How to Find Recently Seen Ads on Facebook

Find recently viewed ads on Facebook

Do you know how to find recently viewed ads on Facebook with Android and iPhone devices? See the Facebook ads you actually clicked on in Recent ad activity. There are ads on Facebook all the time, but sometimes they manage to show you the right article at the right time. Wondering how to find an ad you’ve already clicked on? But because ads aren’t available all the time and everywhere, it can be impossible to find an ad on Facebook that makes you want to view or review it. Well, to solve your problem Facebook has a solution called Recent Ad Actions when (if) you visit or click on an ad and want to come back or view it. Learn how to find recently viewed ads on Facebook.

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How to find recently viewed Facebook ads on Android and iPhone

If you want to know how to find the ads you recently viewed in a Facebook mobile application. The Facebook app on Android and iPhone has a section dedicated to your promotional activities. In this section, you can find all sponsored posts that you have interacted with in your FB news feed. The purchase recommendations are slightly different for the two platforms.

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To get recently viewed ads on the Facebook for Android app

First, we’ll show you how to get recently viewed ads in the Facebook Android mobile app. You can find your current ad activity in Facebook’s main menu. Follow these steps to retrieve the last viewed ads in the Facebook Android app.

  • Tap to open the Android mobile application on Facebook.
  • Then click the main menu button or the hamburger menu button at the top.
  • In the menu Show more information, choose
  • Then tap the Recent ad activity option.
  • You can then view a reverse chronological list of all sponsored and promotional posts that you have previously visited or viewed. Click on an ad to open it in your web browser. The menu also gives you the option to hide the ad in the future.
  • You can now choose the Save option to save the list for later. The Saved tab displays all saved lists.

Go to Facebook and the main menu Select the option View more

Type of Recent Ad Activity

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To find recently viewed ads on the Facebook for iPhone app

The method of accessing recently viewed ads on Facebook for iPhone is slightly different from the Android app. Let’s start with the following steps to show recently clicked ads on Facebook.

  • Access to the Facebook mobile application for iPhone
  • Click on the main menu or the burger option below.
  • Then select the Show more information option.
  • Then select the Last Playback Activity option.
  • Here you can see a complete list of ads you have recently visited or clicked on. Just click on the ad to open it in your web browser.

Accessing Facebook’s main menu on iPhone and recent ad activity

Viewing your recent advertising activity

This feature can be fundamental for Facebook advertisers to stay current. Recent promotional activity may cause users to click on a previous ad and make a purchase or take another important action for the company.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from different people that may be of interest to you.

To stop or completely block annoying Facebook ads

You can also stop or permanently block annoying ads on Facebook. Facebook ads irritate you. If you’re wondering how to stop or block ads on the Facebook page, you’re on the right page. Visit this page to learn how to stop or block annoying ads on your Facebook page. So with so many new ads in Messenger and sponsored messages. It’s no surprise, but you want to block ads on Facebook completely.

How you see your Facebook ads

Open a page by clicking or tapping its title in Search or News Feed. Tap or tap Show All under Page Transparency. On this page, under Advertising, select Go to ad library.

To delete the last ad activity from Facebook

If you want to delete the last ad activity on Facebook. Go to the Ad Manager, select Campaigns, Ad Sets or Ads to get the campaign, ad set or ad you want to delete. Select the check box next to the campaign, ad, or ad record you want to delete. Select from the action bar. Your campaign, ad or ad record will be deleted.

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