How To Find a Lost Android Phone

How To Find a Lost Android Phone in 2022

How To Find a Lost Android Phone

Are you looking for a guide on How To Find a Lost Android Phone? Hold on! You are at the right place. Read further.

Mobile phones have become such an important part of everyone’s life, actually not just a part but our whole life now revolves around mobile phones.

Mobile phones have all our important documents, our work emails, and even our personal stuff. Some of us have important business details documented on our mobile phones so we can not bear losing them.

We literally rely totally on our phones and can not even think about losing them. We can not even imagine our life without our mobile phones. What if one day we lose it? Losing your phone is such a disaster right? Losing our mobile phones makes us feel pathetic as we are totally dependent on our mobile phones. 

Here is an example: Imagine you are in a public place like at a restaurant or at a party or at any place and you are using your mobile phone for clicking pictures, talking to your friends and family, and enjoying and after some time you notice that it is lost.

At first, you will just look here and there and will not actually think that it is lost but after a minute of searching, you will realize that your mobile phone is really lost. You will obviously panic and shout and ask everyone present there if they saw your phone. In public places, there are very few chances that you will be able to find your mobile phone. 

If you are lucky enough to find your lost mobile phone then it is great and tries not to lose it again, but if not then there are a few ways written in this article through which you can find your lost phone. Read this full article carefully because, in the end, I’ll give you some tips for not losing your mobile phone.

Methods to find Your Lost Android Mobile Phone

Well, there are 3 ways through which you can find your mobile phone which was lost. The first one is Tracking your mobile phone’s location through google maps, the second one is to find your phone with the help of a smart home speaker, and the third one is with the help of a Bluetooth tracker. Let us learn about these methods one by one in detail.

Finding Lost Mobile Phone’s Location Through Tracking With The Help Of Google Maps

  • Open your laptop and open the website 
  • You have to sign in on that website with your credentials i.e, Gmail and password
  • A map will appear on your screen and you will be able to see the approximate location of your phone.
  • If you are not able to find your mobile’s current location then it will show you the last location at the time when the mobile was switched on. 
  • Now on this same map page, you will get three options to protect your mobile phone, those are- erase, lock, or find your android device

1- Erase your phone: This can be done remotely by you so that you can protect your personal information which is stored on your mobile phone.

2- Lock your device: You can use this option by either creating a new pin or your current one. 

3- Find it or make it ring: It does not matter if the time you lost your phone, it was on silent or vibrating still it will make a noise. 

If your mobile is not connected to a wifi network then even if you try to locate your mobile phone through “Find my phone” or “Find your mobile” it will not work because your mobile does not have access to any internet network. 

So, you need to make sure that you keep trying to locate it again and again because as soon as it catches a connection, the location will pop up on the map. 

Finding Your Phone With a Smart Home Speaker

So basically, this method is when your mobile is lost at your home. Like, if you have kept your mobile phone somewhere and then you forget about it and now you need it but it is nowhere to be found, then this method can be used. Your smart home speaker will help you find your mobile phone if you lost it at your home. 

One thing that is mandatory is that if you want to find your mobile with the help of a smart home speaker then you have to make sure that your mobile phone and smart home speaker are signed in with the same account. When signed in with the same account it will help you find your mobile phone in no time.

If you have Google home, then it is very easy. You just have to say “Okay Google, find my phone” then after this the smart speaker will confirm that you are asking about the device and then make it ring. The best part about this is if your mobile phone is on silent or vibrating then also it will ring by making a noise.

So you do not have to worry that if a mobile phone is on silent you will not be able to find it, there is no such thing as I told you that no matter what the smart home speaker will make it ring for sure. 

Bluetooth Tracker Helps You Find Your Mobile Phone

Even if you forget your mobile phone after keeping it anywhere, you do not have to worry, you just have to invest in a Bluetooth tracker. The Bluetooth speaker acts as an extra layer of backup. There are so many Bluetooth trackers available, Tile is one of them and it is a great one. 

You just have to sync your phone and your Bluetooth tracker so that when your mobile phone gets lost in between your bed sheets or behind your couch temporarily, the tracker will set off an alarm and will help you find your lost mobile phone easily. 

These were some ways through which you can find your lost mobile phone. But that obviously does not mean that you intentionally lose your mobile phone to check whether these methods work in finding your device or not. 

Now let us learn how to protect your mobile phone from getting lost 

Well, I know that no one plans to lose their phone but it happens accidentally. So you should learn to protect your device so that you can track your device when you lose your mobile phone.

These steps are pretty important not only because your mobile phone will be lost someday but for security purposes also. So just read the next section and you will learn all about protecting your mobile phone. 

On your google pixel you have to turn on the Find my device:

Let us see how to turn on finding my device: 

1- In the first step you just simply have to open the Settings app on your mobile phone

2- Tap on the option of security and location in the settings app

3- There you will see an option that says find my device, you just have to turn it on

Now let us see how to turn on the location:

1- Simply open the settings app on your mobile phone 

2- Now open the security and location option in your settings app and then hit on the location button 

3- In last but not the least step, you have to just turn on the location button 

Let us learn turning on find my mobile on Samsung

1- Open the settings app on your mobile phone 

2- Various options will appear on your screen, tap on the Biometrics and Security option in your settings app

3- Tap on the option that says find my mobile and then simply turn it on

How to improve location accuracy

1- Open your mobile and then click on the settings app on your mobile phone

2- Biometrics and Security option will be present there, click on that

3- Scroll down and you will find an option location, just simply select and click on that 

4- A new screen will appear and then finally tap on the option of Improve Location Security 

Let us see now that how to add some alternate contact information to the lock screen of your mobile phone: 

This is also a very helpful step to protect your mobile phone. You just have to step up a lock screen message with a contact number that is an alternative. The steps are super simple and anyone can protect their device by following these:

1- First of all, you have to open the settings of your phone

2- Tap on the option of lock screen

3- then in the next step you just have to click on the option that says contact information 

4- Enter your message there, and then finally tap on the save option 

These are some precautions that you can take while you have your phone so that when it gets lost, it is easy for you to find it. 

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