A Guide To How To Delete Match Account

A Guide On How To Delete Match Account

A Guide To How To Delete Match Account

Looking for ways on how to Delete Match Account? Read further to know more.

What Is A Match Account? 

Trending dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble have secured a vast preference over a major period of time. 

Just like these Match.com is a type of online dating site. The online dating industry has been floating up with these types of apps nowadays and is making their presence mainly in youngsters. It’s basically a type of platform which helps in connecting single people together around the world. 

People of any age can connect over here and find their compatible connection or perfect match by just right-swiping. 

The match is a type of site where there are 29 different languages in which you can access it. Match provides various subscription offers for people who access their app. Generally, it depends on the choice of users which type of subscription they want. It’s for entertaining people. 

Very basic steps are to be followed for making a profile on a match. 

It’s as simple as making a profile on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook). Firstly you have to upload your photo publicly so that person can interact with you through your profile photo, secondly, you have to mention your preferences, likes, dislikes, hobbies, passion etc. 

Lastly, do mention which type of person you are searching for, what’s your area of interest etc. It is a user-friendly app and user privacy is taken into consideration very ethically. None of their information is being used without their consent. Once the user has given permission then only it is being shared with the next people. 

Once you have found your match you can chat with them, can fix the meeting etc. Although, it’s a compatible site with less data concern and easy accessibility. 

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How To Delete Match Account 

Reasons For Deleting 

Somewhere or others you will start feeling whether the place is good or not. The site is ok to find your match or can shift to some other site 

There may be various reasons for deleting your account some of them are: 1. Found the match : 

The purpose for which you have made your account is being accomplished. You have found your perfect compatible match. 

  • Privacy concern

You are not sure information provided by you will be kept confidential or not.

  • Interest

Your interest starts decreasing, you are getting bored. Not suitable matches are getting interacted. 

  • Time-bound

When you start giving more and more time to these types of sites your thoughts start developing like that only. 

What to say, whom to chat with, which one will be better. All these types of questions roam around your head. 

  • Others

There may be some other reason for deleting your account. 

Ways Of Deleting Account 

There are two ways by which you can delete your Match account as follows –

  1. Temporarily deleting a match account. 

2. Permanent deleting of a match account. 

In this scenario what the user can do is hide their profile after cancelling their subscription. By hiding the profile it will not be visible publicly 

By any time you want to again access your account, you can access it by following simple steps. 

Permanent Deleting 

In this, you can delete it from browsers only. 

It will take some time and you have to enter basic Credentials for security. This can be done by cancelling your subscription. 

Permanent deleting ensures that again the same profile cannot be accessible once deleted. 

Above is the basic way by which the accounts can be deleted but there are many means and processes through which you can delete your account. 

Means Of Deleting Match Account 

  1. Account deleting on MOBILES (Android’s) 

Through mobile you cannot delete you cannot it can only be done through web browser only. But one option is there by which you will not be visible to anyone.

In the following ways you can do it: 

● Open the match app on your Android phone. 

● Tap on the menu bar. 

● Drag the arrow and click on settings. 

● After clicking on the setting, Tap on general. 

● In the general tab, there are many options for profile visibility or no visibility. ● Just click on No VISIBILITY. 

And click ok. 

After doing this your profile will. No longer be visible to anyone else. 

Make sure you have deleted your profile photo and basic bio details. 

2. Account deleting on IOS 

Just like Android, the same process is followed over here to delete the account but as IOS users have some exceptions. 

Before deleting the account all necessary information, detailed photos shall be deleted manually for the safer side. 

Thus, here also you can click on the option of no visibility after cancelling your subscription. 3. Web browser 

You can delete your account through a web browser opening in chrome, Mozilla Or any SEO. The app preview and web preview will be a little bit different in appearance. By following steps you can delete your account: 

● Open the link of Match in the web browser. 

● A page will be opened where on the right side menu option will be reflected.

● Open that, go to the subscription option and cancel your subscription by stating the reason for it. 

● Once your subscription is cancelled you can proceed to delete the account.

● For cancelling the subscription, go to the play store and open the app.

● By opening the app, the cancel subscription option will be there and from there you can cancel it. 

● After cancelling go to your profile delete all your photos and details manually.

● Once all necessary details have been removed. 

● Go to settings and click on the general option. 

● By clicking on that option will be provided. 

● Like, Disable, no visibility, permanent delete, etc. 

● Select the appropriate option and then proceed to the next option. 

● Once everything is approved your delete request will be generated. 

Information will be provided to you informing you about necessary details, T&C.

Thus we can see that there are many ways by which you can deactivate or permanently delete your account on Match

Just you have to follow basic steps and anyone can do it. 

Today’s fast running world with extreme aided technology has made it possible to access anything, anywhere and anytime. 

Account Deleted: Other Alternatives Of Match 

  • Tinder 
  • Ok cupid 
  • Bumble 
  • Perfect match 
  • Others 
  • There are so many options for dating online. 
  • You can choose any of them. 


The match is an online dating site where people of any age, gender, personality can interact and can find their perfect match or can test their compatibility. 

It’s an interesting site one who is fond of dating online can choose this as an alternative to tinder, bumble etc. 

It has several subscriptions offers also which interact with the users to buy it. Moreover, this is a good site for saying hi, hello or more. 

They have a calling option also if you face any issues in the app a support team is there to help you 24×7. 

Phone rates may vary according to different countries. 

Give it a try, who knows you will find your one perfect match. 


  • Is a match account deleted permanently? 

Ans: Yes, after cancelling the subscription. Play store you can surely delete your account from the match. It will take nearly about 24 to 48 hrs to get it deleted. 

  • Which one is best Match.com or Tinder? 

Ans: It totally depends on you how you are using it. 

  • What is the requirement for opening the account on a match? 

Ans: Your age should be 18+.

  • What if I don’t want to delete my account? 

And: If you don’t want to delete your account but want to take some break from all these you can simply opt for the no visibility option. 

  • Can the subscription be renewed? 

Ans: Yes! Subscription can be renewed. Sometimes it is automatically renewed. Anytime you can stop it.

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