How to Install Bob Unleashed Add on

How to Install Bob Unleashed Add on 2022

How to Install Bob Unleashed Add on

Looking for ways How to Install Bob Unleashed Add on? Read further to know more about it.

We all love watching movies, cartoons, and stuff. Watching that on Kodi is sort of interesting because it has all types of content present in it. Bob Unleashed is a third-party addon.

You can also watch live content and some selected items on your Bob Unleashed Kodi. Bob unleashed add-on is an amazing add-on as it is all-in-one. It provides its users with huge offers and various sorts and ranges of content.

With the help of bob unleashed Kodi add-on you stream various genres like TV shows, sports, music, and much more stuff. The old version of the bob has been updated from the unrestricted add-on to a new one. This add-on has so many loaded numbers of content libraries in it.

So many Hollywood blockbuster movies, cartoons, TV shows, and sports too are present there in the Kodi player. You can watch anything that you have an interest in. Not only these but this Kodi add-on also provides many sections like T.A. streams, Griffin, Docs, Caira, Box sets of TNPB, Music TV, and walk of fame too. 

Some unique options that are not present in other add-ons are present in this one. Almost all sorts of content can be streamed in this Kodi add-on.

The content that it has is very rich that is why almost every user knows about this add-on. Bob unleashed never disappoints its users, instead, it always makes its users happy with lots of content. It is available for a really long period of time.

Availability of this add-on is available on other repositories as well like Kodi, Nerds repo, and Noobs. The Kodi add-on supports all devices that are PC, Firestick, Laptop, and other devices.

The Kodi add-on combines so many different services of streaming into one to make it user-friendly. 30 million users have Kodi on their device and they use it with very ease. 

Kodi addon is a kind of gateway to all the new and latest content. Not only this but it is a gateway to other streaming devices and services too, not to forget gaming platforms also. Setting up a VPN is just a matter of 10 minutes, not more than that.

One VPN is Roku and it does not support Kodi. Also, the crew Kodi is not at all safe because the crew Kodi does not come from Kodi’s official repository. Santa TV is also a scam, it is a big fraud. 

If you are already aware of it and you know how to install it then it is good and you can enjoy your movies and stuff from the bob unleashed on Kodi. you obviously need a VPN for its installation. You will know the importance of VPN in this article 

Method To Add Channels On Kodi

By including channels on your Kodi you can see various genres and amazing content. To add channels to Kodi there are some really simple steps that you have to follow and channels will be added on your Kodi, the process is:

  • Move your mouse towards the Butter Fingers Repository
  • Click on file manager in the Kodi system settings
  • Click on the option of Add source
  • Tap and click on the none option
  • You have to insert the URL and then type “butter” in it
  • Move the mouse towards the ok option
  • Head back to the main menu
  • Now the option of addons will appear, click on that 
  • On the top left corner click on the Package Installer
  • Click on the Install from Zip file
  • Select on the option Butter
  • Click on the option of file
  • From all the options click on the option of Install from Repository
  • Now you have to select Butter Fingers Repo
  • Click on Video add-ons
  • Then click on channels and hit on the install button 
  • Finally, click on ok 

Why is VPN Important For Kodi?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that is used on a device with Kodi or even an internal Kodi add-on. Everything the user streams VPN hides it.

People can stream whatever they want to and also there is no time limit to it. It is absolutely legal. It is sort of a legal road you take while driving but do illegal stuff.

VPN plays a very important role in streaming content from Kodi media players. There are numerous Kodi add-ons available. Having a VPN on your device is important because of security reasons.

Watching on Kodi add-ons is illegal so to protect yourself you have to install a VPN. When you watch that illegal content through the add-on then your IP is being tracked by the ISP tracker.

Tracking is really easy for them and you have to protect your privacy with the help of a VPN. The VPN that gives your protection and is the fastest is the NordVPN. NordVPN is a secure one. It even provides a great service that helps you with great protection. 

You can set up your VPN on your android phone, fire TV, Xbox one, android TV, ios, Raspberry Pi, Apple TV, Chromebook, etc. you can watch international content also with the help of a VPN because you will be secured.

You will also have your protection against hackers. Without a VPN you make your IP address more vulnerable to track and then it is easy for the hackers to track your address with their techniques. 

Method of Installation of Bob Unleashed Kodi Add on

  • Enabling Apps from Unknown Source- You need to enable the Apps from Unknown Source, this you have to do before the installation of the add-on. You have to enable this on your Kodi media player. If you do not know the steps, then here they are:
  • On your Kodi media player open the settings option
  • You will see an option of system settings, click on that
  • Tap on the options of add-ons
  • Now an option will appear on your screen “Apps from Unknown Sources”, select that 
  • Now finally click turn on 
  • Installing bob unleashed Kodi add on- Now let us learn the process of installation of Bob unleashed Kodi add-on:
  • First of all, you have to open the Kodi app on your device, now go towards the settings option. The settings options will be present on the top left corner of your Kodi screen.
  • The setting screen will appear on your screen, there you will see an option of File Manager, click on that
  • Now the file manager will open on your screen, then further click on the Add Source option
  • By clicking on the add source option you have to add the source file of the repo
  • A screen will appear which pop-ups an option of <none, you have to click on that 
  • Click on the ok button
  • An empty box will appear that is called the bob unleashed repo, you have to type the URL there. Now navigate your mouse towards the ok button and click on that
  • In the next step, you have to enter the repository name which is Noobs and Nerds 
  • Click on the button which says ok 
  • Now re-check the typed things, once checked that they are correct then you can move further and click on the click on the ok button 
  • Make your way back to the main menu and then click on the Addons options. The addons option will be at the left-hand side of the options which are present in the menu 
  • Now you have to open the Package Installer option by clicking on it. The package installer option will be present on the screen at the top left corner
  • Now you see an option that says “Install from Zip file”. Click on that option
  • A screen will pop up with various options, one of them will be Noobs and Nerds, you have to select on that repository name
  • After this, you have to click on the Zip file noobsandnerds repo 2.3.2zip 
  • Click on the ok button
  • Now the installation process will take place, wait for a few minutes till the repository finishes the installation on your device 
  • Once the process of installation is complete, a pop up will appear at your window on the top right corner
  • Install from Repository option will appear, click on that 
  • Now you will have to choose a repository name and that is Noobs and Nerds Repository 
  • Here on the repository screen among all the options, click on the Video addons option
  • A list of available video add-ons will appear on your screen, from all the options navigate your mouse towards the Bob Unleashed option and click on that 
  • Then to install it you have to click on the Install button to get the addon on your device
  • After all this process Bob Unleashed will be installed on your device. 

So these were very basic and simple steps to install the bob unleashed Kodi addon on your device. After the installation of this Kodi addon, you will be able to watch all the amazing and latest content very easily. Just keep one thing in mind that to stream content on the Kodi add-on one thing is mandatory and that is installing a VPN. This was all about the Bob Unleashed Kodi add-on. 

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