How To Play Fortnite On A Chromebook – Your Way To Success

How To Play Fortnite on A Chromebook in 2022

How To Play Fortnite On A Chromebook – Your Way To Success

Looking For The Ways On How To Play Fortnite On A Chromebook? Read Further To Know More.

First Of All, Let Us Know About The Fortnite Battle Royale

So Fortnite Battle Royale is a one on one – player versus player game. It is for 100 players. It allows one person to play alone or in a group (the group can be of three or four players), or as a duo. 

There is a ‘battle bus’ in the game and the players airdrop from it and all the players are not with the weapons, they are Weaponless. 

Fortnite is one of the biggest titles in gaming today. 

About Chromebook

Chromebook has a stupendous operating system. It is similar to a laptop but the main difference between a Chromebook and a laptop is the operating system.

The thing is that laptops run on windows whereas Chromebooks run on web-based chrome OS, which we can say is a slimmer version of the very well-known chrome browser but also with various new functionalities. 

Chromebook helps you get things done faster and easier

How Can You Play Fortnite On A Chromebook Easily

Earlier, playing games on Chromebook was limited to some particular browser and Android games, but that is not at all the scenario now. The games can be played by anyone without any hitch or issue. You just need a great internet connection like a broadband network and that’s all. 

Using Chromebook is a lot of fun and faster but also when it comes to Fortnite Battle Royale, it might get a little complicated but don’t worry we will tell you some really basic and simple steps through which you can very easily play the game on Chromebook and enjoy! 

Now Follow These Steps:

  • First of all, you have enabled Developer Mode on your Chromebook and you have to follow these steps:
  • Keep your Chromebook turned off, do not turn it on and then you have to press Esc+Refresh while pressing the Power button. By doing this the Chromebook will turn into recovery mode. 
  • Now you will have to wait for some time till the screen shows Chrome IOS is damaged or missing. Then just please insert a USB stick, and all you have to do is press ctrl+D.
  • Now Enter if you are promoted, the device will reboot itself. After it restarts, just follow the prompts that will pop on your screen and move further with setting up your Chromebook. 
  • Simply open your Chromebook app and login into it, 
  • You will see a status bar at the right bottom corner of the interface of the user, just click on it, 
  • An option of Settings cog will appear, simply click on it, 
  • Select apps
  • You will see a turn on option beside the google play store option
  • Just hit that turn-on option and your Chromebook will be enabled with the Android apps.
  • After checking these two major things on your Chromebook you have to go to Settings, 
  • You will see the Google Play store written there, open it, 
  • Click on manage Android preferences. 
  •  Hit on Security
  •  Click on Unknown Resources
  •  Now here you have to use any Android device and then just navigate to the website and then just save EpicGamesApp.apk when it will be prompted on the screen. 
  •  Now just take a USB cable and connect it to your Chromebook and simply transfer EpicGamesApp.apk to your Chromebook
  • Now just run EpicGamesApp.apk on your Chromebook, it will be at the top
  • You will see an option of Package Installer along with Malwarebytes, please do not click on malware bytes instead click on Package Installer
  • The screen will show two options install and cancel, tap on Install 
  • Now again you will see two options done and open, click on Open
  • Now finally you will see an image of fortune with an option below of Install, click on it. 


This was one way of playing Fortnite Battle Royale on your CHROMEBOOK, but there is one more way through which you can play this amazing battle game on your CHROMEBOOK. 

Important Note- For This Method, One Device Which Is Compulsory Along With The Chromebook Is A Keyboard And An External Mouse Or A Controller. If You Have It Then Well And Good But If You Don’t Then Please Do Arrange It.

So the next way is Nvidia GeForce now’s the new web-based client. For your information GeForce now will work even if your Chromebook does not support the play store. Also, if you are on a low-end Chromebook say Lenovo Ideapad duet then also the Fortnite graphics will be turned high automatically. 

The point of internet connection goes the same for this also, you need to have a proper internet connection that is fast if you want to play this game without any issue. 

The steps to make your GeForce now account and play the FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE on your Chromebook are:

  • Firstly, you have signed up for your account, and for that, you need to choose the type of account you want to make. If you want a free account then you have only one hour to play but that is also sufficient for playing some rounds of Fortnite battle. If you are willing to pay the amount they are asking then you can book for at least 6 hours, and after paying you need not start a new cloud gaming session. 
  • Secondly, you have to add Fortnite to your GeForce now a library. 
  • As of now, you have your ready, so yes you are ready to play the FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE game. Just open GeForce now’s web player, you will see a search bar at the top, type ‘Fortnite’s 
  • Now just click on ‘+Library’.
  • In the row of GeForce now there will be “My Library” and Fortnite will appear there. 
  • Now you will see the play button in the same row where you saw the Fortnite app in the ‘My Library’ section. Click on the play button
  • After clicking you will be shown a queue screen and ‘Looking for next Available right…’  will be written on the screen
  • Once you are done with all this waiting, you will see a full screen and you will be able to use your remote device and you can finally start playing your favorite game FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE the same way you used to do it on your PC. 

If you have not paid for the game, then after one hour you will be automatically sent on the queue page again and there you have to again wait for your turn to start playing. 

But if you have paid then you need not worry at all, you can play for straight six hours without an issue but make one thing sure that you have a fast internet connection. 

Details About The Game Can And Cannot Be Played On Other Devices | How to play fortnite on a chromebook |

Android device

This game is of really high fidelity and is not compatible with Android mobiles. It is obviously on the play store of Android mobile phones but because of the high processor and RAM, it does not work properly.

But there is an exception to this if the Android is of higher processor like ARM64 and with a minimum RAM OF 4GB the Fortnite Battle Royale game can be played but also mobile has a smaller screen as compared to chrome book so maybe it will not be much fun to play on a smaller screen. 

iPhone (IOS) 

iPhone and iPad both are capable of letting you play Fortnite battle royale. But here it depends on your choice as well, if you are someone who can manage on a small screen so you surely go ahead and play on your iPhone, but if you are someone who loves to play these battle games on a big screen and of course it makes the game more fun so you can. Anyone can merge with an iPad. 

Laptop or Computer

You can play the game on your laptop as well as on your computer but you will face issues only when it comes to the operating system otherwise you can easily play on it. You just have to install and launch the FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE and click on play free. You will be led to a lobby, and from there just select your playing mode and go on, play your game. 

So these were all the steps to play this game on various platforms. 

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