How To Control a Computer With An Android Phone?

How To Control a Computer With An Android Phone?

How To Control a Computer With An Android Phone?

Wanna know How To Control a Computer With An Android Phone? Read further to know more.

The COVID-19 pandemic made each one of us work from our homes in our comfort zone. But this also demanded the need of accessing computers and other devices at our offices and homes. Earlier it would have sounded very difficult but nowadays, it is not a big task at all.

Currently, we have a variety of options through which we can control computers and other devices with an android phone. This means on weekends, you no longer need to worry about the office work, even if you have some work, you can simply do it on your mobile phone.

On the Google play store, there are hundreds of such apps which allow you to access any computer or other device using your android phone. 

All of them have the capability which let you manage and take control of your computer using your android phone. These apps are available in the play store with both free and paid versions.

The free version allows only the use of specific features while the paid version gives you full access. The best part is that their paid versions are also much affordable and save much of your energy and time. 

How Can You Access Your Pc Using The Remote Desktop Mobile App?

If you want to access your computer either at home or office, firstly it has to be set up properly. You can follow the enlisted steps one by one to set up your computer system. 

  • Go to the settings option, then click the System option, then look for the Remote desktop feature and enable it.
  • Now look for the option Keep your pc awake and make sure it is enabled. And also check that your pc is discoverable on other networks.
  • Then click on the Advanced settings and then go to configure network-level authentication and enable it too. If you wish to grant access to some particular account, you can customize it from here. You can select the users that can remotely access your pc.

Now, your system is ready for being accessed by your android phone. You need to install the Remote Desktop mobile app on your mobile phone and you can comfortably access your pc from the Remote Desktop mobile app

Is Chrome Remote Desktop Better Than Other Apps?

You can also use Chrome remote desktop to access your computer system at the office or home. It is easier to use and set up and reliable too in comparison to other apps, and the best part is that it is available free of cost. Here’s a brief description of the installation and setup of the chrome remote desktop.

  • Firstly, you need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop app in your computer system which you want to access. You can get the app in the chrome web store which is available free of cost.
  • Once installed, launch the app and sign-in on the same.
  • After signing in, it will ask you permission to access certain credentials, you have to grant permission. 
  • Moving forward you will get two options, the first will be accessing someone else’s pc and the second will be accessing your system. Go for the second option if you wish to access your pc.
  • After entering all the details correctly, it will ask you to choose a six-digit pin code. This pin code will be required for signing on to your android device. 
  • Make sure that the power options are enabled. This will prevent your pc from going to sleep while you are connected.
  • Now, the desktop setup is complete and you need to install the app on your android phone too. The setup for the android device is also similar to that of the pc. 
  • After the setup is complete on your android device, you need to enter the six-digit code you created during your computer setup. 
  • As soon as you enter the pin, you will be able to access your computer. When you are done using the pc, you can simply disconnect it by clicking on the Disconnect option in the menu.

What Are The Best Five Apps To Control A Pc Using An Android Phone?

There are a large number of mobile apps present that could be used for accessing PCs, tabs, and other devices simply just by your android phone. But some of the most reliable, easily available apps are enlisted below.

v DeskDock – The process of setting up Deskdock is a bit tricky as it involves several steps. But once connected, you can easily use your pc on your android phone. You can easily get the app on the google play store.

v AirDroid – The basic version is available for free but for the advanced feature, you need to pay some amount. The app works efficiently and is available for both android and IOS users.

v Scrcpy – It is a free screen-mirroring app that allows you to access the computer from an android phone.

v TeamViewer Quicksupport –This app is getting more popular day by day. The experience of the users had been great while using Teamviewer Quick support. You need to download the Teamviewer on your computer system or whichever device you want to be accessed and the Quicksupport app on Android. The two can be connected very easily within no time and give you full access to the computer.

v Samsung Flow – If you are using a Samsung phone then Samsung Flow could be a better option for you. You can connect securely and seamlessly by using this app. You can transfer files, documents and perform other activities on your pc using the app.

FAQ’s – How To Control a Computer With An Android Phone?

Can I control my PC with my android phone?

Yes, you can control your PC using your android phone, to do this you have to use Teamviewer. Through this, you can configure your android phone to control computers running on Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can even remotely control other android devices or windows 10 portable devices. Through this, you can easily control your computer and share screens from virtually anywhere over the internet. 

Is there any app through which you can control your PC on your phone?

Yes, there is an app called Microsoft remote desktop through which you can easily control your PC through your phone. For a very long time, Windows users have been familiar with Microsoft’s first-party remote desktop solutions. While it will only connect to windows machines (and even then, only “professional” versions of Windows are better), this is available on android, ios, and other platforms.

How do I control my computer from my phone wirelessly?

You can also control android from a PC via WiFi but do note that both devices should connect to the same network. Launch the application on android devices, choose “WiFi connection” mode and hit the “M” icon then select the device name with “Apowersoft” inside. Your phone screen will soon be seen on your PC.  

Can I spy on someone using WiFi?

By just listening to existing WiFi signals, someone will be able to see through the wall and detect whether there’s or where there is a human, even without knowing the location of the devices. They can essentially do the monitoring surveillance of many locations. That could be very dangerous.

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