How To Get The Crown on Discord

How To Get The Crown on Discord

How To Get The Crown on Discord

Wanna know How To Get The Crown on Discord? Read further to know more.

As soon as we hear the word crown the one thing that immediately comes to our mind is a power that someone owns, a throne of king or queen. The same crown is a feature on a very well-known app or you can say a very popular app and that is Discord.

In this article, you will learn how to get a throne on Discord and also about some other features of the Discord app. This article also contains some information about how to hide the crown of the discord server owner.

The crown in the Discord app means your own power in there like you are the creator of your server i.e, you are the king of your server. So let us see what the crown actually means in the Discord app. But first, let me introduce the Discord app to the people who are not aware of what actually discord is

Discord app

Discord is a sort of another social media platform that allows texting, voice calls, video calls, screen sharing, and streaming too. People can easily stay in touch with whomever they want to. The people who like to play games can stream their games on this amazing platform.

Earlier discord was only useful for gamers but after some time it has added several other features so the general public can also use it and entertain themselves. Now it provides both services related to games for gamers and chats and calls and even personal chat groups to the public who do not play games.

People create servers and channels in order to help other members and also spread awareness about what is happening around them. You can share files and can stream as much content you feel like. Discord is a way to create public and private communities for the general public. 

Discord is a very famous and popular app for people who want to stay in touch with their loved ones. You can also stream content with the other member by screen sharing. Screen sharing helps other people see what you are seeing at the moment. C

What Does Crown Mean In the Discord App?

The person who is the owner server, which means the person who created the server is the king of it. If you own the server, then it shows that you are the king of your own server.

A crown on your server means you are a very responsible person. Having a crown also means that in the server you make it a lot easier for people (who are also members) to reach out to someone in case they need any help. 

As owning the crown for the king or queen comes with a lot of responsibility, the same is the case with the crown of the Discord app. It also comes with a lot of responsibility which is sometimes really tough to handle. So when it is not easy for you to handle then you can assign the server to an admin. 

Getting crown on Discord

Crown is basically an identity given to a person in front of their name. It is like the way we assign different colors to different tasks or roles the same way a crown is assigned to the person to state the power in the server. 

What if your discord crown disappeared?

If you lost your crown on the Discord server like it suddenly disappeared from the front of your name then you need not worry at all, you will know how to get that back in this article itself.

So let us see how we will get our lost crown back:

  • If you make some changes to the roles then you can find your lost crown in Discord, so the first step that you need to follow is just to open the Discord dashboard. 
  • Navigate your mouse to that particular server where your crown was lost 
  • In the next step, you have to tap on the name of your server
  • After clicking on the server name, do choose server settings
  • There you will see an option of roles, click on that
  • After clicking on roles all the roles that were created in the server will appear on your screen 
  • Now here every role has to be clicked and then you have to go to the role settings
  • In the role setting please do make sure that the first option is off i.e, Display role members separately from online members is off
  • If in case it is on them make sure to turn it off 
  • You have to do this to every role and make sure that is turned off 
  • Once you are finished with this turning off process click ctrl + R kay and refresh it
  • Now check your crown once again, it will be back for sure 

The process to hide Discord server owner crown:

When you become the owner of a server means when you created a server you get the crown badge in front of your name. Having a crown batch in front of your name helps a lot of people who are members identified in the server to reach out when they need help. 

But when the number of members keeps on increasing then your responsibility also increases with it. Having a lot of members can be a bit tough for you when it comes to handling their requests and stuff.

You get requests because you have the crown in front of your name, they feel good as they know that you are really good at what you do and are indeed very responsible too. 

So to hide the crown icon you can create roles for the admin so that the admin will handle all the requests. When your crown gets hidden you can be just a random normal member in the Discord app.

You can take a break from all the work that you used to do continuously. Hiding a crown does not mean that you will have all the benefits, you will have all the permissions and access you had when the crown was in front of your name. 

The steps that you need to follow to hide the crown icon are:

  • So first of all, as I told you that you can create a role for admin so let us learn about that. The first thing that you need to do is open the Discord dashboard 
  • Now you have to locate it your server 
  • Tap and select your server’s name 
  • Open the server settings now from the drop-down menu 
  • In the server settings, from the left-hand panel choose the option that says Roles
  • There will be a “+” icon, click on that 
  • This “+” icon will be on the right-hand side of Roles
  • Now here you have to give a name that can be admin or anything you feel like writing in the name section 
  • The color that you want to give can also be of your choice, you can just choose the color and give it to the name that you wrote 
  • Role settings need to be clicked now, just scroll down a bit you will see this option
  • There will be a toggle present named Display role members separately from online members so you have to make sure that it is turned on
  • Now you have to turn on the Administrator’s permission
  • Now all the changes that you made, you need to obviously save it so click on save, and then all the settings that you changed will be saved 
  • Now to refresh the screen press Ctrl + R 

After refreshing the screen the crown icon will disappear from your name. This method will surely work in removing the crown icon from your name but in case if it doesn’t then do not worry I have another method for you. 

  • Choose the option that says members from the server settings, this you will in the user management section at the bottom 
  • After clicking on the members’ option, search for yourself 
  • You will 3 dots hanging over your name 
  • Tap and select the option that says roles, and then add yourself to the new role that you created for yourself 
  • Now the next step is to refresh but before that make sure you close your screen otherwise it will not show any changes 
  • Now press Ctrl + R and your screen will be refreshed and the crown icon will be gone from the front of your name 


In this article, you have so many things about discord, about the crown icon, how to hide it and how it comes with a lot of responsibility and helping people out. You also learned that the crown can be hidden even if you need a break from your stressful work life. 

The crown icon feels a different kind of power a user has. Some people get rid of it intentionally because they want to feel like normal people, like a normal Discord user. I tried to cover all the main points about crown and Discord, I really hope it helped you.  

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