How To Post Code in Discord With Color 2020 Discord

How To Post Code in Discord With Color 2020 Discord

How To Post Code in Discord With Color 2020 Discord

Wanna know How To Post Code in Discord With Color 2020 Discord? Read on to know more.

Before telling you the whole process and ways of posting code with color in discord let me tell you important points about Discord that you need to know.

If you are already a Discord user then you would like all the features but if you are a new user then it is important for you to know about its great and amazing features. And by the end of this article, you will know all about the Discord apps and their features, and also how to postcode with color 2020 discord. 

Things You Need To Know About Discord

Discord is a free app, it does not even take a single penny from the users for the public that allows voice calls, video calls, sharing of files, text messaging, live sessions, streaming, etc. More than 9 million people use the Discord app.

It is a very popular app. It is not for kids as it is a hangout app, only people of 13+ age are allowed to use the Discord app. It is a sort of hangout app where people can text message, video chat, normal chat and communicate with their friends, family, close and loved ones. 

People usually use the Discord app to talk about so many different things, they even play games, do streaming of games, and also screen sharing (showing people what you are seeing on your device at the moment). People discuss their projects, mental support, emotional support, or just some random gossip. Discord is usually used by people that are small groups and are active groups of people. 

No particular algorithm is decided for the Discord app such as what to see, how much to scroll (you can scroll as much as you want), no news feed. People who are willing to do the same things can be in touch regularly and enjoy themselves.

All the conversations that take place are opt-in, people have total control over to whom they talk and have conversations with. There are very large communities that are made on the Discord app. People love Discord apps as it allows them to keep in touch with everyone they feel like. 

How To Post Code In Discord With Color 2020 Discord

This article will teach you to postcode in Discord for multiple as well as single line code blocks on both laptop and mobile phone. So basically discord code blocks are text formatting and that too in an advanced way and are used with the discord syntax code backtick keys. If a developer wants to highlight their code in blocks then the feature of Discord markdown i.e, code blocks can be used. 

Let us learn to post code blocks in color in Discord 

In order to make the code look attractive, you can add colors to it. Sadly, this feature is only available for the users who use the Discord on PC and it is not for single-line code but for multiple lines codes. To use the color codes you need to add color before and after the backticks. 

Let us take an example that if you want to send the code “I love Discord” in red color then you have to add:





After doing this the code that you made will be in red color instead of the default color. If you are not able to do this then you can try it 2-3 times, you will surely succeed and then it will be easy for you.   

Learning to post code in Discord PC  

In this section, you will learn how to post code in Discord PC for single-line blocks and multiple line blocks. 

Single line code block:

  • If you want to post code for just a small phrase or a small word then first of all simply open your Discord dashboard 
  • You can even open the Discord app or Discord web 
  • Navigate your mouse to the server, or channel, or to any other person to whom to want to send the code 
  • Now that you want to use the single line block so your variable must be very short like Echo – single line code block 
  • As this is one word so you have to type 1 backtick before as well as after the text code. Backtick key is present at the left-hand and just below the Esc button 
  • So the text will be finally Echo- single line code block
  • Last but not the least step is just to press the Enter button 
  • And then after following all these steps the text has been posted in a single line code 

Multiple line code block:

  • If instead of just one word you want to post several lines like and CSS code or a sample of java, this block can be used by adding 3 backticks before as well as after the phrase and word
  • Here you just have to navigate your mouse to the channel, or server, or to any other specific user to whom you want to send the code or the sample of code that you want to send to the member 
  • Let us take an example of PHP code 


$total discord server = 22:

                  Switch($total discord server) {

                     Case 19:

                Echo “You are eligible”; 

  • Now you have to add 3 backticks, not only before but also after the text 
  • Now just tap on the Enter button to send the code 

Learning to post code in Discord mobile 

Posting code as a single line or multiple lines is really simple just as it was on a laptop or PC. The Discord syntax code that you need to use is the same for the block and that is 1 backtick for single line code and 3 backticks for multiple lines code. You just have to find the backtick key on your phone. Let us see where you can find it. 


  • At first, open the discord channel or server, or open that particular user where you want that the code should go 
  • To open the keypad just tap on the chatbox
  • Now you have to click on the 123 key which is at the left corner at the corner of the bottom 
  • By doing this it will display a symbol that will allow you to search for “backtick”  


  • Here also firstly you have to go to the Discord user to whom you want the send the code or the channel or server
  • You have to tap on the chat box in order to bring the keyboard 
  • Now in this step click on the !#1 key 
  • !#1 will be present at the button corner of the left-hand side 
  • Now you will be able to find the backtick key but if not then above the !#1 there will be another key and this ½, click on that 
  • All the next steps are the same that you need to follow as they were in the Discord PC 

Some other features of Discord

Some people create servers and channels in order to create awareness. Through their channels, they spread news related to events or raids to the general public. This app is also used by games, they can play games and do streaming. They can even do screen sharing with their members and then they all can watch the streaming together. 

Mostly the servers on Discord are private and the channels that can be used for making announcements or sharing news with the general public. People can create channels on Discord for the public and can share the latest news with the people by using MEE6. Using MEE6 means that you are playing the news while people enter your channel 

Discord is loved by everyone as it is home to all the people, communities, and groups of friends. People can stay in touch with their loved ones.

They can talk to each other whenever they feel like it and in any way as it provides text messages, voice calls and video calls, and whatnot. Discord is a place where people can entertain themselves and spend time with their loved ones with whom they share mutual interests and hobbies. 

Discord even has its own vocabulary. People who use Discord use those words in their regular life. Discord conversations are driven by shared interests. People play games like Fortnite Battle Royale and Minecraft too. People stay in touch and have fun through this app and discuss various topics that are specific be it games or politics or anything you feel like while talking to others.  


So this was all about the discord codes and adding colors to them to make them attractive to the users. Everything is explained in the articles very clearly and step by step and also with the locations of some keys that are hard to find. So now you can enjoy and keep sending codes to other users by adding colors and also through whatever mode you want, be it a PC or a mobile phone it is totally up to your convenience. 

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