How To Install Venom Tv (Step by Step Guide)

How To Install Venom Tv in 2022 (Detailed Guide)

How To Install Venom Tv (Step by Step Guide)

Looking for ways on How To Install Venom Tv? Read further to know more.

If you’re looking for a way to access your favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere with an internet connection, then the Venom Kodi addon is exactly what you need.

It works on all of the platforms listed above! As I’ve found out firsthand when other popular addons went offline too suddenly lately; this one was uploading new content regularly to make it even better than before-downloading now will keep everyone happy (and entertained).

Venom tv is a great new Kodi 17.6 build based on the Aeon Nox Silvo skin, venom tv has all the top Kodi addons included ready to use with just one click of a button including cloud, sports devil, supremacy, and much more so let’s get down to business & show you how easy it is to install this great new build from venom team

The Venom Kodi addon has been getting rave reviews for its great streaming experience. You won’t find many extras, but if all you want is to stream Movies and Shows then this could be a perfect choice!

How to Install Venom tv Kodi 17.6 

First up download the venom tv wizard from here and save it to a file on your device or android box normal download link will not work as its a .exe file

Now once you have saved the venom tv wizard file, open up Kodi & navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager

Now select the option that says “Add Source” & tap on it

Where it says <None> enter this URL exactly how it’s written

Name this media source venom & select OK to continue

Once you have entered the media source name “venom” it will be added. Now just below this click on “Enter a name for this media source” and type the name venom then click on OK

Now navigate back out of all the menus and go to SYSTEM > Add-Ons

Now click on Install from the zip file

Find the name venom that we added earlier and select it (will be near the bottom)

Now click on & wait for the Add-on enabled notification to pop up – now just click on Venom TV Repo addon, then Video Add-ons & select Venom TV

Now click on install and wait for the addon-enabled notification to appear – now all you have to do is either back into the Venom TV Repo then Video Add-ons or head into your video manager where you can start watching instantly.\

You will be asked if you want to update your cloud for free for life click yes & update.

If you have the venom repo already installed just go to Video Add-ons then Venom TV & install or update the addon and you are good to go.

If you need any help installing this great new build feel free to drop me a message on our Twitter page below and I will reply asap…

Install Venom Kodi Addon

The Venom Kodi addon has been getting rave reviews for its great streaming experience. You won’t find many extras, but if all you want is to stream Movies and Shows then this could be a perfect choice!

Enable Unknown Sources on Kodi

1. Go to the Kodi Settings menu and select System > Add-ons from the left column of windows

2. You will find one named Unknown Sources in there which you need to enable by checking the box next to its heading before moving forward with further instructions 3 times 

3. Then click Done once done setting this up.

Installation Steps for Venom Addon

1. Go to the Kodi Settings > Click System in the top right corner.

2) You will find an optioned-one on the left side menu, click it!  

3). Next window pops up asking if you want to add this source UnknownSOURCES&Installs New Extensions from unknown Providers.* 

4.) Make sure ‘Unknown Sources’ is checked next to Allow Installation of third party FilesTurning these options off could considerably reduce your security once infected with malware or viruses so always make sure they are switched back ON after completing any updates * 

5 .) You simply need

6. We now need to add the source name for our URL, which was provided in Step 5 above. It’s entirely up to you what that might be—I like finding a cleverly relevant moniker so as not to have any difficulty identifying it later on down the line! Let’s go with “venom.” 


Before you start streaming on Kodi, here’s how to get VPN protection in 3 simple steps.

1) Click HERE and download ExpressVPN for your device of choice (Apple TV has specific instructions). If using a FireStick I’ve given those below already! 

2) Once installed open up the app store search engine where all apps are listed by category then scroll down until find “Expressvpn.” 

3)Tap this first result; next tap ‘download'” to see if there is an update available within seconds it should show “

How to Use Venom Kodi Addon and a Quick Overview

Hold on, there’s more! Now that you have installed the Venom Add-on for Kodi video streaming software (which requires a paid account with Real Debrid) let me quickly show you how to access it.

We are going back in our home window where all of these addons are waiting – hover over or select “Add-ons” next to the Video section at the top right corner without clicking them first so they show up as options instead.

From here find out if your device supports third-party content by checking off the box labeled Yes then proceed below accordingly…

When you open the addon for the first time, there may be some changes that need to go through. This includes a changelog prompt were pressing back or clicking outside of it dismisses any questions on dealing with Venom’s newest update prompts.

On top lies an easy-to-navigate interface with categories like Movies & TV Shows; they’re all laid out right in front!

The categories are self-explanatory. All you need to do is click one category and start exploring the content, like a movie stream for instance! The chosen category (say Movies) has nested subcategories so that users can organize their results by genre or other parameters if desired–search makes this easier too.

And hey: why not share some laughs with friends over Skype using WebcamToPhone while watching something hilarious from Netflix?”

Fixed: No Streams or Few Streams

If you are experiencing streaming issues with your videos, there is a little fix that may work for you. Follow these steps:

First, open up the settings of any video addon and go down until you see Tools in one corner across from General on an empty page or window next to Providers.

Click “Open Scrapers Settings” when this pops up dialogue box appears allowing us access into our individual section where all providers can be enabled if desired by checking off Enable All Providers at the bottom right under each respective category such as Netflix HD etc… This should solve most problems people have so give it a while before giving feedback again!


Venom is a welcome addition to our inventory of Kodi Addons, especially when so many have gone offline recently. This addon has one simple layout with options for streaming your favorite Movies and TV Series – there are no extras or fancy categories in sight!

But by keeping things simple on top of being lightweight & easy-to-use (especially compared to other high-end alternatives), Venom keeps itself at the head while still fetching plenty working streams up to 1080p resolution right now as I write this guide–of course, you’ll get better results if hooked up via Real Debrid integration though… 

Venom may just be what you need: A solid yet lightweight Kodi addon. Stream your favorite TV shows and movies on high definition today!

If you find yourself interested in learning more about Venom; below is an invitation for testing the new IPVanish VPN  service. Your information will always stay safe as long as you use a real, premium VPN service like this one! At least if you are going to connect to third-party content services over Kodi.

It is not advised otherwise. Note: We have never been paid or contacted by anyone at IPVanish or any other VPN service to write this review – we just know that it works as advertised as far as running their app goes with our Android box, PCs, and iPhones, etc… Enjoy!

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