How To Increase Battery Life For Android

How To Increase Battery Life For Android

How To Increase Battery Life For Android

Wanna know How To Increase Battery Life For Android? Let us not waste time and read more about it.

Like every electronic device, your Android phone’s life also depends on the battery. To enjoy your Android phone for a longer time the first and most important thing is to protect your battery.

Many determinants contribute to better battery life. These are battery size, battery type, and the other features of the phone.

These days, the manufacturers are producing powerful batteries of more than 4000mAh. Many phones even have 5000 mAh batteries. Such powerful batteries last for about 11 to 13 hours. This means you do not have to charge them now and then.

The features like screen resolution, high-performing processor, internet usage, and several active background apps contribute to the battery usage of your smartphone. You can manage these apps by optimizing battery usage. 

With all the top-notch battery-draining features on your phone, you also get the battery-saving mode and other options to procure your battery and make it long-lasting.

Well, as you well-aware that every manufacturer uses a different technique to create a smartphone, you may find some differences between the features and their location on your phone.

In this article, I have come up with certain ideas to help you protect your android battery and how to increase battery life for android.

Ideas To Increase Battery Life For Android

The list below mentions a few ideas on how to increase battery life for android. It will help you understand the best ways to protect your battery. Let us begin now-

  • Use Power Saver Mode

The Power Saver Mode on your phone will help you cut off the unnecessary background apps feeding on the battery. Many smartphones in the market offer more than one option to switch on the power mode and optimize its usage.

The high-quality features like display, processor, user interface all add up to drain the battery of your phone. You can use various options on your power saver mode according to the usage.

By using the Optimized power saver mode you can balance the performance and battery life of your phone. By switching to the Medium power saver mode, you can limit the usage, brightness, and processor performance.

At last, by selecting the Maximum power saver mode you will cave your device into using necessary apps only.

You can turn on the power saver mode from the quick settings shutter. Fix the additional settings in power saver mode and optimize its usage.

  • Switch To Dark Mode

The Dark Mode saves a lot of battery for your phone as the screen is never too bright to drain the battery unnecessarily. Not only your phone software but there are some applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., that are available in dark mode.

So, you can switch these apps to dark mode and use them for a long time while saving your battery. You also get the dark mode feature on the Google apps like Google Docs and Google Sheets. This means that you can easily do your work without hurting your eyes.

  • Put The Voice Assistant To Sleep

The Google Assistant or any other voice assistant on your phone should be de-activated when not in use. The assistant feature is mostly active in the background and feeds on a lot of battery power. Prefer putting them to sleep by going into the settings section.

You can re-activate them whenever you want. You can disable any routines on your phone, if active, to avoid the battery drainage in the background.

  • Change Your Display Settings

The best feature added to smartphones is adaptive and optimized screens. You can easily change your display settings according to your preferences. A bright screen not only drains the battery but also harms your eyes. 

Set the time-out feature, this will fade the screen when not in use and eventually turn off the display, according to the time set by you. You can edit the time-out of your screen whenever you wish to.

From the Display Settings of your phone you can switch on the adaptive brightness mode or you can reduce the screen brightness, this will help you to save some battery.

  • Turn On Silent Mode

The unnecessary buzzing of your phone drains out a lot of battery. You can prefer to keep your on the silent mode and save some battery. The buzzing sound uses power. Change the settings under the sound section of your smartphone. Here, you can decrease the sound and vibration intensity of your phone.

  • Control Your Applications

You cannot use all the apps present on your phone all the time. This means that some apps do not have to remain active all the time. Reach out to the app management option in your Settings and put these apps to sleep.

Remember that the apps that have sleep and deep sleep mode enabled will not get updated automatically. In this case, you will have to update these apps manually. Putting these apps to sleep will help you save data and battery on your phone.

Keep checking the battery usage of apps on your phone periodically. It will help you to optimize the apps from recklessly using the battery. In this way, you can control the amount of battery your apps can use.

  • Turn Off The Network Data And Tracking Features

Numerous apps on your phone use feature like Bluetooth, GPS or Location, Nearby Sharing, etc. These are activated automatically due to the permissions you granted.

Try allowing these features to turn on only when you are using such apps. Turn them off immediately when not in use and save your battery power.

Turn off your network data when you are at home, using your WiFi. The unnecessarily turned-on network drains out the battery. Any of the above features should be enabled or turned on only when they have to be used.

  • Set Your Wallpaper And Widgets

Some apps help you change your wallpaper every day or every time you turn on the screen. This feature is also in-built in some smartphones. Though it is a beautiful experience to see such fresh and innovative wallpapers on your phone.

But, such apps become the core reason for battery drainage. If, your phone has any such feature enabled, turn it off. Also, avoid using photos of high pixels as your wallpaper. 

Not all the widgets displayed on your screen are useful. It is good to have them in reach and some people prefer them on the home screen. But, these small icons can drain a lot of battery as they are active all the time.

So, remove these little battery mongers from your screen.

  • Avoid Over-charging

Overcharging any electronic device reduces its battery life. So, remember never to overcharge your Android phone’s battery. Though many smartphone manufacturers have enhanced AI.

The AI cuts off the power supply on your phone as soon as the battery reaches 100%. This indeed is a very good and useful feature. It protects your battery and makes it long-lasting. (But, this does not mean that you can carelessly leave your phone connected to the charger)

Charging your phone now and then is also harmful to your battery. It is advised to never charge your phone if it has a battery level above 40%. Also, make sure the battery level never sinks below 15%. This harms the battery.

In some phones, you cannot auto-run the videos on apps like Facebook when your battery level falls below 20%. The AI of your phone tries to save battery this way.

You can also enable the Airplane Mode while charging your phone. It shuts the unnecessary apps and charges your phone more quickly.

  • Get A Portable Charger

When you are away from your home and your phone is dying, the power banks are the saviors. These power banks help you to charge your phones on the go. They help you increase the battery time of your phones, avoiding your phone from getting switched off, again and again.

Some power banks can charge two phones at a time. So, add your power bank to the packing checklist.

Some Additional Tips

  1. Some people might advise you to switch to the lite version of the applications to save battery on your phone. The only problem is that by doing so, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the perks of the app. So, sometimes it’s useless to switch to the lite version of your application. But, you can use the lite versions of messaging apps.
  2. Enable the Airplane mode, this will help you save battery life while you can stay connected to the WiFi. Surf the internet or binge-watch your movies on airplane mode without any hindrance of messages and phone calls. This ensures that the battery would last longer.
  3. Turn of the vibration and sound of your keyboard. This will save a quite amount of battery on your phone.
  4. Some antivirus apps come with CPU cooling and Memory boost options. These options on your antivirus shut down the background apps, hence, saving a good lot of battery on your phone.
  5. Putting your phone on Do Not Disturb or DND also, helps you silent the notifications and in turn saving battery.
  6. Edit your notification settings. Turn off waking up your screen every time a notification is received. You can select the apps whose notification will send an alert.


In the end, you must have understood how important it is to take care of your smartphone’s battery. The longer your battery lives the longer you can use your phone smoothly. I have used and am still using all the ideas and tips given in the article above. These will surely help you too.

You optimize the usage of your smartphone while keeping your battery level up. 

Feel free to share your ideas with us. Share your comments and queries regarding the article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can increase the life of my android battery?

You can optimize the usage of your battery by switching your display settings to power saver mode, avoiding any unnecessarily working apps, and using a dark theme on your phone.

Read the article above for detailed knowledge.

  • What if my phone does not have the Adaptive Brightness feature?

You can manually increase and decrease the brightness level on your phone. Prefer features like dark mode or power saver mode to reduce the brightness of your phone.

  • How can I stop the background apps?

You can put certain unused apps on sleep and deep sleep mode to avoid them from working in the background and draining your battery. Deactivate your Google Assistant or Voice Assistant, as these also work all the time even when you are not utilizing them and feed on your battery.

  • What if my phone does not have multiple power-saving modes?

That is not an issue. There are many phones that do not have multiple options under power saver mode. You can simply turn it on, set up the basic settings, and it is good to go. Even the basic power saver mode can save a lot of excessive and unnecessary battery drainage on your phone.

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