The Truth About How To Change Discord Background

The Truth About How To Change Discord Background in 2022

The Truth About How To Change Discord Background

Looking For The Ways On How To Change Discord Background? Read Further To Know More.

Everyone loves changes, and of course, at some point, we all get bored by seeing one picture as our profile picture or our wallpaper, we all want change, so we change our wallpaper or our profile picture which we might have kept for a long and after changing we kind of feel new and fresh.

The same thing goes with the discord background once we are bored of the old wallpaper we wish to change it, so we change it as well. if you know how to change the discord background then it’s pretty damn great, but if you don’t know and you are struggling to change the background because you are just tired of seeing the same picture and want to learn how to change the background banner, then you need not worry at all,

You have come to the right place, just read this whole article and then you will learn how to change the discord background, and then you can put whatever background you wish to. 

Few Things About The Discord App- How to change Discord Background

The discord app was launched in 2015, it is an app for people to communicate with each other while playing games on a laptop or PC. It is for users who are 13+ years. The service of the discord app allows the creation of servers and it consists of various voice channels and text channels. People can get in touch with each other however they like.

You can add your friends and quick communication with them. Some people even do squad streaming on the discord app and people watch them live as viewers and it is really a lot of fun. 

About Discord Background

The discord app provides you with a really big screen for background banners. The main purpose of a discord banner background is to make it look unique and attractive. You can explore with the banners and put your heart out to what you would like to see as your background and put it there. 

Changing Discord Background

Well, unfortunately, the discord app does not allow the creation or make banner backgrounds. It does not have the feature for the background stuff, but need not worry at all you can still make the background, you can still change it with whatever you feel like, want to know how then before doing anything else and without any second thought download Better Discord

But Let Me Tell You What Is Better Discord

  • Better discord is a client modification and a third party tool for the discord app. It is an enhanced version of discord with new features in it. Basically, it is the same as the original app but in a modified version. It has added new functions to the discord app. 

Now Let Us I Tell You About Its Features

  • As mentioned above better discord provides those functions and features which not present originally in the app, and because of that many users prefer better discord over original discord. 
  • You can download themes and customize them with the helpnod CSS injections
  • You can even customize them by adding plugins and other add-ons 
  • It also offers an in client server browser
  • It offers a wider range of emotes which is not in the original version to chose from like Emotes from twitch, FFZ and BBTW

Learn How To Install Better Discord

  • First of all open the website BetterDiscord, or if you want to download the newest and the latest version of this software then you have to visit the BetterDiscord Github page
  • Now you have to select the BetterDiscord installer for your desktop’s operating system and the simply download it. The choosing choice is totally yours, you can chose windows or macOS or Linux
  • Now after downloading it on your computer just run the installer, and then tap next on the License agreement page (One important thing is that you need to make sure that the original version of the discor app is already installed on your system, if not the install that original one first) 
  • Now you have select the option “Install BetterDiscord” and follow the whole process of installation
  • And now you will receive a message which will say that “Your installation has been fully completed” 
  • Now launch the discord app as you would normally on any random day and now for BetterDiscord patch notes you should get a pop up window which obviously means that you have installed the custom app

Now To Change The Discord Background

  • After downloading the BetterDiscord on your system, you need to download a theme from BetterDiscordLibrary 
  • Now you will reach on the theme page and you will see a list of user-created themes
  • Now just look at the themes and select whatever fascinates you the most or whatever you find unique and attractive and would love to see as your discord background banner
  • Now download it by clicking on it that is BasicBackground
  • Now click on the “Download” button and download the CSS document
  • Also remember the folder you have downloaded the document to
  • Now simply open Discord on your desktop or laptop
  • Move towards your Discord profile and there will be a gear icon, click on it and now go to settings of the user
  • Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar on the left once you are at the user settings page
  • Now you will come across a tab which says “Themes” under the option of “Bandaged BD” 
  • In order to reach on the themes page you obviously have to click “Themes” which I told you already where to find
  • Now click on the “Open Theme Folder” on the themes page to of course open the theme folder
  • Now you have to open the file explorer option and move to the CSS document of the theme which you have previously downloaded in the second step, you can scroll up to again see that step
  • You can copy and paste the CSS document or move the CSS document toi the theme folder
  • Now finally you will be able to see an option to apply background
  • Now the last step which you have to follow is to enable the background on discord
  • Once you guys are done with enabling the background, the standard background will be replaced with new one which you wanted

Wow And You Are Done! See, It’s This Easy To Change Your Background With The Help Of Better Discord. 

Finally, You Have Changed The Background Theme On The Discord App Which You Were Bored Of Earlier. Once You Get Bored With This One Too, Then Why Worry Now? You Have All The Basic And Very Simple Steps Which You Follow And Then Boom! Again The Background Is Changed. 

If You Want To Disable The Theme Which Means You Do Not Want Any Theme To Be Displayed Then Simply Turn It Off.  

If You Want To Delete The Theme Then You Can Do That Too, You Just Have To Click On The “Trash” Icon Which Will Be Also Present On The Screen You Are Working. 

If You Want To Download More Attractive And Unique Themes You Can Do It From Better discord library Website.

Changing The Theme On Your Discord App

  • Firstly, by clicking on gear icon on your profile you have to open the user settings
  • Then move to app settings
  • Click on appearance and then click on themes
  • Now you will see two options of Dark or light theme. It is upto you to choose any one which you feel like

For More Options That You Want To Be Customized, You Can Download Better Discord. It Allows You To Customize Themes According To Your Choice, Your Convenience, And For That Is Uses Better Discord Library 

So This Article Was All About Changing Discord Background Banner And Changing Discord Dark Or Light Themes. I Really Hope That This Article Helps You And Clears All Your Doubts. 

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