How to open links in Google Sheets with one click

If you’ve ever tried to open a spreadsheet link in Google Sheets in the past, you know it’s a pain.  When you click the link, your browser goes to the website, then you have to wait for Google to load it, and finally you hit the link, but no matter how many times you try, you can’t get the link to open in Google Sheets.  Google itself doesn’t have a feature for opening links in Google Sheets, so that’s why I made this handy little Chrome extension.  It lets you open links from within Google Sheets with a single click, so you can convert your Google Sheets into a functional, no-hassle link opener.  Click on

Have a spreadsheet in Google Sheets that needs to open a link to its page? Want to attach a PDF to an email without having to open the PDF and attach it to the email? Or maybe you want to easily copy-paste data from a Google Sheet into a presentation without having to switch between programs? Then this post is for you!

Ever seen a link on a YouTube video that takes you to a Google Sheet? How about when you’re reading a blog post and the author wants you to add a link? Google Sheets are awesome for organizing data, but there’s no easy way to open a link in the sheet itself. This morning I started reading about the new Google Sheets API, and that got me thinking about ways I could use it to add one-click links into my Google Sheets and other documents.. Read more about how to click link in google sheets and let us know what you think.

When we open links in Google Sheets, we must open them with two clicks by default. However, there is a simple method that allows you to open them with a single click, saving you a significant amount of time.

With a single click, open hyperlinks from a Google spreadsheet.

It’s basically the same as publishing a Google spreadsheet as a web page. We can simply click on the links and access them this way. Google gives us a one-of-a-kind URL that only individuals who know us will be able to access. As a result, if we don’t share it, no one will be able to use it.

With a single click, you may open Google Sheet links.

To begin, open Google Sheets in a web browser such as Chrome or Edge, and then go to a spreadsheet.


Once the spreadsheet is open, we will need to go to File> Publish to Web in the menu bar at the top left.

When a pop-up box labeled “Publish on the web” appears, you must choose the “Link” option. Now we must choose whether we want to publish the whole worksheet or just a particular sheet by clicking on “All Document.” We’ll choose “Website” from the second drop-down option.

To see additional choices, we’ll have to click on “Settings and Posted Content.”

Publish again when new changes are made.

The window grows, and we need to enable the option “Automatically republish when new modifications are made.” After that, we’ll click “Start Publishing.”

We confirm the changes.

On the screen, a new message will display, and we must click “OK.”

This is how we can open Google Sheets links

In the “Publish to Web” pop-up box, we’ll notice a link. To copy this link, we must first click on it and then use the “Ctrl + C” keyboard shortcut.

We paste this URL into a new tab in the browser by hitting “Ctrl + V” and then “Enter.”

We may accomplish this by clicking on one of the links in your spreadsheet that has been published as a web page.

Basically, that’s it; we can now access URLs in Google Sheets with a single click using this easy method. It would be great to unpublish the page after we’ve finished working on the links on the sheet for privacy reasons.

Stop publishing the web page.

For that we will have to go back to the spreadsheet and we will have to click on File> Publish to Web in the menu bar and select “Stop publishing”.

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Google Sheets is a great tool for data analysis that works in all the popular web browsers. The way it works is you have a spreadsheet which has multiple sheets in it, with each sheet containing a collection of cells. To get the most out of Google Sheets, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Using them opens your data in Google Sheets without you having to open the spreadsheet.. Read more about google sheets convert text to hyperlink and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a link in Google Sheets?

To open a link in Google Sheets, you would have to copy the URL and then paste it into the search bar.

How do I open multiple links in Google Sheets?

You can open multiple links in Google Sheets by using the Ctrl+Enter shortcut.

What is the shortcut to open a link in Google Sheets?

The shortcut to open a link in Google Sheets is CTRL+Enter.

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