backup in case the main one goes down! Here’s their link, should you want to be part of it too.

How to change Discord’s theme or appearance?

Discord offers you the option to change your Discord theme. Whether it’s a dark mode or light, with just a couple clicks on Appearance Settings in Account Management (or through MySettings), any preference can be met. Discord is an app that lets you chat with your friends. You can change Discord’s appearances and themes to something more interesting, which will make it easier on the eyes.

  1. First, you need to click on your profile and select the “Appearance” tab.
  2. Once you’ve set up your account, navigate to Themes and change the color or appearance of it.

These are the default customization options that can be changed in Discord. If you want to customize your background and foreground colors, download BetterDiscord for an even more customizable experience.

How to change the Discord background on a mobile?

Discord is a great way to connect with people all over the world. The only problem? You can’t customize your user experience in Discord on mobile devices.

Discord is designed to be both customizable and fun. You can choose between many different themes in order to make your experience more personalized, like choosing the color of your username.

  1. There are a few ways you can get started with the community. First, go on your mobile device and choose which profile best suits you.
  2. Next, under App Settings, you can change the appearance of your phone. There are two options to choose from Dark Mode and Light Mode! You may also want a more comfortable or cozy setting for when it’s just you on this device- in which case choose Cozy mode.

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