How To Inspect Element On Discord? – Tips and Tricks 2021

How To Inspect Element On Discord? – Tips and Tricks 2022

How To Inspect Element On Discord? – Tips and Tricks 2021

Looking to know How To Inspect Element On Discord? Read further to know more about it.

Pranking someone will never get old. It is always fun to send funny memes and messages to a friend or anyone you feel like. People create fake accounts and do pranks with their friends. Sometimes on Instagram people create fake celebrity accounts and have fun with their friends or other random people. 

These days people use discord a lot too. People create fake messages on Discord as well and then do a lot of fun and enjoy themselves. So those who already do this are good but for those who do not do this and want to learn them, this is the article for you.

In this article, you will learn how an element can be inspected in Discord and just for fun create discord messages. You can change the nickname, username, emojis, and messages through the inspect element. 

Discord is a platform for gamers but nowadays general public also uses it a lot. This is also for banter friends to have fun. It is a very great platform to prank your friends. 

Some things that you need to know in order to inspect elements on discord:

  • The inspect elements do not work on the discord app as the fake discord messages can be only created through the web browser 
  • The changes that are done to the inspect element can only be seen on your device, and not on any other 
  • To revert the changes you just have to refresh the screen once 
  • Please do not misuse the inspect element 
  • The discord poll created results can be only be changed on your computer and nobody else’s 

How To Inspect Elements On Discord?

So basically there are three best and simple methods to inspect elements, you can choose whatever suits you the most. 

  • Developer tools of the browser 
  • Ctrl + shift + I this is for windows (through inspect element shortcut), Command + option + I) this is for mac 
  • By right-clicking on the discord screen  

Now we will learn on the chrome browser through the method of “Inspect elements shortcut”. So let us start:

  • The first step is to open the google chrome browser and then in the search box, type 
  • Now discord will be opened on your chrome browser 
  • Now type your credentials i.e, username and password to log in to your account 
  • Now press the keys Ctrl + Shift + I together and then on the page do right-click and a white coding page will appear on your screen at the right side of the browser of the inspect element
  • Now you are all good to go and prank your friends with fake and funny discord messages 

If you are aware of how to create fake messages on discord then you can do that by steps that were explained above but if some whois not aware and is new to this thing so in the next section I have explained in brief how to create fake messages on discord. 

Creating Fake Messages On Discord

The text messages can be replaced either on your server that you sent messages or you received messages or even in your personal chat. 

  • Well, the first step to creating a fake message is to choose the message that you want to replace with your desired one. 
  • Now the next step is to highlight the text by selecting it and it will give a light blue color 
  • Now on the selected text make a right-click and then from all the options that appear on your screen choose the one that says “Inspect”
  • On the right hand of your screen of inspect element, you will be able to see a highlighted text that obviously you did 
  • Now in the inspect element screen to replace the old text with the new funny one you just have to double click on the text message 
  • And now finally on the discord text box, you will be able to see the text that you replaced 
  • Now just simply close the inspect element screen  

Changing Date And Time In Order To Prank Friends

By changing the date and time of the text messages received and sent your friends can be pranked and that would be a really fun thing to do. 

  • First of all, you have to select the date and time that you would like to change the same way that you did with the text when you wanted to replace it 
  • Select the date and time so that it gets highlighted 
  • On the highlighted subject do the right-click and then select the option that says inspect from all the options that pop up on your screen 
  • By selecting the inspect option, the inspect element will be opened at the right-hand side of your screen 
  • Now just look for the date or time that has been highlighted on the inspect element screen and then simply double-click on it 
  • Change the date or time according to your wish, whatever you feel like, and then to see the changes made, click on the discord screen 
  • Now you just have to choose the inspect element and then just have fun with it 

Creating Discord Usernames But Fake

With the help of inspect element, you can also change the username of anyone who is added to your discord. In order to do this, you need to you have to click on the corresponding text or date first and then the steps that are given below:

  • Whatever is close to the username, be it date or message anything then just right-click on it. 
  • Highlight the text by right-clicking on it and then choose to inspect element 
  • Near to the highlighted text look for the username on the inspect element screen and then double-click on it 
  • Now you can replace the username 

I really hope that you might have got all the required information about discord fake messages and pranking your friends and having fun. If you get stuck somewhere while doing the steps then please do read the steps and try again. You will succeed in pranking your friend. Feel free to ask any question related to this pranking and stuff on the discord app by creating fake messages. 

Some Basic Information Related To Discord 

  • You can keep scrolling on Discord as much as you want, there is no limit or any sort of algorithm present for the user that they have to follow. You are free to use and scroll however and whenever you like
  • You can do text messaging, voice calls, and video chats with your loved ones and can stay in touch 
  • Discord even provides streaming of games and screens sharing with your members 
  • Screen sharing and streaming helps in making bonds with other players and members 
  • You can create your own server and channel on Discord and create awareness about any topic to the general public
  • By creating a channel you can give the latest and knowledgeable news t0o your viewers i.e, the people who visit your channel and look up to you for providing the news about roads that happen or any sort of event 
  • You can add a crown in front of your name 
  • You can even change the color of your name in the Discord app to make it look more attractive 
  • There are various developer tools present in Discord 
  • You can send direct messages to anyone you feel like 
  • Very fine security is provided by the developers to its user 
  • Discord even offers free VoIP
  • If you want to use Discord then you do not have to spend even a single penny because it is absolutely free of cost 
  • You can give a nickname to whoever you would like 
  • Large communities can add on Discord and stay in touch with each other 
  • People talk about mental health, emotional support, and the issues that they are facing freely 

People can stream their games and even screen share with their loved ones. Anyone can create servers and get a crown in front of their name.

Channels can be created and informative messages can be provided to the general public. Anyone can use Discord to be in touch with their friends and family and enjoy themselves. 

Discord is a place where people can have fun and enjoy themselves with others and also gain knowledge side by side. They can spend time with their loved ones, have fun and also learn about news and the latest events happening through channels that post these kinds of stuff.

You can scroll on Discord as much as you want, there are no restrictions or donations, you can see and read as much news as you want.

No algorithm is present there that will decide for you how much to scroll so just have fun and entertain yourself in the best way you can. The best part is that you can stream the games and also screen share them with your mates or say, members. 

Channels can also be thought of as departments and subgroups whereas servers can be taken as large overarching groups. No particular algorithm is decided for the Discord app such as what to see, how much to scroll (you can scroll as much as you want), no news feed.

People who are willing to do the same things can be in touch regularly and enjoy themselves. All the conversations that take place are opt-in, people have total control over to whom they talk and have conversations with.

There are very large communities that are made on the Discord app. People love Discord apps as it allows them to keep in touch with everyone they feel like. You can also postcode in Discord. 

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