Want To Step Up Your How To Change Twitch Banner?

Want To Step Up Your How To Change Twitch Banner?

Want To Step Up Your How To Change Twitch Banner?

Looking for the ways on How To Change Twitch Banner? Read further to know more.

Are you also someone who watches amazing pictures, wallpapers, and backgrounds on Pinterest or maybe somewhere on google and wants the same for yourself, as an amazing and really interesting background for your channel or page but you don’t know how to change that? You want to explore your heart out, have amazing ideas for your page,

you keep thinking about how to make it more attractive, and you even do but alas, you don’t know how to change the twitch banner, don’t worry I got you, I will explain everything step by step and by the end of this article, you will learn how to change the twitch banner.

About Twitch

Twitch is one of the biggest platforms for people who love to play video games. It is a social place for people who want to create their channels. With the help of this platform, they can connect to other channels and connect with their fans which are all over the world if they are popular.

It is not compulsory that to make a twitch account you need to be popular, you can even make your cover page attractive and make a fan sphere and attract people with the help of your channel and the cover images that you add. Adding cover and images to your channel are called TWITCH BANNERS.

What Is A Twitch Banner – How To Change Twitch Banner

If you have a channel or page, the twitch banner is a cover or header of your page. When you upload an interesting cover, it sort of represents your page. The cover is used for advertising purposes too.

It can also be used for gaining attention. The size of the twitch banner should not be too big or too small, the size that is recommended is 1920 x 480 pixels. The twitch banner is displayed by clicking on the channel’s name. To learn how to change the twitch banner just read the full article and the steps written in it, you will learn very easily. 

Changing Twitch Banner 

If you are bored of your old banner and are willing to change it, then just follow these steps:

  • First of all, you have to open the Twitch website which is Twitch.tv on your web browser of your laptop or your desktop
  • To get access to your account enter your user id and password which are also known as credentials
  • Whatever text pops up on your screen click on the right corner on the top
  • You will see a button named “channel” which will be below the share activity menu that will be displayed on your screen
  • One thing you need to make sure which is important is that you should be set to Offline 
  • There will be a home tab and the screen that will open will be active on the same tab
  • Click on the “customize your channel” button once your channel opens, it will be present below the bell icons and the follow option on your screen
  • This will lead you to a new tab. Now scroll down to the “Profile Banner” section on the new tab
  • You will see a checked box next to the Generate Background option
  • Now you have to check Custom Image box. There you will see the recommended size of the Twitch banner is 1200 by 480. 
  • Keep in mind that the picture you upload should not be more rhan 10kb in JPG, PNG or GIF format. 
  • You will see an Upload button, click on that
  • Now you will see a tiny menu on the centre of your screen with a label on it Editing Profile Banner for
  • A “+” will appear on your screen, just click on that and navigate to the banner that was made by you 
  • Select that banner and after selecting it the uploading process will begin
  • When it is successfully uploaded, it will appear on the Custom Page and you will be able to see it
  • Now for saving the image you uploaded you need to click on the save button (save button will appear on the screen)

Now That Your Are Done With All This Process, You Need To Confirm Yourself First And Also Want To See How Your Changed And New Cover Looks Like, So Just Visit Your Channel, And You Will Be Able To See The Cover Image. If You Are Offline Then Also Don’t Worry Your Viewers Will See The New Banner That You Uploaded.

Changing Your Banner Means That You Have Moved A Step Closer To Improve Your Brand.

Changing The Twitch Banner Is Same In Laptop And Mobile Or Not 

The answer to this is yes, whenever you want to change your twitch banner, you can change it on your laptop or your desktop, or your mobile the process is exactly the same.

No need to change any step, follow the exact same step which is in the above article and your banner will be changed. Now you can explore more ideas and make different designs of covers and change them whenever you feel like it. Try and make new cover images and make your channel as attractive as you can. 

Changing Offline Banner On Twitch Mobile App

There are some very basic and easy steps that you need to follow to change the offline banner :

  • Open a web browser on your phone and then open twitch.com 
  • Sign in to your account by adding your user id and password i.e credentials 
  • The twitch website will be up now, you will see a three dot symbol () like this which will be on the top right corner of your screen
  • Now from the drop-down check the desktop site 
  • Now twitch will load in desktop mode, you will see your profile picture at the top right corner, click on that, and you have to chose Creator Dashboard which will be on your screen
  • Now on the left side of your screen you will a sign which is called arrow with a pipe sign and it is seen as |⪢ this. To expand the menu option click on this option
  • Now you see an option of Settings, click on that and then click on the Channel option from the drop-down button  
  • Tap on the Brand tab
  • And now here you will see a profile banner section. You have to chose Custom Image and tap on an option named Upload in order to add your offline image

So This Was All About Changing the Banner Of Your Channel’s Cover And Changing It Offline On Your Mobile, Hope All The Steps Are Easily Understandable And You Have Learnt By Now That How The Whole Process Of Changing the Cover Image Of the Channel Is Done. 

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