How To Make a Discord Channel Read only

How To Make a Discord Channel Read Only (2022)

How To Make a Discord Channel Read only

Wanna know about How To Make a Discord Channel Read only? Read further to know more about it.

At first, sight, making a discord channel read-only appears to contradict how the platform was designed.  You can not react but will only get to read as it is a one-way conversation, say or contribute anything.

Scrutinize a bit and you will be able to see that when it is used correctly it then makes sense. We will learn about how to make a discord channel read-only in detail further but first let us know about discord and discord channel. 

About Discord

Discord is a sort of social media platform for everyone. Users of discord can do texting, voice calls, and video chats with anyone they feel like. Discord is basically built to manage and create public and private communities. Access to persistent chat rooms, voice calls, video calls have been given to the users of discord. 

Earlier discord was only useful for gamers but after some time it has added several other features so the general public can also use it and entertain themselves. Now it provides both services related to games for gamers and chats and calls and even personal chat groups to the public who do not play games. 


So channels are used for streaming, voice chats, sharing of files, and messaging. The access and visibility can be customized for certain users. Language-specific highlighting can also be used with code blocks. 

Stage channels were launched by Discord in May 2021 that has a feature that is similar to another social media site named clubhouse which allows doing live sessions, audio chats, other discussions, moderated channels, and much more. During August, threads were also launched by Discord. Threads are text channels that are temporary and can be set to disappear automatically.

How To Make a Discord Channel Read Only

Read-only discord channels are a sort of briefing or newsletter. They are only ideal for the guilds that have a lot going on or the larger clans. It is basically providing information so that no one feels left out like any raid that has happened or any event. It is letting people know what is happening around them, keeping them up to date. 

To get to the configuration of the read-only discord channel you need to be the owner of the server or an administrator, if not then you need to create a server where you have access to it or have permissions. Now let us see the steps:

  • First of all, create a new server that you can make to ready only, or if you already have then it is great 
  • Right-click from the mouse and navigate the mouse to the option that says server settings and click on that
  • A slider menu will appear on your screen, select roles from that menu
  • Next to the roles in the center pane of the new windows, you will see a “+” button there, click on that button
  • Now you have to name it something, give a suitable name to it
  • After naming it, save the changes that you made 
  • By using the roles menu that is on the left side of your screen, you have to just simply assign that role to a member of your server 
  • From the left menu, select the option to create a channel and then give it an amazing name
  • Usually, people use the name “Announcements”, if you want to keep something different then it is totally up to you, or you can keep this too
  • Create a channel by clicking on the box next to a #text channel
  • On the new channel press the right click and to access settings you have to select the gear icon present there
  • Now in this step just simply click and select on the Permissions tab and then select @Everyone   
  • Leave the read messages enabled and disable the ability to send messages by tapping on the red X 
  • Next to the role, you have to select the “+” button and then add the announcement role
  • Now you have to just allow messages for announcements 
  • In this last step, you just have to save the changes that you made and now you are good to go 

Now that you have denied access to the group of @Everyone, that instantly does not allow them to write in the channel, be it anything. Any important information that you want to share can be shared on the channel that you created. You can create awareness through your knowledge and your opinions. Creating a channel allows you to write messages that you would like the world to read and know about them. 

You can create messages and can display them while people arrive or even configure a bot to do it. As long as you use a bot or the announcements bot your messages will reach people and you will be able to communicate. Spreading awareness and giving the latest updates to the public helps everyone. 

A bot that I would suggest you use is the MEE6. Other bots are also good but MEE6 is one of the best ones. It has the ability to play the messages for the people that arrive at the channel. These messages that get played by the bot are called welcome messages and can be structured in a way you want your messages to be delivered to the public when they arrive at your channel. 

You can even create a particular role for the MEE6 bot like what messages you want to be played and the supplementary information that you want the public to get, you can all do that in your settings. Private messages can be enabled to new users as well. That private message can get as practical as you want. 

To make your channel read-only and noticeable you need to be genuine and straightforward. You can make your message short, catchable like you should know how to communicate. Your content will make your channel special and effective. Make sure that the messages are on point and you are absolutely fine. 

Important Terms and Features That You Need to Know If You Are a Discord User

Its servers 

Servers are discrete collections of channels that are organized by discord communities. In the developer documentation servers are called “guilds”. Servers can be created for free by the users, they can even manage public visibility and can create channels.

The categories of channels that can be created are up to 250. Servers can be verified also. Being verified means that the channel is official as it is on any other social media site like Facebook or Instagram. 450 servers were verified by the end of the year 2017. 

Direct messages, video calls, and streaming

The direct message feature in the Discord app is something that allows you to text anyone freely, share files with anyone or do live sessions, and even can do private chats by creating private groups. Anything that you would like to share with your close ones can be done through this feature very easily. Message groups can be created of up to 10 people. 

Screen sharing and the feature of video calls has been added in 2017. This feature allows the users to do video calls with up to 10 users as I mentioned above but later on, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the number increased from 10 to 50. 

Screen sharing is a really cool feature, you can actually show the other person what you are seeing at the moment, the option of screen sharing appears on your screen. You just have to click that option and then open that thing that you want to show. While sharing screen other gamers can join and can watch the streaming. 

Digital distribution

A games storefront beta was launched by Discord in 2018, that allowed the users to purchase a curated set of games with the help of this service. To support the developers in the future, Discord provided the ability to run their own servers so that the developers can run their own games.

The developers were given this opportunity so that they could have their own servers for running new games on their own channel. 

In March 2019, the Digital storefront was removed by Discord. When Discord got to know that there were very few people that played the games provided by them, it chose to end the free service game in October 2019. 

This was all about discord and its features and how to create a channel and spread awareness. All the important features have been discussed above in this article in detail and all the steps are clearly explained. In case of any doubt read the steps again and you will surely understand it.

Now you are all ready and good to go, you can now create a channel and post knowledgeable things and talk to your close ones by audio chats or video calling or just by text messaging them. I really hope that this article helped in clearing all your queries.  

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