How to Maintain Your Android Phone? – Step-by-Step Guide

How to Maintain Your Android Phone in 2022

How to Maintain Your Android Phone? – Step-by-Step Guide

Wanna know How to Maintain Your Android Phone? Read further to know more about it.

In today’s time, almost everyone is dependent on technology and the biggest example would be android phones. Everyone from the lower class to the upper class has android phones depending upon the price of phones they can afford.

Since now it’s become a common thing to have, we do not explore the phone much. About its features, its new technology and much more. Due to this, we lack knowledge of maintaining the phones internally and the phone starts to hang or stops working too early as you expected it to be. Android phones with proper maintenance can last for a very long time and help you work efficiently. 

Android phones have many features that you can enjoy but most of us are not even aware of them because of our restricted use of applications.

This happens with our elders most of the time because they are very new to these technologies and in these times they did not have anything like this which makes it even more difficult for them to adapt to these technologies.

Our elders most of the time make some common mistakes because they damage their phones very early, because of which they want their children to handle every electronic device they own.

Do you think it’s a good thing to depend on anyone for the smallest thing you do? No, right, so here are some basics or let’s say some important things you should know to maintain your phones wisely.   

Few points to remember to take care of your phones?

1. Get a phone case for yourself to protect your phone from instant damage, when it falls on the ground. Android phones which we use are expensive and need to be cared about.

2. Protect your screen from damage by getting your screen covered with a screen guard so that, if your phone falls on the ground the screen guard gets damaged not your expensive screen. 

3. Make sure that your phone doesn’t get wet. Accidents like these happen very often because we have a habit of carrying our phones everywhere. Sometimes you may also take your phone to the washroom and drop it accidentally, to avoid such situations stop taking your phone to the bathroom and also avoid keeping phones in your back pocket.

4. Don’t let your phone get too hot or too cold. Your phone gets too hot when you make some extra usage of the phone continuously or when you keep and forget your phone near to something hot. These things can lead to the short life of your battery and all the other parts of the phone which go through these extreme temperatures. The phone can get cold when you keep it in front of the AC for too long and the same damage is caused when the phone is near a hot object.

5. Handle your phone with care, don’t put too much pressure on the charging point, don’t leave your phone upside down for screen damage, and avoid dropping the phone frequently.

6. Keep your phone in the right place where it is not exposed to excessive heat or light because that can damage the internal parts of the phone.

7. Wipe your phone regularly, there is always a right and wrong way to do a particular thing, and to clean your phone use a soft cloth and water to make sure you don’t scratch your phone vigorously.

8. Don’t expose your phone to sunlight, because too much heat and light can damage both the screen and the battery of the phone.

9. Don’t try to open your phone because sometimes you may get carried away or tempted to do that, to know what’s inside. Opening your phone is not a bad idea because you may accidentally damage your phone or expose it to the outer environmental dirt.

10. Don’t put your phone near anything magnetic. Magnets can cause long-term damage to your phone because magnets and phones are not a good match, it can cause problems in the working of the phone.

11. You should know what you can do if your phone gets exposed to any kind of damage, you should know some instant actions to do with your phone. Like if your phone gets wet keep it in a jar full of uncooked rice because rice absorbs water and can help you restart your phone.

12. Delete all the unnecessary apps you don’t need and save some extra storage for your important work. Using a lot of applications may lead to loss of battery life, so if you don’t use some apps regularly, delete them.

13. Clear your unnecessary storage regularly. This is quite understood. You just need to delete all the not-required screenshots, photos, and videos that you do not require in the future or present.

14. keep your apps upgraded. You might get irritated by the notification that tells you to upgrade your application regularly, but it’s important to do so because the new version of every application makes sure that your phone runs smoothly with fewer advertisements.

15. Always opt for manual updates. You may think that it’s easy to put your phone on automatic update mode but due to this you might harm the battery life of your phone or damage its internal parts.

16. Don’t quickly charge your phone because that also harms the battery life of a phone, it may sound tempting for you to charge your phone quickly because in today’s world we all lack patience and are in a hurry to do something or the other, don’t do that and give your phone the required time to get charged.

17. Monitor all the apps that use a lot of battery. Some wasteful apps eat your battery fast even if you don’t use them regularly. Check-in your settings to know which applications drain the maximum battery in your phone and delete them if not in use. 

18. Take some steps to protect your phone. Let’s set a password on your home screen so that nobody can open your phone without letting you know. You can also set app locks so that even if someone has your phone opened your secret applications are still protected. 

Some related FAQ’S

What are some basic problems with phones?

Some basic problems of the android phones are that they sometimes run slowly, have poor battery life, storage problems, phone or sometimes app crashes, overheating, connecting problems with Bluetooth, wifi, and cellular network, sometimes apps do not get downloaded and synchronization issues. 

How can you tell if your phone is hacked?

Some strange or inappropriate pop-ups, bright flashing ads, or x rated content popping on your phone may be a result of hacking. This has the effect of calls or texts which are not made by you, through this you will know that your phone has been hacked. 

How do I get my phone screen back to normal?

Firstly swipe the screen to the left to get all the tabs in one place. Keep scrolling until you find out the currently running home screen. Scroll again until you see the clear defaults button which is ( figure A). tab on clear defaults. 

Follow these steps to get your screen back to normal.

  • Tab on the home button.
  • Select the home screen you want to use.
  • Click on always (figure B). 

What causes a phone to malfunction?

There are a lot of causes due to which a phone malfunction could happen and the most common one is an unresponsive app that takes more memory than expected.

If your phone gets practically unstable, these android devices have a self mode option – hold down the power button and then hold on turn off the phone when it appears on the screen – and it can help you remove all the apps that are causing such damage.

So if you face any problem related to your phone, read all the precautions and remedies mentioned above and try using all of them in your daily life for the better performance of your phone.   


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