How to Get a Custom Discord Link? – Step by Step Guide

How to Get a Custom Discord Link in 2022

How to Get a Custom Discord Link? – Step by Step Guide

Wanna know How to Get a Custom Discord Link? Read further to know more.

If you a part of a community then you will obviously enjoy the fancy perks and benefits of that. If you are in any club in your college then the perks are that you get to attend all the functions and events of your college.

In the same way, if you help in managing events at your school and your college then you get the appreciation along with the permission to attend the program till the last. 

Not only this even the social media apps give you benefits of using their app. Instagram gives the opportunity to their influencers to earn through brands that want to promote their products. WhatsApp gives the opportunity to chat and do video calls with your loved ones. It also allows you to do payments to anyone you feel like. 

The same is the case with the Discord app, it also provides you various perks of using the app. One of the really interesting and cool benefits of using the discord app is that your get to make and use your own custom discord link or URL.

So basically, the discord custom link is a really influential tool and provides a boost to the server that is of course yours. You can improve your server with a short invite URL and with a custom discord link. 

So in this article, you will get to learn how to generate your own custom link and that too for free. You will be also taught in this article about the discord vanity URL feature that comes along with the discord custom URL

To reach the feature of discord vanity URL that is in the server settings but will be only enabled once you outstretch:

  • 30 boost
  • Boost level 3
  • Read-only text channel and it should be at least 1
  • If the server is partnered or verified 

These days also there are tons of users that prefer to use the discord default vanity URL because there are a few drawbacks that can be seen. 

Discord vanity URL gets unlocked as soon as you reach level 3 and it is an amazing feature. When you reach level 3 in the server settings the vanity URL will be enabled. 

You can easily boost and improve your server and also target the audience and increase the reach with the help of a vanity URL. with the help of a vanity URL you can shorten your invite link of discord to any custom name of your choice, that would be really easy to share and remember. 

So when anyone will click on the link that is shortened they will be redirected through the link to the original discord server link. You can enjoy the vanity URL through two things, one is as soon as you reach level 3 in discord and the second one is like with the disc. gg and that is the third-party service and not to forget that it is absolutely free. 

Let us see both the invites link:

1- this is the normal discord invite link

2- this is the converted vanity URL link 

Learning How To Get A Custom Discord Link Free With

  • First of all, you have to go to the website and this is the official website. 
  • Now login to discord with your credentials i.e, username and password, and then proceed for the further process
  • Now a next page will appear and then you will have to authorize
  • After authorizing the site will take you to the web dashboard 
  • On the page that will appear next, on the right-hand side you will see an option that says “Create new link”, click on that and it will be with a blue color 
  • Now a box will be displayed on your screen of “Create a vanity URL” 
  • After doing this, you have to select the option that says “server” from the “Choose a link type”
  • Now an empty box will appear that is “Enter your server invite”, there you have to type the n normal discord invite link that is mentioned above. If you are too lazy to go and scroll back again and find the link that I have written, you need not worry I got you, I will re-write the link – 
  • If you need to create an invite then open your discord app and then for the server that you want to create the vanity URL you have to right-click on the server 
  • Then you will see an option of “invite people”, click on that 
  • Now the invite people box will be up and below that you will be able to see “edit invite link” in blue color, so just simply click on that 
  • You have to click on the drop-down in the expire after section
  • Now just choose “never” and click on the option that says “Generate a new link” 
  • By doing this, the link will never ever get expired 
  • Just simply copy the code and go back to the paste and then paste the link there wherever it says to enter the link here
  • Now type the custom name whatever you want in the choose your short link section and then click on create 
  • The discord vanity will now be created and you just have to click on the save changes option to save whatever new you did 

Now let us learn how to get the custom discord URL along with the discord vanity URL

You can only create a vanity URL with the discord built tab when you have already hit level 3 or 30 boosts and then that gets enabled in the server settings. 

If you have to set up the read-only permission then you must right-click on the channel name and then choose the option that says “edit channel”

You just have to click on the permission tab and then you have to enable the read messages, this you can do by clicking on the green-colored right tick option. Once you are done with clicking and all now just tap on the save changes option. 

Now that you are done with the changes in channel settings, please do right-click on the server, after that choose the server settings option. After that, you have to look for the tab that says vanity URL from the panel that is on the left-hand side and then click on it. 

Now you have to type your desired invite URL in the invite URL box, now this will be a custom link and it will be final and this can be shared by everyone publicly. 

Again, after typing all this you just have to tap and select the option that says “save changes” and then you are good to go. You can start sharing the URL and now you will be able to get a good boost too. 

Amazing and cool features about the very well know and popular app “DISCORD” 

Discord is a free app for voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and other things too. It is a great app for people who want to stay in touch with each other. People who play games or those who want to be gamers can stream their gaming on this app.

You can even do screen sharing with the people or members you want and they can know what you are doing on your device at the moment. 

You can also create servers and channels and spread awareness through them. You can name the channel ‘Announcements” so that people can know what kind of information you provide to the general public.

People can also be a part of your server too. They are also called members of your server. You can tell them about the event or the raid news, just keep them up to date and they will come to your channel and love it. 

People talk about art, mental health, emotional support, some projects that they have been working on with each other to stay in touch obviously and also to help someone if they need it.

It is a sort of home to many people where they can talk freely, people from any background or size can come and talk here and stay in touch with whomever they feel like. This is basically an app for the ones who stay active and talk to each other regularly. 

Discord is a place where people can have fun and enjoy themselves with others and also gain knowledge side by side. They can speed time with their loved ones and also learn about news and the latest events happening through channels that post these kinds of stuff.

You can scroll on Discord as much as you want, there are no restrictions or donations, you can see and read as much news as you want. No algorithm is present there that will decide for you how much to scroll so just have fun and entertain yourself in the best way you can. The best part is that you can stream the games and also screen share them with your mates or say, members. 

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