How To Install Genesis on Kodi In 2021

How To Install Genesis on Kodi In 2022

How To Install Genesis on Kodi In 2021

Looking for ways How To Install Genesis on Kodi? Read further to know more about it.

We love watching movies and TV shows in our spare time and watching it for free is like the cherry on the cake and why not, because everyone loves free stuff.

After a long day at work when you are tired and you want to watch something but also you do not want to spend money on watching anything then you are in the right place because after reading this article till the end you learn everything that is required to watch the content on the Genesis Kodi add-on for free.

You can watch these free movies and TV shows on the Genesis Kodi addon. If you know how to watch movies and TV shows, and international stuff too, then it is great but for the ones who don’t know you do not have to worry, you will also get to watch as this article has all the details about the installation process of the Genesis Kodi addon. But before that let us learn something about it.

Genesis Kodi Add On

Well, the Genesis Kodi addon was a very famous addon till some years ago but then a time came when it was not a very popular one.

The Genesis Kodi addon was kept shut down for a while but now it is back with really cool features, not only this but also good, new, and latest content.

Now Genesis Kodi addon has had a great comeback and it can be added on your Kodi. The quality that Genesis Kodi addon provides its users to watch the content in is HD.

So, you can watch the content i.e, movies and TV shows for free, and that too in HD but one drawback that it has is that while watching international stuff you do not know that whether it is legal or not.

Like what if you get caught or someone hacks your device while streaming internationally and then has all the information. But yi=ou don’t have anything to worry about, we have a solution for this as well. Just read the next two sections carefully. 

Watching Content on Genesis for Free is Legal or Illegal?

Whenever you watch something that is legal you feel tense, relaxed and you are not afraid of anything. You don’t even think that you are doing something wrong or might get caught, you just enjoy your movie or show or series or whatever you are streaming online.

But if you watch the content that you know is illegal then you will avoid watching it or play something else and get bored because you really wanted to watch that particular show or movie, or maybe your mood will be upset because you really wanted to watch that but you know that it is illegal and you are not supposed to watch it.

Now what? Will you stop watching it? No, not at all, in this article, you will read something that will not only help you stream any content be it legal or illegal but also protect your device from getting hacked and tracked by the ISP trackers for information.

So as we know that watching content on Genesis Kodi is absolutely free but let me tell you that it is also illegal, you can be caught watching the international content on Kodi. People who do hacking and all can also hack your system and get all your information and subscriptions while you are streaming free content on Genesis Kodi.

Your IP address can be tracked with the help of an ISP tracker. Watching illegally does not protect the content you are streaming. It is totally unsafe for security reasons. Your privacy is not being protected but there is obviously an alternative as I told you above.

With the help of that alternative, you can protect your privacy and the content you are streaming and you will not get caught obviously and can stream any sort of content you like. Let us learn about the alternative in the next section and that is super easy and you must have heard about it. 

The alternative

The alternative is a Virtual Private Network i.e, VPN. A VPN protects your security at all costs. VPN is very important for Genesis Kodi addon and even for any third-party Kodi addon.

There are various types of VPNs present that protect your device from hackers but while streaming content on the Genesis Kodi addon you should use IPVanish. It is a reliable VPN. it will protect you from the prying eyes of the ISP tracker.

You can watch the content freely in HD quality without being afraid of the fact that maybe you will get caught. Having a VPN on your device is really great as it provides you to watch the content in geo-restricted areas too. VPN protects your content from getting encrypted by an anonymous person. 

Now that you know how to protect your streaming content, let me tell you the process of installing the Genesis Kodi addon. 

Learning The Process of Installation of Genesis Kodi Addon

You should know that Genesis is a third-party Kodi addon, so before moving further to install it you need to enable the Unknown Sources. After enabling the unknown sources we will install its repository. Let us have a look at the steps:

  • Open your Kodi home page
  • While at the page, click on the option that says addons 
  • Click on settings options, it will have a symbol like a cog 
  • Navigate your mouse at the addons options and select enable unknown sources
  • Now Kodi will allow you to install apps from sources that are unknown and unofficial, and now let’s see how to protect your content from getting hacked. 

Process of Getting VPN On:

  • The latest version of Genesis is hosted in the KodiUKTV Repo but you have to make sure that it is not blocked by your internet provider. So for its protection, you have to turn on the VPN so that you can stream any content even if it is geo-restricted.

    So to avoid any sort of blockage you have to turn the VPN on or if you do not have it in your device then get the IPVanish before moving ahead to add the repository. 

How to Add The Kodiuktv Repo Source

  • After making sure that the repo is not blocked let us proceed further
  • Make your way back to the Kodi home screen, and then click on the settings options that looks like a cog
  • A new screen will appear with lots of options, select File Manager, and on Add source double click
  • An empty window box will appear on the screen where you will have to type the URL and that will be 
  • Below typing this URL you have to give it a name and that will be Kodi UK 
  • Now just simply click on ok, and we can easily install the KodiUKTV repository
  • Make your way back to the Kodi home page and click on the option of addons 
  • On the top left corner of your page click on the Package Installer. You can get the package installer option by selecting and clicking on the icon that says open box which will be at the top of the menu bar 
  • Now again some options will appear, among all the options click on the option that is Install from Zip File 
  • The repo that you added above y9ou have to select that now
  • Also, it should be displayed as Kodi UK 
  • Two options will pop up, you have to select 
  • Then finally you will receive a notification that will say KodiUKTV repo installed. It will appear at the top right corner
  • Now on the exact same screen, you have to click on Install from the Repository option
  • You will again see a screen with numerous options, among those you have to select Kodiuktv repo
  • Now you have to select an option that says Video addons 
  • In this step, you have to click Genesis
  • Now a new option will pop up and that is Install. You have to simply hit it 
  • Genesis Kodi addon will be installed after following all these steps. You will receive a notification on your device. Also after receiving this notification you will know that the Genesis Kodi addon is ready to use. 

I don’t think that the steps of installing the Genesis Kodi addon on your device are too hard. All the steps are very basic and I have written all the directions of the options so that it is not tough for you to find them.

All these steps will just take a few minutes and then you are good to go. After installing them you can use it and now you also have a VPN, so you know that you are safe and you can not be hacked and no one can track your IP address, you can watch the free content i.e, movies or TV shows even internationally. 

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