How To Post Gifs on Discord? [ Expert Guide ]

How To Post Gifs on Discord? Discord Gifs in 2022

How To Post Gifs on Discord? [ Expert Guide ]

Looking to know How To Post Gifs on Discord? Read further to know more about the same.

Not interested in doing dull chatting or posting something on your Discord channel without a super fun emoji or gif? Gifs and emojis add a different spark and fun to the text you send to someone or any post that you put out on your channels.

Emojis and gifs play a huge role in the context of your text. If you text something sarcastic to anyone without emojis then that person can be offended as he or she will not know that it was a taunt or insult or actually sarcasm.

So he or she might take it personally and argue further. But if you add a laughing emoji or send a funny gif after that text then that person will know that you are joking and then it will be a fun conversation instead of a heated argument. 

So the same case is with the posting stuff on Discord. If you do not post a gif then maybe someone can get offended, even if it is not worth it or it was not your intention to offend someone. There are several people watching your posts and everyone has a different way of thinking, they all have their own opinion.

But I obviously know that posting Gifs is not always about clearing yourself up or defining your text or post, sometimes it is about just having fun with stickers as well.

So if you know how to post Gif then it is great, keep posting and enjoy but if you are new to Discord and do not know how to post Gif, then you do not have to worry at all you are absolutely at the right place. Here I will explain to you very easily how to post a Gif. And you can post whatever Gif you feel like. 

How to Post Gifs on Discord? 

We all know that Gifs are a very important and fun way to communicate and connect with people. Gifs can capture the idea about what we are feeling and can also express our reactions virtually.

Instructional videos for freelancers, businesses, or education can be made by them. Gamers, interest groups, and people who make fan clubs use these Gifs to be in touch with one another and communicate fastly. 

How to Find The GIFS and How to post them as well

1. You can find a Discord Gif on a Discord Gif picker, it is also the easiest way where you can find Gifs. 

The Gif pickers contain lots of Gifs in it that it provides them all to its users. It has Gifs based on all emotions and you can choose whatever you find interesting, fun, or according to your mood. 

There is a huge collection of the categories present and you can browse from there. There is an option given on the right side of the Gifs from where you can add any Gif to your favorites.    

On your mobile, Gif can be inserted through the collection of your keyboard’s Gif into a text channel. These Gifs can take a while to get loaded on the platform but one thing is for sure that it will be embedded in the channel and by doing this all your friends will be able to see it. Now just save the Gif that you chose on your desktop and then to upload the Gif on Discord you have to just click on the + button which will be on the left side of the chatbox. 

Then you will see an option “Upload a file”, click on that. Now after clicking that you can even add a comment if you feel like it so that it goes with the file that you are uploading or it can even be a spoiler.  

2. You can even make your own Gif now. There is a Gif maker now and you can customize your own Gif according to your choice from this and then share it on Discord. You can use Dopplr to create your own fun and super cool emoji. Now to upload it on Discord you have two methods, you can either download it on your desktop and then upload it or there is a shortcut also i.e, via a short link. 

If you have chosen Doplr, then let me tell you that Dopplr has a feature that helps it in saving all the Gifs automatically. You do not have to do it manually. Not only this, it even saves the screen recordings, screenshots to a cloud and for each file that is stored, it creates a URL, and that too automatically. 

The link that Doplr created for every Gif can be copied to Discord and then screen share will be automatically shared on the platform that you put the link on. 

How to Upload a Gif From Your Computer

  • On your computer open the Discord app or you can even open the Discord website on your browser 
  • Now login to your account through your credentials if not logged in already, the login option is in the corner of the upper-right
  • On the left panel there will be a server, click on that. By clicking on that a list will pop up on your screen that will have all the details of text and voice calls of the channels on this server 
  • If you wish a Gif in the direct messages, then click on the icon that is on the upper-left corner and is called a figurehead icon. 
  • The figurehead icon opens all the conversations that you did in direct messages 
  • Under the text, channels click a chat. Now find the chat that you would like to post the gif to through the left navigation panel, and then to open that conversation click on it 
  • There will be a file upload option, click on that 
  • This option is next to the message field which is at the bottom of your screen and it looks like an upward arrow that is inside a square. Your file explorer will be opened in a pop-up window 
  • Instead of using this upload button you can also drag and drop a GIF file from your computer. In order to do this, you have to open the file in which your Gif has been stored and then finally drag that file to the window. 
  • From your folders find and select the gif of your own choice. You have to then browse the folders to your file explorer and then tap and select the gif that you would like to send 
  • Now in the pop window, you have to click the option that says “open”. By doing this the gif will be imported into your chat and before you send the gif you will be able to review it 
  • Now you can add a comment to the gif that you send, it is totally up to you. If you do not feel like adding text then you can also add any emoji which you want. As I said that it is not compulsory so whether you add the text or not it does not matter. 
  • Now you will see a white button in the lower right corner of the pop-up windows that have “upload” written on it, click on that option 
  • Now finally your gif has been sent

Sending GIF From Your Web Browser

  • Open any browser, it can be safari, chrome, firefox or any 
  • Search for a gif online from the web 
  • Open the drop-down menu by doing right-click on the gif or you can also copy the link to that gif 
  • From the options click on the “copy image address” option
  • Login to your Discord account on your computer through your credentials 
  • On the left panel click on the server
  • A list of voice calls and text messages will appear 
  • Right-click on the field of the message and it will open a drop-down menu 
  • Now click on the option “paste” and the link will be pasted on the message field 
  • The link that you attached should be like a .gif extension 
  • From your computer now press the button enter and the gif will be sent to the person you want to 
  • If you have added a link then discord will automatically process the link and will view it to the person you sent the link


So this was all about posting gifs on the Discord app through a computer, laptop, or web browser. I hope this article really helped you and please do share if you liked it. Feel free to ask questions if you have any. I explained every step clearly with the positions of the icons and the buttons.

If you tried and failed then please do read it once again very carefully and then try once again and I am sure that you will be able to do it the next time. Discord has many features that are really super fun and cool and are very useful to the general public. People enjoy and spend their time with their loved ones and stay in touch. 

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