How To Change Your Age On Discord? [Easy Tricks 2021]

How To Change Your Age On Discord [Easy Tricks 2022]

How To Change Your Age On Discord? [Easy Tricks 2021]

How To Change Your Age On Discord? Here in this guide, you will get an answer to this question. So read on.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! If you’ve submitted a wrong birth date in Discord and therefore locked yourself out of features or servers then this guide will show how to change your age fast.

Discord has a strict policy for users who want to join the platform. Discord clearly states that you must be 13 years or older in order to access their app and website, so they can keep everyone safe from inappropriate content. 

If an underage person tries logging on without meeting this requirement.

He/she will get banned. Servers also have policies against non-complying members so server owners could ban someone else if needed too.

As mentioned before:

As a direct response to the moderation criticisms and complaints by users, agencies, and even governments; many services have implemented new features that are designed to protect their community. In some instances, these changes result in who can use a service (e-mail for example), how it’s used, or what content gets posted on your social media page may change too.

Such as Facebook puts an end stop against hate speech which impacts all members globally but leaves them vulnerable if they don’t do something about it now before it’s too late – respond fast because there won’t always be another chance like this one.

How To Change Your Age On Discord

To change your age on Discord, you simply need to submit a request.

In the form, fill in your date of birth and attach a photo ID if possible (or take one ourselves). 

Next up is where it gets tricky: prove that you are 18 or above by holding something with some sort of proof like school records showing graduation status; show us what tag-linked accounts for this particular discord account don’t forget about all those variables either. 

Provide everything requested so we can verify our newest member’s eligibility right away. If there are any worries along the way just message an Admin directly through Discord.

Discord is a great way to meet new people and make friends. But it can be difficult if you don’t know what server someone’s on.

Browsing many of the community/public servers on Discord, I found that some are marked NSFW (not safe for work) i.e., age-restricted – meaning only users aged 18+ may join them.

If your birthday isn’t noted in their profile or there’s no mention about whether this applies at all times when creating an account, do not hesitate to join these chat rooms with caution since anything goes around here… including sexy pictures.

1. Submit A Request To Discord

The first step is to submit a request for Discord.

To begin with, navigate to the “Submit a request” form by clicking here: https://support.discordapp- tens of millions of people use it every day and we’re here 24/7.

You can visit this page in two different ways – either through your browser or on mobile using our app (both are available at www). 

Once there click “Trust & Safety” under the Accounts & Bots Appeal area which deals primarily with account appeals like age updating but also includes policy questions if you have any bots that need

Discord often provides a lot of room for user account customization.

For example, You can change your username at any time and even get an ID that matches the date on which one was born.

Now, this may seem like it would be easy enough but there is one little detail I noticed while scrolling through my profile page.

The input lacks organization by providing too many unrelated details about its topic combined with long sentences written in block format without any transitions between paragraphs.

2. Fill In Your Date Of Birth

It’s time to take back your account! After you’ve selected the “Appeals, age update other questions” option from our form below, scroll down and click on that dropdown box. 

You’ll find multiple choices there including Appeal an action taken on my account or bot; Update My Age Information (which is for when people want their information updated without having any reason);

I’m The Parent Or Guardian Of A User Who Needs To Log Into His/Her Account And Reset Himself As An Adult In Order For Him / Herself To Be Able to Access Certain Services On Our Platform Again Once He Becomes Old Enough That Way We Can Enroll Them Without Having Any Problems Along The Way

Since you’re looking to change your age on Discord, select the “Update my age information” option.

First things first: provide a recent picture of yourself that is clearly visible and doesn’t have any text overlaid onto it with black borders or anything else obvious in order for us (and others) can easily read what’s written atop of yours without having too much trouble reading small print from afar.

Secondly, Enter your actual date of birth – MM/DD/YYYY format please; make sure not only include all four numerals but also space between each one as well if there was none previously shown during registration via email attachments submitted back when setting up accounts ahead.

How Do You Change Your Age On Discord Without An ID?

If you want to be an adult on Discord without signing up for AdultFriendFinder, just create a new account and set your date of birth as 18 or above.

Older game testers sometimes need some help getting into the right channels though.

If that’s where they end up when searching “18+ games Discord servers,” then there’s not much we can do from here.

Discord has always tried to be a safe space for everyone and that is why they take these steps. The process of verifying your age ensures only those above the required limit can join in on chats with adult content, protecting both children who may not know better or adults looking to have some fun but stay away from anything illegal.


Discord doesn’t allow you to change your date of birth on the app for safety reasons. But don’t worry, if there was an error in setting it correctly and now need help adjusting? Just follow these steps:

  • Go into Discord settings (scroll down)  
  • 1/2 -Click Accounts 2/3 -Underneath 
  • Create New Account choose Nickname
  • Next enter a valid email address
  • After confirming password repeat instructions from above.

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