How To Lock A Channel On Discord? – Discord Tips

How To Lock A Channel On Discord? – Discord Tips 2022

How To Lock A Channel On Discord? – Discord Tips

Wanna know How to Lock a Channel on Discord? Read further to know more.

Before we talk about locking a particular channel on this application. We need to know about the application for better understanding. This app is used by a lot of people all around the world. It has users of approximately more than 10 million people.

This app connects people through video calls, messaging and free voice calls, the app allows all the age groups above 13 to talk, hang out with family and friends. Discord is used by people to talk about many things like art projects, family trips, and homework.

This app helps you with easy socializing and also helps you with the purpose of work if you are looking for any. This app could also help you fetch you a job, meet new people, and have great exposure to new people and new learnings.

Discord helps its users in a lot of ways but it could be destructive also. The app could be destructive because we all agree to the fact that a coin has two faces and so do all the situations in our life.

As we know that through this app you can connect to a lot of people and in this case all those people we meet are virtual and we do not know anyone personally. So you could be tricked or may be misused by those unknown people, and there could also be a situation wherein a person is sending you bad messages or troubling you with something or the other you can block that channel to avoid such situations.

So let us discuss all the possible ways to lock a particular channel to stop the participation of other members who may be distracting the channel from its actual work. 

Steps to Lock a Channel on Discord

 To lock a particular channel on discord, follow these steps-:

  • Open the app on your PC or Mac book. On the top left corner, you will find discord written in your start menu on your windows, or in the folder of applications on macOS. If you will rather sign-in on the web, you can do the same thing on
  • To lock a channel you have to be either a server administrator or should have permission by the administrator of the server to lock a channel on discord.
  • When you lock a channel on discord, the members of the server will still be able to see what’s going on but will not be able to participate in any conversation or make any other kind of contribution.
  • If you still want to completely hide the channel from the users who have not been specifically added, go for this method.
  • Click on the server you want to lock, these servers that have not been specifically added are represented by round icons running below on the left side of the app. 
  • Click on the gear present next to the channel you want to lock. Gear will only appear when you hover the cursor of the mouse over the name of the channel in the list.
  • From the list click on the permissions tab. The permission tab is present second on the list on the left side of discord.
  • Tab on @everyone role. You can find this option under “ROLES/MEMBERS”. In the advanced permission section. This display on the screen will show permissions for everyone present on the server.
  • Since this includes all the members which means all the further steps taken are going to affect all.
  • Tab on the green checkmark present next to “view channel”. It’s present in the “general channel permissions” on the top of “advanced permissions”. By doing this you can ensure that everyone can still see the channel.
  • Disable all the other permissions under “general channel permissions”. If you haven’t done that yet then click on red x next to all other permission options in this category manage the channel, manage permissions, and manage webhooks.
  • Then click on the checkmark next to “read message history”. It’s in the “text channel permissions” area. This will ensure that everyone can still read the things present on the channel. 
  • If you want people to see only the messages as they happen and don’t want them to see the past messages in the channel, then click on x present next to the option instead.
  • Click on the red mark x next to all the other permissions in this category. Everything else in the “ text channel permissions” part should be marked with “x” so that members of the @everyone group can no longer do anything except reading which is already there.
  •  Click on the green save changes button present at the bottom. The channel you selected is now set to private and can not be accessed by anyone else other than those who have specifically been added. 

Some related FAQ’S

Can a 12-year-old use discord?

Although the app does not ask for any details about the age, it suggests that, to use this app a person should be at least 13 years of age. Discord also has certain channels which have content only for the people who are 18 or above that age group. To applications like these parents’ guides and locks are very important. As parents, you should know the social platform your children are using and check whether it’s good for them or not. 

Why is discord only for a 13+ audience?

The application is not considered good for kids who are below 13 because sometimes unexpectedly the child may come across some vulgar things since it’s not locked. It is also said that if the app is used by the child under parental guidance then it does not have any harm to the child’s brain. And could also prove to be a beneficial app for kids and may help in the new and advanced learnings for kids. 

How do you get banned from discord?

A user who has permission to ban anyone from the app could ban another user on discord. This can be done either by going to their account menu and pressing ban or clicking by typing in a command to make a bot ban a user from its server. Users can also ban users that are not present on the server by typing a ban command with their user ID and a bot would ban them permanently until the person who blocked would unblock.

What is advertising on discord?

Discord is not supported by the advertisements, instead, it relies on subscriptions and paying money for extra add-on features to the app which contains better streaming quality and niftier emojis to generate some revenue.  

So if you are looking for some good entertainment apps discord is the one for you. It’s like all other social media apps which you use for entertainment.

But this app has some great features which if you pay will have immense benefits for you. Before you use that app make sure you are using it while paying attention to the friends you make on the app. If you are a kid and below the age of 13 avoid using the app and if still you want to use it make sure to use it under parental guidance.  

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