How To Make Afk Channel On Discord in 2021?

How To Make Afk Channel On Discord in 2022

How To Make Afk Channel On Discord in 2021?

Wanna know How To Make Afk Channel On Discord? Read further to know more about it.

Ever been in a situation when you were using discord but suddenly you went running an errand but you forgot to close the app and your friends kept texting you and telling you stuff as they don’t know that you are away from your laptop for a while.

Think of it as you and your group are playing a game and suddenly you go missing in action or in short you can also say MIA, so you will probably end up missing so much stuff when you join back. Like they keep telling you about the next gaming sessions but you are not present there so you miss it all. And this would also hamper the game and annoy you too. 

So if while using discord you notice that some people are talking to a person but he or she is not responding at the moment so they are probably away for a while. The people who are using discord for a while now might know that discord allows its users who go away for a while to be in a channel where everyone will know that those users are away. Those who are new to discord, you people know now.

Discord has given permission to the server’s admins or owners to create AFK channels. The full form of AFK is away from the keyboard for those who are not aware and new to discord. If the discord users do not want to disrupt the file then they can show that they are AFK. 

So till now, you must have gotten it that in this article we will learn how to make an AFK channel on discord. Please do read the full article for all the information about the AFK channel. 

About the AFK Channel and its Uses

So as I mentioned above that AFK means away from the keyboard. This means when the person goes MIA for a while. Like when your discord status shows that you are online with a green dot next to your avatar or you can also say it as a profile picture but you are not using it at the moment, you are away from your keyboard (you are not using the server). So in this case making an AFK channel saves you. 

If you have to run an errand for a few minutes and you also don’t want to log out so you use the AFK channel. The duration will be decided by the owner of the server. 

The uses of an AFK channel are:

1- When any discord user is not active for a few minutes then the AFK channel can be used to differentiate them 

2- You need to make sure that your channel should not be inactive without any reason 

3- Do not kick out those members who are online but not active for a few moments

4- If the members do not want themselves to be disturbed then they can move to these channels 

Please do avoid kicking out members who are inactive for just a while because anyone can have urgent work at any time. Some slack should be cut for all the users of discord as it would be unfair for those people who are active all the time but if he or she went away for 10 to 15 minutes they are removed. Although yes I do agree that waiting is also unfair so that is the main reason for creating AFK channels. So now it is time to learn how to make it. 

How To Make Afk Channel on Discord?

The people who have admin permissions can only create this channel. Also please note this difference that if people are playing games with their friends and not using the other features of discord then they will be considered as active members and not inactive.

Only the people who do not use any feature of the discord app for a while when they are online then they move to AFK channels. 

One thing more that you can keep in mind is that only voice channels also can be moved to AFK channels. Before learning the steps let me tell you that members who move to the AFK channel can not do screen sharing or stream videos. Now it is time that we learn the steps of how to make an AFK channel on discord.

On computer:

  • First of all, the very easy and basic step is for you to choose that which voice channel are you willing to move to AFK channel 
  • If you want to create a new discord channel for this then from the list o =f channel that is shown you have to click on the “+” icon
  • Now some options will appear you have to click “voice channels” from those options and rename it specifically like inactive or AFK 
  • Select on the option “press channel”
  • Now to go “server settings” from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the option that says “overview”
  • After the name and server icon, you have to scroll to the second option 
  • You will see an option “inactive channel”, under that you have to select that channel which you want to see as an inactive one 
  • Now from the given options, you have to select “inactive timeout” so that whenever the members are inactive for more than that set period of time it will automatically move to the AFK channel 
  • Now press the option that says “save changes”
  • Users can also move by themselves if they want 

On a mobile phone:

  • Here also the first step is same that you have to select the channel that you want to be the AFK one 
  • If you would like to create a new channel as your AFK channel then from the top menu button that is present at the top left you just have to click on the “+” icon in the channel list 
  • Select the option “voice channel” and give it a name 
  • Now in order to save it tap on the checkmark that is present on your screen 
  • Click on the menu button once more on the same server and click on the three dots that will be present beside the name of the server 
  • Go to setti9ngs and then click on the overview 
  • Under the option “inactive settings” click and select that channel that you want to make inactive 
  • Now again in the same way you have to decide the inactive timeout so that after that time period the discord app automatically moves that channel into AFK 
  • Click and press the floppy disk icon and it will be saved 

Features of Discord – Make Afk Channel On Discord

Discord is a free app for voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and other things too. It is a great app for people who want to stay in touch with each other.

People who play games or those who want to be gamers can stream their gaming on this app. You can even do screen sharing with the people or members you want and they can know what you are doing on your device at the moment. 

People talk about art, mental health, emotional support, some projects that they have been working on with each other to stay in touch obviously and also to help someone if they need it. It is a sort of home to many people where they can talk freely, people from any background or size can come and talk here and stay in touch with whomever they feel like. This is basically an app for the ones who stay active and talk to each other regularly. 

Discord is a place where people can have fun and enjoy themselves with others and also gain knowledge side by side. They can speed time with their loved ones and also learn about news and the latest events happening through channels that post these kinds of stuff.

You can scroll on Discord as much as you want, there are no restrictions or donations, you can see and read as much news as you want. No algorithm is present there that will decide for you how much to scroll so just have fun and entertain yourself in the best way you can.

The best part is that you can stream the games and also screen share them with your mates or say, members. So enjoy streaming games and doing fun stuff and never ever get bored. 

Final Words

So I really hope that this article really helped you and please do share this article with your discord fellow mates. This article had all the information you needed about the discord AFK channel.

Please do follow and read each step very carefully so that you do not fuel but if you do then need not worry, you can try again and you will be apple to make the AFK channel on discord. And as I told you that you can move to the AFK channel by your own choice as well so do remember that too. You can ask any sort of doubt that you have related to the AFK channel or the discord app. 

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