How To Remove/Uninstall Preinstalled System Apps On Huawei Without Root

All manufacturers offer pre-installed applications on their smartphones. Not all of these applications are required by customers. These are so-called bloatwares that are preinstalled by the OEM. You can remove these preinstalled applications or even the system applications from your phone. In this guide, I will show you how to remove system applications from Huawei/Honor phones without root privileges.

We use ADB for this process. Once the device is connected, you need to enter several commands to remove the applications. Enter the commands carefully.

Why uninstall pre-installed applications?

Almost all manufacturers install unwanted applications like ads on their smartphones. They are useless to the user. They also consume RAM and memory, so it’s best to remove them.

Is it safe to uninstall system applications?

The method described in this article is 100% safe. Do not uninstall applications that are necessary for system functions, such as starting applications.

Be careful and only remove unnecessary applications and leave the system applications alone.



  • Go to Settings => About phone and press the house number 8 times until the message You are a developer appears.
  • Now go back to settings, you should see the development options. Click it, then move the USB debugger to enable it, and in OEM, unlock it and enable it.

Removing preinstalled applications/software from Huawei / Honor phone

  • Connect the phone to your computer with a USB cable and select the MTP file transfer option.
  • Go to the Minimal ADB folder on your computer, hold down the SHIFT key, right-click in an empty spot, and then click Open command window here.
  • To confirm that the device is recognized by the PC, enter the following command

Advertising facilities

  • Once the device is detected, enter the following command:

Adhesive coating

  • To remove applications, enter the following command:

pm uninstall -k –user 0 (package name) pm uninstall -k –user 0

Uninstalling the Huawei Retail Demo

  • To confirm that the device is recognized by the PC, enter the following command

Advertising facilities

  • To disable detail mode, enter the following command:

adb shell on start -S settings

  • To uninstall the demo version, enter the following command:

adb shell pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.huawei.retaildemo

  • To remove applications in detail mode for a specific device, enter the following command:

adb shell pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.huawei.experience.sne

  • To temporarily remove a live demo notification, enter the following command:

Advertising Shell pm clear

List of bloatware applications on Huawei/Honor with package name

Name of APPS Name package
Uninstalling the demo version com.huawei.retaildemo
Google Assistant Search server
Google Lists
Google Slides Slides
Google Docs
Google Books
Google Maps application
Google Duo
Busy in the clouds
Google Photos
Google Drive
Comments on Google website
Google Play games application
Email from Huawei
Searching on Google Search server
Application of the book Booking at
Related to Amazon applications
Application of the mirror
Amazon application
Chrome browser
Predefined bookmarks for Chrome Bookmark provider
Google Music
Google News
Accessibility Pack for Android
Google Keep
Google Play Movies
Android car gearhead
T-Mobile browser settings
Huawei Chinese Keyboard
Is the interface to the system storage service Storage manager
OEM preinstalled bookmarks for Chrome Partner bookmarks
Predefined SIM bookmarks for Chrome Browser settings
SIM card application file website
Huawei Market Application website com.huawei.appmarket
Huawei Mobile Services com.huawei.hwidwid
Remote control
HiCare application
Huawei HiPayment
Huawei System Services com.huawei.hwapplet
Huawei Browser browser com.huawei.browser
Huawei AppAdvisor bodyguard com.huawei.hifolder
Huawei Scanning Business Card contact card com.huawei.contactscamcard
Huawei health application
Huawei compass compass com.huawei.compass
Huawei Backup com.huawei.KoBackup
Advice from Huawei
Recording device sound recorder recorder
Download the most important applications com.ironsource.appcloud.oobe.huawei
Facebook com.facebook.appmanager
Huawei film application com.huawei.heovie.overseas
Huawei Wallet wallet com.huawei.wallet
Huawei Voice Assistant assistant com.huawei.vassistant
Facebook com.facebook.katana
Cloned Device
Microsoft translator translator
SwiftKey Keyboard com.touchtype.fastkey
Advice from Huawei tips
Child lock parental control
HiSearch Search
Notepad application Notepad
SwiftKey factory settings com.fastkey.fastkeyconfigurator
Huawei Stock Gallery application website com.huawei.appmarket
Huawei Stock Music App
Facebook com.facebook.system

frequently asked questions

How do I remove pre-installed applications on my Huawei?

Somehow, disconnect/remove the system….

How do I remove OEM bloatware without root access?


How can I permanently uninstall pre-installed applications?

Removing the locked phone

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